Episode 45 True Leaders are not Bullies

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Hey y’all Robert Cairns here, I’m the CEO true creator of amazing ideas to selling digital marketing.com. Last week, several people on Facebook who are considered leaders in the WordPress community did something that was disrespectful and even turned out to be online bullying. There’s no good time for online bullying ever. I’m gonna summarize what happened. I’m not going to mention names or respect for the people involved, what was said, or the Facebook groups that are involved, but it will talk about is what happened and how it should have played out. Person A took exception to Person B on a Facebook group and a post. Danny was so pissed off a person B that he took the fight to his own group, then the pylon of people on Person B start, folks, really this is online bullying, and it’s wrong. This is how leaders in the WordPress community should not act. This is not what the community needs stand for or should support. We should be supporting each other and the leaders in the community should be helping facilitate the supporting of each other. Frankly, it was not surprise that dismiss the group that person a has run has a culture in that at times is bad and frankly leads to this type of behavior. The leaders of that group facilitate this people follow leaders regardless if they’re good or bad, kicked in check gangs epic commit, commenting on several people for weeks, that the group A that the group Person A was involved in was destructive and and very destructive in more ways than one. For me What happened was the last straw in these ongoing issues have left the group and unfriended several people are involved in the mess. They’re the kind of people who I really don’t want my personal life associated with my brand associated with my business life associate. No thank you. If they act this way, with friends or colleagues eight to see how they treat your clients a wonder why their business struggles at times and they continue to complain about it. Remember, what gets said in a private Facebook group can be taken out of the group by screenshots or more. Now, I personally do not think what was said was the issue. I think someone was not happy with Person B use this as an excuse to jump on them. Isn’t this what bullies do? This is what you snapping them playgrounds online, and many other channels. How this should have been dealt with. If Person A was true, they should have sent Person B, a private message. And they should have had a one on one heart to heart about. This is how true leaders operate. They try to facilitate building bridges not building gaps. We have enough issues in the WordPress community right now. automatically reduce Gutenberg, which I’m strongly against, still year later. But Tumblr made changes to WP Tavern and even had Salesforce investment. This is upset a lot of people have caused a lot of people in the community say things and get kicked off. It’s even cause fighting amongst friends and lights in the WordPress community. Well we need to do is stop all this fighting. We need to build a community and stop all the stupid fighting. People always disagree. It’s human nature. What we need to do is have amazing discussions to solve problems and help people instead of criticizing and hurting people, leaders need to help people make discussions happen and facilitate them happening. Let us take the time to be part of the solution not the problem. Rather help with online communities that are hindering it. Why don’t you join me in making a difference? The right difference? Let’s also stamp out online bullying. I spend time educating, talking to people and helping them in on this topic. There’s no place in society for this. Let us work together to make the online world a better place. Just as important. Before you speak the React is the way you want someone to treat you think about that. Would you be happy if you were on the receiving end? Would you really be happy? Think long and hard before you get involved in things that you should not be in. If you want to continue to stop conversation. Email me, hit me up on social media leave me a comment in the podcast post on my blog. Thanks for joining me. Excuse me for this tough topic. And have an amazing day. love y’all.



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