Episode 276: WordPress 6.03 and How We Do Updates

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Rob Cairns talks about the WordPress 6.03 core update as well as how to do updates.

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  1. WordPress 6.03 update.
  2. Why the update less then two weeks before WordPress  6.1
  3. How my agency does updates.

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Hey everyone, Rob here again. In today’s podcast I wanted to talk about the WordPress core update that came out this past Tuesday, 6.03.

A lot of people are asking why did a core update come out with 6.1 around the corner?

We’re at the time of this record, we’re t -, 11 days to 6.1. It comes out on November the 1st.

And the reality of it is to want to keep the 6.1 release clean and make it a feature upgrade.

And that means features only. So typically what will happen is 6.1 will come out and then we’ll see a 6.11 or 6.1.

1/2 which will have security updates in them after the main release. So I think the WordPress chord team did a little bit of housekeeping this week and got.

The 6.03 update out which just came out this past Tuesday with 17 core updates now and talking to people in the security space and myself being there.

It is widely recognized that these are medium vulnerabilities, so they’re not high on the scale, but housekeeping.

Was done, which makes sense.

Now how should you do major updates?

I always suggest take a backup first.

If at all possible, turn off automatic updates at your host and your website and after you’ve done those backups then do the update.

And the reason for that is if you have any issue then you can rollback.

And try and determine what the issue is.

Yeah the other thing you can do too is if you do the update and you have an issue is you can start disabling plugins and a lot of people say well I can’t get at my website, go through your your website control pack.

I know go dear plugins directory of your website and rename the plugins say ABC, under score, old and that will effectively disable them.

And what I would do is if I was having issues with an update, I would actually.

Rename all my core plugins and then start re enabling them one at a time and testing them that way and that will give you a bit better range.

Is it a plugin conflict to something going on?

And if you need to, as I say, you can.

If you’ve done that backup, you can always rollback to.

Pre the 6.03 by restoring the back. So that’s some thoughts on why I think they did a 6.03 with word press 61 around the corner.

And I hope it helps and it sort of maps out for you real quickly how we do updates.

Rob Karen.

Founder, CEO and chief creator of amazing ideas of stunning digital marketing.

Have a great day.

Bye bye for now.


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