Episode 211: Social Media Cleaning Tips

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Rob Cairns gives you some social media cleanup tips.

Show Highlights:

  1. Why to do the cleanup?
  2. How to do the cleanup?
  3. The benefits of doing the cleanup.

Show Notes

Hey everybody, Rob here again in today’s podcast.

I really want to talk about why you should do with social media cleanup on a regular basis.

You know social media is like a digit is a digital filing box.

Things get messy at times and sometimes we need to take the time to clean that up.

So let me give you some actionable items and some tips that you can do to clean it up.

And from some real life experience, one of the things I did recently was I went and looked at Facebook and I’m not really much of a person on Facebook these days except for a couple of things. And what I did was I realized I was in over 140 Facebook groups.

140 that’s like wow, and I wasn’t really reading most of them for a multitude of reasons.

So frankly, what I decided to do was clean it up.

And I went through the groups and I parsed out what I wasn’t reading to make my Facebook feed a little cleaner.

Do you know I’m down to under 20 groups now at this point in time?

That’s absolutely amazing that I’m down that little.

So just by cleaning it up, I’ve streamlined my feed.

I’ve streamlined what?

I look at.

And frankly, that’s made me more productive.

Why did it clean up these groups?

They fall into several categories.

One I wasn’t reading them a lot, some of.

Them two, I was following the same people in different groups side.

Other way of talking and communicating with people.

And three.

They just weren’t relevant anymore, so I did a mass cleanup.

So that’s kind of talking about Facebook.

Come by that I gained some time back ’cause I no longer have to look at those.

I also did a clean up on Twitter recently.

And on Twitter I have about.

Just under 17,000 or roughly 17,000 followers, and what I did was I went through some followers and made sure they were in the correct Twitter lists and now I’m going through a list of people that I want to follow that make business sense.

So that kind of clean data.

On LinkedIn, I’m about to do the same thing where I’m gonna go and clean up some people.

That, frankly, I’m not connected to and you know, it’s not all about numbers, it’s about the engagement and the conversations that happen between people.

By cleaning up your social media and we’re coming in the spring, so spring cleaning so good time it makes your social media feeds easier to manage, which frankly is a time saver.

So try somebody steps out, clean up that social media over the weekend.

You’ll be glad you did.

Rob Cairns, founder, CEO and Chief Creator of Amazing Ideas at Stunning Digital Marketing.

Have a great day.

Bye bye for now.

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