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Hi Everyone. Robert Cairns CEO and Chief Creator of Amazing Ideas at here. I hope you are all well!. Today I want to talk about backups for your data.

One thing I would do is use the export function on all my cloud-based applications to backup the data I have in them on a WEEKLY basis or sooner. Most cloud-based apps have import functions so this should not be an issue. This backup should even include things like your Google Calendar or Google contacts!

The other thing to remember is services like DropBox, Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive ARE NOT backup services. These are what are called sync services. If the local copy of the file is deleted, then the one on the server is deleted as well.

I always keep 3 copies of each file. The original and 2 backups. One of these copies should always be stored offsite. For a small business, this can be achieved by having 2 USB hard drives and taking one home every week and swapping them. 

Offsite storage protects from theft or from a fire.

Remember you need to backup your data as quickly as you can not afford to lose it!

If you want to set it and forget it, an option for one copy might be a backup service. Two services I really like are as follows:

  1. Carbonite.
  2. Jungle Disk

Both of these services can be paid monthlty or yearly.

Remember no matter which option you choose always check to see if your backups can be restored!

Thanks for joining me and until next time take care


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