Web Design Services

Websites are built with SEO, UXO and mobile in mind. In today’s world each one of these impacts Google search.

  1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization. SEO is how the website is optimized for search engines to read and catalog the website.
  2. UXO – User Experience Optimization. This is how the website user interacts and uses the website.
  3. Mobile – Your website being mobile friendly impacts Google search. Also, remember more and more searches are being done on mobile devices.

Your website is a Marketing Tool that matters for the success of your business. The amazing team at StunningDigitalMarketing can create a website to help your business soar.

Most people think that Websites are a set once, get it done and forget it type of project. This is so not the case as websites continue to evolve as your business eveolves. The content and the look are in a constant state of change.

Many people would argue that websites are not needed these days and social media is enough for your business. At StunningDigitalMarketing we disagree strongly with this philosophy. Your website is your home base for lead generation. This content you own 100% and is free to use and market the way you see fit. When using social media, you do not always own all the content and are at the mercy of the rules of the social media service you are using.

Websites still matter for SEO. Using the correct keywords and layouts can impact your SEO rankings in a very positive manner. This must and should be considered as you make the decision if you need a website or not.

Websites can also be used to showcase products for your business and even sell them in an online store. The team at StunningDigitalMarketing has lots of experience creating online stores that sell products.

You will receive a website that you can update yourself without having to pay fees every time you need a quick change.

Get in touch with our team today to discuss your new website project or give your current website a refresh.

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