Engagement Facebook vs Linkedin

What a topic. Is Linkedin or Facebook better for engagement? Let's take a look at this from a Business to Business perspective. The results may surprise you. Before we dive into this topic let us start by saying it is important to have a presence on both networks. It is also important to work [...]

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A Resource For Creating Buttons

At we like to share many resources that can help you with all types of Digital Marketing.Today's resource is one to help you with your website development. All web pages should have a call to action button on them. Call to actions are a must on web pages as your website should be lead [...]

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Why You Need To Own and Control Your Own Domain

One of the biggest things in protecting your brand is you need to own and control your own domain name. This is one of the biggest things businesses make is that they think they own their own domain when they really don't. Let us take time and look at how this happens. The situation that [...]

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Why Should I Use WordPress?

Many people ask Why ord They Use WordPress for their website? Many end users think WordPress is just a blogging platform. Let us address these two questions and many more in this post. WordPress is a full-fledged CMS(Content Management System). It can be used to develop any website Currently, WordPress is the most popular CMS on [...]

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