Episode 297: Talking OOPSpam

Show Summary Rob Cairns talks to Onar Alili about his product OOPSpam Click here for his website. Show highlights: Show Notes Hey everybody, Rob Cairns . Today I’m here with my guests Onar Alili and we’re going to talk about OOPSpam am his spam product. How are you today on Onar? I’m good rob. How…

Episode 296: Two Things A Business Owner Should Keep In Mind When Hiring An Agency

Show Summary Rob Cairns talks about two things a business owner should consider before hiring an agency. Show Highlights: Show Notes Hey everybody,Rob. Here again, in today’s podcast, I want to weigh in on a little bit about work and hiring somebody and termination of contract and so on and so forth. So let’s start….

Episode 295: Why WordPress

Show Summary This Episode talks about why WordPress. Show Highlights: Show Notes