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At we serve our customers Digital Marketing Needs. We Provide the following services:

  • Web Design.
  • WordPress Design, Management and Maintenance.
  • WordPress Security and Backup Management.
  • SEO Services.
  • Social Media Management.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Online Ads Setup and Management.
  • Branding.
  • Consulting.
  • Productivity/Organizational Consulting.
  • Business Mindset Coaching and Consulting.

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At we have one weekly podcast.

Our CEO Robert Cairns is passionate about teaching people to use the Internet/Social Media safely. As a result, #stoptheonlinebully videocast has been relaunched as an audio cast. This podcast talks about how to protect and use social media safely. It is available every Wednesday. The re-Launch takes place Wednesday, November 21st, 2018

WordPress Security Services

Do you have a WordPress Website that you do not have time to update on a regular basis? Would you rather have your website maintained and secured by a professional who is an expert in WordPress security? Is your website being down good for your business?

Think about these questions and how important your WordPress Website is to your business and your Digital Presence. Take all the guess work out your website maintenance and leave it to to maintain and protect your website for you. will keep your website updated and secure to protect your Digital Marketing presence.

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WordPress Security and Design Services FAQ

Do You Design Websites For Your Clients?

We design your website for you. Your site is designed to generate leads for your business. Custom quotes are available for you at no charge.

Do you offer a DIY Templates So I Can Design My Own Website

We offer a pre-installed website, plugins and premium theme so you can design your own website at your own pace.

Can You Teach Me How To Design My Own Website?

The Team at is working on an online course to teach you how to install WordPress and design your own WordPress website. This course will be available March 1st, 2018.

Can You Maintain The Security Of My WordPress Site?

We can secure your WordPress Website for you and protect your data. This will leave you for the peace of mind to run your own business and leave the work for the experts. We will also show you that your website can be restored which is something non of our competitors are currently doing.

WordPress Security DIY Course

Our WordPress Security Course will be available starting on April  1, 2018. Stay tuned for special offers and special pricing.

Web Design Services

At we can help design your new website or give your old website a facelift to bring it up to date. We will even train you so you can keep your website up to date yourself!

We use the most up to date Website design strategies to make your website modern.

Using current SEO and UXO strategies we know how to increase your website’s ranking on Google.

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Do You Want More Traffic To Your Business?

How would you like all the traffic your business can handle and more?

Traffic to your website is a commodity and can be bought or sold.  Facebook, Twitter, Google and Linkedin all have ways of generating traffic to your website. How would you like lots of more traffic? Click on the button below and have one of our team member’s do a free

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Email Marketing

For your business, let our team help you set up a proper lead magnet and an email marketing system that works by engaging your customers. How would you like to generate leads and revenue while you sleep? Using the latest email marketing techniques that are Casil  law compliant  our team can help your business succeed in it’s email marketing campaigns

I Want To Use Email Marketing To Grow My Business

Business Branding and Developing Your Inside Advantage

The key is to stand out from your competitors. Different is better than better.

No longer can businesses fight on price. They must develop their “Inside Advantage” and show customers why they stand out and different.

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Business Consulting

Our team can help you with consulting in many areas of your business. This includes Time Management, Business Plans and Mindset.

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Social Media Management

Our team can manage your Social Media Portfolio and free up your time to concentrate on your core business. We will engage for you and even set up a Social Media Calendar to help you maintain a presence that matters.

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SEO Management

SEO is a term that means how high that we rank in the Internet Phone Book – The biggest one is GOOGLE. The higher your organic ranking, the higher you appear on Google. The higher you appear on Google, the more hits your website will get.

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DIY Website Package

Do you want to design your own website? We can give you the tools to do that using WordPress. As of this writing, WordPress has 27.9% of the web’s websites. Use a tool that is robust and can be moved from one host to another host if necessary.

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Our CEO/Chief Creator of Amazing Ideas

Robert Cairns has over 25 years experience working in the technology field. Robert has been a Programmer, Network Support Analyst and a Project Leader working in both the Insurance and Health Care.

For the last six years, Robert Cairns has worked with small businesses on their Digital Marketing Needs. This includes Web Design, Website Security, Online Advertising, Branding, Lead Generation, Social Media Management, and Teaching. does not do “websites”! If you just want a website, you can find it cheaper. Our team helps you find new customers at a profit!”

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Jeff Brown, Alpha Social Media Inc.

“I have worked with Rob over the last 3 years, and have greatly benefited from his knowledge of WordPress and social media. He is my “Go to” person for WordPress help. Recently, I needed help with a website migration, and his help was important to achieving a successful transfer. I would not hesitate to recommend Rob for WordPress work. He knows his stuff and keeps up to date with the changing trends in WordPress design”

Jeff Brown, Alpha Social Media Inc.
“When it comes to web development, IT Security and keeping everything in your web-based world running on all cylinders without issue, it is of the utmost importance to have someone who lives, breathes and loves the IT business. I have been lucky enough to have found that person in Rob Cairns. Rob has a passion for all thing IT related and he shares that passion with his clients. Not only does Rob research and keep on top everything from the latest versions of the most widely used software to the implementation of the most important security updates, he shares his knowledge with his clients so that they can empower themselves and learn in the process.If you’re looking for someone to develop and maintain your website and keep everything running smoothly and effortlessly, your money is well spent with Rob Cairns. You will find nobody out there whose passion for IT and commitment to serving his clients with honesty, integrity and respect can surpass the dedication that Rob commits to every single client.
Do yourself and your company a huge favor and save yourself some major headaches in the process….choose Rob Cairns when you need someone to handle your web development, Social Media and online security. It will be money very well spent!”

Jeff Docherty, Prince Edward Island
What can I say about Rob? I met Rob several years ago and we were both on the same committee. We developed a great friendship and I would constantly complain about my websites, security etc about my business. I was really being treated poorly and lost thousands of dollars. Rob never once asked for my business but he would always offer to help me and want nothing in return. Finally I decided to give Rob an opportunity to help me. Wow, is all I can say. He is so reliable and timely. He does what he says he is going to do. I am looking forward to developing my online presence with Rob in the upcoming new year. I am truly grateful to have Rob in my life.”
Trudi Johston, M-ASA, Sales Representative, RE/MAX All-Stars Realty Inc
“I worked with Rob for over a year through a Social Media Working Group I co-chaired with the Toronto Police Service. Rob’s social media expertise, technical knowledge and passion for fraud prevention were invaluable to the work of this group. Rob volunteered dozens of hours providing technical and social media support at our group’s events and serving as a subject matter expert in online chats on the topics of social media scams, fraud prevention and cyber security. Rob’s passion for serving his community is inspiring, and I’ve benefited so much from all of the technical knowledge he has shared with me. Anyone looking to make a difference in their community through the use of social media would benefit from partnering with Rob. Similarly, any individuals or organizations looking for cyber security or social media advice would benefit from Rob’s services. “
Kristen Rose,Senior Public Affairs Specialist at Ontario Securities Commission
Let me just begin by saying, that if Rob Cairns is not designing or upgrading your website, then you’re just wasting your time and money with any other company. If I told you how many calls and requests from so many other web tech companies that want me to have them design or redesign my website, and most of them are offshore or in another world, you’d wouldn’t believe it. Rob is a tireless individual who will stop at nothing and will take whatever time is necessary to give you a very impressive and extremely functional look to your website. He is always obtainable and very approachable for any matters that will occasionally require tweaking. Rob is extremely knowledgeable and will take the time to explain why things are what they and solve any IT problems that you have.

I highly recommend Rob Cairns and he’s a really nice guy too!!

Phil Pancer, Owner Ringleader Fine Jewellers, Pickering, Ontario
Verry happy to know people @RobCairns for sure. A blessing to us! Fraudchat
PC Randy Arsenault
A GREAT BIG “THANK YOU’ to Robert Cairns for cleaning up all the “crap” that keeps popping up on my laptop. What a peace of mind..

Rob is a master at what he does and he is the Website, Blogger and Social Media Man. He also was the winner of the Power Master Social Media Award 2013.

He love coffee guys.. I just saying, it is worth it’s wait in gold. I know he changed my life..

Dianne Ojar-Ali – Author Of Mrs. Fraud and You
It has been a great pleasure working with Rob. He has extensive knowledge and skills in web design, wordpress and social media and has been a tremendous source of help to me.

He has always been very accommodating and attentive. I highly recommend Rob. And I certainly look forward to working with Rob again in the near future. Thank you so much for all of your help Rob!

Karen Law, Real Estate Agent
“Our committee selected Rob Cairns to rebuild our website and we could’t have made a batter choice! He completely resigned our site from scratch and made it mobile and social media friendly and I believe it has helped to drive more traffic to it. If I had a chance I would defiantly use Ron again for other projects. Thanks Rob:) ”
Mike van Mill, National Paramedic Competition
“Rob Cairns is a man of action. Rob ‘walks the talk’ and get things done. Rob has been an valuable resource to our collaborative community safety efforts for both the Toronto Police Service and Crime Stoppers International. Rob’s expertise with WordPress applications and his dedication to helping our community is very much appreciated. Rob pays attention to detail, and if he doesn’t know the answers he will get the answers. Rob is a true gentleman and an honour to know and collaborate with.”
Scott Mills, Toronto Police Social Media Officer, Social Media Adviser to IT Committee at Crime Stoppers International
“Rob and I have been socially connected and have did collaboration and radio talk shows together. Rob has always been helpful at answering questions about WordPress. I highly recommend Rob and his services.”
Bob Callahan Owner,Callahan Company
“Rob is a conscientious, methodical professional who is inventive when it comes to finding solutions to your problem. Rob is also uncommonly respectful and receptive to your input making it easy to identify exactly what you need and respond appropriately, which means he gets a lot accomplished quickly. He also thinks on his feet and is extremely good at walking you through the process that is needed to reach your goal.”

Cheryl Irving, Psychotherapist in Private Practice

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