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Stunning Digital Marketing is the Digital Agency That Helps You With Your Digital Marketing.

  1. Hack attempts happen every day. We are your WordPress Security Experts. We can help secure your online business presence.
  2. If you need a new website, we can create one that will generate leads for your business.
  3. We create leads for your business that you can convert to customers.
  4. We create E-Mail Campaigns that help to increase your brand awareness.
  5. Ad Campaigns to generate leads for your target market at a reasonable cost to your business.
  6. Our agency will take an interest in your business to help you succeed. Your success is our success.
  7. We are an agency up to date on current trends to help your business stay on the leading edge, giving you an advantage over your competitors.
  8. Our agency can help you become more productive and energized leaving you with more time and energy to spend on your core business.
  9. If you want to do the marketing yourself and just want a coach to assist you, we can coach you and assist you.
  10. We care about the confidentiality and security of your business.

WP Security

We will secure and update the software on your WordPress site for you. We are your WordPress Security Experts!

Email Marketing

Using your mailing list to stay in touch with potential clients is important. Our team can help you do that.

Website Design

Our team will help you design a website that will generate leads that you can convert to sales.


Book a 30-minute or 60 minutes consulting call to ask Rob Cairns anything on Web Design or Marketing

Rob Cairns Offers Digital Marketing And Business Services To Clients.

We can start with designing your website or helping you re-design your website with the latest techniques to help you generate leads for your business. We will also make your website mobile-friendly. This is a must in today’s market as over 50% of all web searches are done on a mobile phone or tablet.

Another consideration for your Website is Website security. Many websites are hacked because they have out-of-date software on them. We provide security services for WordPress websites. We lock down your website to help minimize hack attempts. We then set up a weekly backup strategy and will perform weekly software updates to your website. If you need to have your website hosted, we can host is as well.

Do you need help creating a Digital Product and promoting one? At Stunning Digital Marketing, we can help with your Digital Product needs.

If you are working on an email marketing campaign we can help with that as well. We have experience with many email providers that include Convert Kit, Mail Poet, Mail Chimp, Send In Blue, Active Campaign, Infusionsoft, and more. Contact us to make sure your email campaign is running smoothly.

Rob Cairns provides a complete menu of Digital Marketing Services. Contact us today to help your business soar!

Rob Cairns Stunning Digital Marketing

Robert Cairns The Chief Creator of Amazing Ideas

Robert Cairns has over 25 years of experience working in the technology field. Robert has been a Programmer, Network Support Analyst, and Project Leader working in both the Insurance and Health Care fields.

Since 2020, Robert Cairns has worked with small, medium, and large businesses on their Digital Marketing Needs. This includes Web Design, Website Security, Online Advertising, Branding, Lead Generation, Social Media Management, and Teaching.

Stunning Digital Marketing does not do “websites”! If you just want a website, you can find it cheaper. Our team helps you find new customers at a profit!”

The SDM Show

Robert Cairns has always been an avid AM radio listener. From there he moved to Podcasts so it was no surprise when he started his own. The SDM Show consists of quick tips to help you in Business, Marketing, Life and WordPress. Sometimes Robert has long form interviews on his podcast. He has had many guests including those in marketing, business and more.

The SDM Show is available on all major platforms.

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Todd Jones – Copyflight

Rob is a seasoned professional willing to help people. He helps his customers make money. He has expertise in a plethora of areas including Internet Technology, digital marketing, PPC ads, and much more.

Jeff Brown – Alpha Social Media Inc.

I have worked with Rob Cairns since 2010. We have thrown ideas off each other. Rob's input has enabled me to stay at the top of my social media and website/WordPress game. There is no one that works harder to stay ahead of what is happening in the digital marketing world. He always has an answer to my questions, or he directs me to the right source quickly. I often bring Rob into my Workplace Education classrooms via Zoom to share his vast wisdom with my participants. They walk away with lots of extra notes and strategies that they can deploy in their businesses. I can see why he works with some of the biggest brands around. They have no room for second best. Rob is tops in my books. Working with him will help your brand increase your visibility and grow; as long as you are willing to put in the work.

Travis Macklem

obert is extremely professional and helpful, this is my first official website I’ve ever made and he has helped me every step of the way including notifying me of any updates, sharing his viewpoints and opinions, and even getting the template going for me. I would recommend him to anyone looking to get a website off the ground. Simply put, Robert is the best in the business

Scott Mills – Communications OPP Police Association

Rob Cairns is on top of everything digital! Rob has been the lead for protecting my digital footprint for many years. He is trustworthy and always looking forward trying to anticipate any security threats and stopping the threat before irreparable damage is done. Rob has gratiously donated his digital talents to a number of community building charitable initiatives and is there whenever needed.

Burlington Conservative Association

I’ve been working on websites with Rob Cairns since 2013. He has helped set up and host our Burlington Conservative EDA website and other election sites as well. It’s been great working with Rob. He’s always ready to help whenever his expertise is needed and is always willing to step back and let me do what I can – it’s been a very productive ‘partnership’! I just love the care and attention Rob puts into all his work. Stunning Digital Marketing is the way to go! - Marilyn, BCA Communications Chair

Trudi Johnston – Real Estate Agent

I worked with Rob for a few years and I can truly say he always goes above and beyond. It was like having my private business mentor always with me. It would be very common for me to wake up in the morning and Rob would have sent articles that he thought I might enjoy. Totally above what he needed to do. Rob always knows what my business needs well before I do and then keeps educating me even if it takes a year lol until I really get it. Thanks Rob Trudi Team Johnston Real Earate

Kristen Rose, Senior Public Affairs Specialist at Ontario Securities Commission

“I worked with Rob for over a year through a Social Media Working Group I co-chaired with the Toronto Police Service. Rob’s social media expertise, technical knowledge and passion for fraud prevention were invaluable to the work of this group. Rob volunteered dozens of hours providing technical and social media support at our group’s events and serving as a subject matter expert in online chats on the topics of social media scams, fraud prevention and cyber security. Rob’s passion for serving his community is inspiring, and I’ve benefited so much from all of the technical knowledge he has shared with me. Anyone looking to make a difference in their community through the use of social media would benefit from partnering with Rob. Similarly, any individuals or organizations looking for cyber security or social media advice would benefit from Rob’s services. “

Dianne Ojar-Ali – Author Of Mrs. Fraud and You

“A GREAT BIG “THANK YOU’ to Robert Cairns for cleaning up all the “crap” that keeps popping up on my laptop. What a peace of mind.. Rob is a master at what he does and he is the Website, Blogger and Social Media Man. He also was the winner of the Power Master Social Media Award 2013. He love coffee guys.. I just saying, it is worth it’s wait in gold. I know he changed my life..”

Karen Law, Real Estate Agent

“It has been a great pleasure working with Rob. He has extensive knowledge and skills in web design, wordpress and social media and has been a tremendous source of help to me. He has always been very accommodating and attentive. I highly recommend Rob. And I certainly look forward to working with Rob again in the near future. Thank you so much for all of your help Rob!”

Mike van Mill, National Paramedic Competition

“Our committee selected Rob Cairns to rebuild our website and we could’t have made a batter choice! He completely resigned our site from scratch and made it mobile and social media friendly and I believe it has helped to drive more traffic to it. If I had a chance I would defiantly use Rob again for other projects. Thanks Rob:) ”

Bob Callahan Owner,Callahan Company

“Rob and I have been socially connected and have did collaboration and radio talk shows together. Rob has always been helpful at answering questions about WordPress. I highly recommend Rob and his services.”

Tracy Arial – Unapologetically Canadian Podcast

Thanks for the interview Robert. Your digital marketing tips are so useful.