About Rob Cairns – Founder / CEO / Chief Creator of Amazing Ideas

Rob Speaking at Podcamp Toronto 2023 768x1024 About Rob Cairns

Rob Cairns has over 30 years of experience working in the Technology and Marketing Fields.

Robert spent 15 years in health care and for over 10 years has worked as a Digital Marketing Strategist.

His agency specializes in having his client succeed in today’s Digital World.

He has worked with clients from small businesses and non-profits to fortune 500 companies.  Rob’s success is determined by his client’s success.

Rob works with clients in the Toronto Area as well as all over the world.

Rob is an expert sitting down with clients and figuring out their inside advantage in business. This is what makes them different than their competitors. Once a company’s “Inside Advantage” is determined then a marketing plan can be customized to help the client succeed in the digital world.

One thing that makes Rob different then most marketers is he is very technical. He also understands online security more than most people. This gives him an edge – his inside advantage.

His hobbies include reading, sports (Go Raptors!), music, movies, nights out, and more.