Episode 21: Marketing is Like Dating

Show Notes

Show Notes: 

I want to start this episode off with something personal that impacts what I do and explains a lot of what I do. Today July 8th that I lost my father, Bruce Cairns as a result of pancreatic cancer 9 years ago today.. I am thinking about my Mom Anne, My Brothers Gord, Graham and Bryan, my son Stephen, my Uncles Ian, Ron and Mac. Of course, I am thinking about 3 people who are not with us today in my family – those are My Grandparents Bob and Pearl and  Cliffy who passed away the same week my Dad did. This podcast is dedicated to all of you.

I am Robert Cairns, the CEO and Chief Creator of amazing ideas at StunningDigitalMarketing.com  Today I wanted to talk about a really interesting observation I have had lately. Marketing is like Dating. I see it now. You all think once again I am crazy and I have lost my marbles again. Let me explain my theory.

You get up one day and say you are interested in meeting someone. For the sake of this podcast let us call her Jane. You call Jane and ask her out on a date. You suggest to Jane that you go to a really nice restaurant.

You spend the time before the date getting ready. It takes you time and you want to look your best. You then take Jane out for dinner and have an amazing time. You agree to see each other again.

This goes on and on over several dates before you agree to be steady and become GF and BF.

Marketing is like this. You have an initial conversation. Then often a meeting in person or on the phone. Then you have more conversations over a period of time and then you decide if you should work together or not.

Notice how working together does not come about right away. When you are dating you are building a relationship. Marketing is the same way. It takes time to build a relationship.

While you are building a relationship, many things happen. The first is you are getting to know each other. You are figuring out how you can help someone and are they the right fit for you. Then you are going deep and getting to know each other. The more you get to know each other the deeper you dive into your prospects’ business. As you spend more time with your prospect the trust grows and the relationships deepen.

Do you see the similarities now? They similarities between marketing and dating are very close. They actually work the same.

The point to learn from this is not to rush your marketing efforts. Relationships take time and the ones that take time to become stronger as they grow. The stronger they become, the more likely you will do business together directly or refer business to each other indirectly.

Frankly, people are tired of the buy my product now or we will never offer the product again. This style of marketing is so yesterday. Frankly, the Team at StunningDigitalMarketing does not like this style and we will never do this style.

If any of you have read my newsletter that comes out, you will notice that I never do a hard sell in my newsletter. Sometimes I will mention that a colleague or friend has a special offer. I never do a hard sell. I should also tell you I never get paid for any endorsements for others in my newsletter. I share these offers all because of the relationships.

Going back to my newsletter, if you have not read it I encourage you to go to StunningDigitalMarketing.com and scroll down and click on the link to subscribe to the newsletter.

The newsletter is 100% free. All I ask for is your email address.

In it, you will find tips and more tips. I really want to build a relationship with my readers and give them tips to help them succeed in their business. As of this recording, I am over 3500 readers with great open rates. One of the reasons is because my newsletter is not a hard sales newsletter. I use it to help other business owners with Marketing, Business and WordPress tips.

The other thing I want to share is the higher the cost of your products or services, the longer it will take to build a relationship. It is always easier to get someone to spend $100 instead of $1000 dollars.

The last thing I want to talk about is customer retention. At StunningDigitalMarketing.com we offer Website Care Packages for those who have WordPress websites. Our yearly renewal rate is over 90%. Why is that you might ask? The reasons are as follows:

We take care of our existing customers. They are MORE important to us then new customers.
We recognize it costs less to keep an existing customer then, to get a new customer.
We communicate with our customers on a regular basis.
We offer our customers a value ad including links to article to information that pertains to the industry they are in.
We listen attentively to our customers and strive to fulfill their needs.

Think about it. Take the time to build your relationships like dating and you will be much happier. In Business and in life. I have done that – business is good and life. I married a good friend of 21 years and we are coming up on our second anniversary. Business is great but Jill is more wonderful.

I want to take the time to say thank you to you the listener for joining me on this journey. I want to thank all my friends, family and clients for all their support. Today I want to thank my wife Jill Mclean-Cairns for being there for me. I also want to thank my late father, Bruce Cairns for all he did for me and for helping me in succeeding in life. I love you Dad. 

Thanks for listening to this episode. I love you all!


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