Episode 20 Shiny Tool Syndrome

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Hey everyone, Robert Cairns here I’m the CEO and Chief creator amazing ideas stunning digital marketing.com Welcome to the SDM business marketing on WordPress show. What is this you my guest? What happened to the STM interview show? Well, when I started podcasting, I was not sure where this was gonna go. Frankly, I was not getting enough enjoyment from just blogging. I have always been a fan of podcasts as well over 30 on my podcast player. I started off doing two podcast dsdm interviews showing them with our SEO podcast. The SDM interview show was originally long form interviews and with our SEO podcast was more quick tips. Last week, the first step was I changed the show notes format, as well as the logo for the STM interview show. I’m actually much happier than I watched before I made the changes. This past week, I sat down and did some thinking. I decided I should just combine the two podcasts and rebrand the STM interview show. To the SDM business marketing and WordPress show the SDM interview show suggested I would only do an interview every week, I wanted to show similar to the with our CEO show, but in a longer format. I also wanted the ability to have a guest on times that was well suited and where the topic was relevant. So here you have it. We now have the SEM business marking WordPress show. Now on to this week’s show. This week’s tips are ones that I’ve talked about a lot in the last few weeks, I want to even wrote about in my newsletter, or lately. This is a shiny tool syndrome. It’s ironic that I’m talking about this topic again, I did a shortened version of the with our CEO podcast in regards to project management software. In the last couple of months, I’ve also changed the email kind of views, video editing package I use, and even the CRM I use for sending out emails. of the sad reasons for the change. And we’re not made lightly. Let’s jump in and look at these one at a time. What is start what to change, we made the project management software in our agency. This is one area where I think no one product really works well, in my opinion. Recently, we were using notion. And before that Trello. The best way I described notion it’s a site troll on steroids. It does all kinds of amazing things. The biggest issue we had is a slow and cumbersome mobile app. We check our product management tools on our mobile phones all the time. So this is really a big issue. So the question is, how did we fix this? There is really one simple answer. We moved all our project management to a master Google Doc that works well on mobile is much easier to use. The second change we made in our agency is email client we use. As many of you know, our agency uses G Suite to manage all our email. This has not changed at all. We weren’t using the web interface. What we did do was stop using that web interface and started using that desktop client called em client. The cool thing with this client is it’s easy to set up a two way sync with both your Google Calendar and contacts. It is the only email client I have found that does a two way sync with Contacts and Calendar effectively efficiently. Adak using a desktop client is always faster than using the web interface. This has already been a big time since the video editing package for a long time. We’ve been using curl Visual Studio. We really like the way it works fine. But Why you ask? The last two upgrades you purchased another major issues rainstorm. Enter into the picture davinci resolve the project is put out by Blackmagic have both the free and or premium version. The free version does everything that Grove Visual Studio does had more problems, we are much happier. The last change was one I was not planning to make kill the chimp made a change MailChimp got it changed its terms of service, and the way it was counting unsubscribers from your list. Now, I just explained it was not an issue with the free plan. We had a large list of over 3000 subscribers. So we have paid for it.



It was some other direction that the product was going in, and we’re not very happy with it. As a result, we moved to mailer light, and frankly, it was one of the best decisions that we made. It handles the unsubscribers better, as well as easier to use email automation. segmenting is easier to do as well. There you have some of the reasons we have changed the tools that standing digital marketing comm make sure you stay away from the shiny tool syndrome. And you’ll be glad you did. And if you want to buy those appsumo deals like some people I know. And you’re not gonna use them, feel free to send us a check. We’d be glad to take your money. As always, if I can help you anyway, please let me know. You can email me at VIP at studying digital marketing calm Ciao for now.

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