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Hey everyone. Robert Cairns here. I am the CEO/Chief Creator of Amazing Ideas at Welcome to the SDM Business, Marketing and WordPress Show. What is this you might ask? What happened to the SDM Interview Show?

Well, when I started podcasting I was not sure where this was going to go. Frankly, I was not getting enough enjoyment from just blogging. I am have always been a fan of podcasts. I have well over 30 on my podcast player.

I started off doing two podcasts the SDM Interview Show and With Our CEO. The  SDM Interview show was originally long-form interviews and With Our CEO was more quick tips.

Last week the first step was I changed the show notes format as well the logo for the SDM Interview Show. I am actually much happier with it then I was before. I made the changes.

This past week I sat down and did some thinking. I decided that I should just combine the two podcasts and rebrand the SDM Interview Show to The SDM Business, Marketing and WordPress show!

The SDM Interview show suggested I would have an interview every week. I wanted a show similar to what the With Our CEO .show was but in a longer format. I also wanted the ability to have a guest on at times if the timing was good and the topic was relevant. 

So there you have it – we now have the SDM Business, Marketing and WordPress show.

Now on to this week’s show.

This week’s topic is one that I have talked about a lot in the last few weeks and one that I even wrote about in my newsletter a lot lately, That is the Shiny Tool Syndrom.

It is ironic that I am talking about this topic again. I did a shortened version of what I went through in my With Our CEO podcast in regards to project management software. In the last couple of months, I have also changed the email client I use, video editing package and even the CRM I use for sending out emails All of these had reasons for the change and were not made lightly.

Let’s jump in and look at these one at a time!

Let us start with the change we made to Project Mangement Software. This is one area where I think that no one page really works all that well in my opinion. Recently we were using Notion and before that Trello.

The best way I describe Notion it is like Trello on Steroids.It does all kinds of amazing things. The biggest issue we had is it is slow and cumbersome on mobile. We check our project management tool on our mobile phones all the time so this is really a big issue.

So the question is how did we fix this? There is really one simple answer. We moved all our project management to a master Google Doc. It works well on mobile and is much easier to use. 

The second change is the email client we use. As many of you know our agency uses Gsuite to manage all our email. This has not changed at all.

What we did do was stop using the web interface and started using a desktop client called eM Client.The cool thing with this client is it is easy to set up and it has two-way sync with Google Calendar and Contacts.  It is the only email client we know that does this well.

Using a desktop client is always faster than using the web interface so this has already been a big time saver. 

The video editing package. For a long time, I have been a user of Corel Visual Studio. We really like the way it works but… But what you ask? The last two upgrades we have purchased and had major issues installing.

Enter into the picture Davinci Resolve. This product is put out by Black Magic. They have both a free and a premium version. The free version does everything that Corel Visual Studio does and more! Problem solved.

The last change was one I was not planning to make. TIll the Chimp made a change – Mail Chimp that is. It changed its term fo service and the way it was counting unsubscribers to your list.

Now I just explain it was not an issue with the free plan. We have a large list of over 3000 subscribers so we have paid for it. It was some of the direction that the product was going in,

As a result, we moved to Mailerlit and frankly it was one of the best decisions that we made. It handles the unsubscribers better as well as easier to use email automation. Segmenting is easier to do as well.

There you have it. Some of the reasons we have changed tools at . Stay away from the Shiny Tools syndrome and you will be glad you did 

As always if I can help you in any way, please let me know. Chow for now.

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