Flickr Has Changed It’s Model

Recently we received an email from Flickr saying they were changing their free accounts around. I could see this coming as Flickr was bought by Smug Mug sometime ago. Frankly, as someone in the web space, I really do not blame them for charging more. This decision will make a lot of people not [...]

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Small Business Week Kick Off Event Presented By Paypal and The BDC

This past Monday our CEO, Robert Cairns attended the Toronto Small Business Week Kickoff Event presented by the BDC and Paypal. This was one of the best-organized events we have attended in a long time. The event was held on the 17 floor of the Globe and Mail Building in Toronto. First off what [...]

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Tracey Arial’s Unapologetically Canadian Podcast

Last week our CEO Robert Cairns was privileged and honoured to appear on Tracey Arial's Unapologetically Canadian Podcast. On Episode 12 I talked Digital Marketing with Tracey. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording the podcast for you. At the end of the podcast, Tracey asks Robert what it [...]

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