Episode 33 – Why You Need Pets in Your Life as a Business Owner

Show Notes Hi Everyone!. Rob Cairns Here. I am the CEO/Chief Creator of Amazing Ideas at StuningDigitalMarketing.com . Today I want to talk about something really important. Why as a business owner you need animals in your life. This special episode is dedicated to Ms. Millie Cat. [...]

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Episode 20 Shiny Tool Syndrom

Show Notes This week's show: Hey everyone. Robert Cairns here. I am the CEO/Chief Creator of Amazing Ideas at StunningDigitalMarketing.com Welcome to the SDM Business, Marketing and WordPress Show. What is this you might ask? What happened to the SDM Interview Show? Well, when I started podcasting [...]

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Episode 19 Todd Jones Talks Headlines

A Little Background It is a pleasure to be joined by my good friend Todd Jones this week. Todd is a copywriter who has a lot of wisdom to offer. You can reach Todd via his website Copyflight. Show Notes Introduction: Welcome [...]

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With Our CEO Episode 32 – A2 Hosting and Why You Need Your Own Backups

Podcast Transcript Remember The Transcripts are Approximate as we use an automated service for them Unknown Speaker 0:37 everybody welcome to the with our CEO podcast where the CEO/Chief Creator of Amazing Ideas Robert Cairns Unknown Speaker 0:46 talks about digital marketing, web design, WordPress, security, branding, [...]

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