Episode 67: Do Not Sell the Technology

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Episode 67 Do Not Sell The Technology



Hey, I’ll Rob Cairns. I’m the CEO and Chief creator of amazing ideas up at stunning digital marking calm. Before we get to this week’s podcast, I want to mention a couple changes to the format a little bit. The first change is I’m now going to introduce a new segment before the subject or the guest of the day, we’re going to talk about two or three big stories in the news that are worth talking about, just to keep you informed. And the second note is, after this week, as you know, we’re on a special podcast every day. We’ll be going back to podcasts twice a week on Tuesdays and on Fridays. So sit back, relax and enjoy this week’s episode, where we get to the news, and then we talk about don’t sell the technology. Bye for now.



Hey, everybody, today’s news segment. first story Harvey Weinstein. Harvey Weinstein got 22 years in jail? Justice, it seems to stand in front of women who victimized and it’s about time frankly, let’s go on to COVID-19. The San Jose Sharks are about to play their next three games due to a county ban on large gatherings before no fans should be really interesting to see how the players react without an ID a live audience. Yet those games will still be broadcast on TV. And more COVID-19 news in New York City, over 60 cases have been linked to one attorney of infection. Not really good. It almost seems like this particular attorney is a super carrier. As you know, on my last podcast, I talked about my thoughts about COVID-19. And I want to add one more into that. I was gonna go to de extreact Metro Toronto Convention Center yesterday and today, I decided over the weekend, I wouldn’t be attending. And this might be a really smart move, actually, folks, because on the weekend, it was deemed that a person who public health in Ontario had deemed had COVID-19 after tests had been in the convention center on Sunday. So now they’ve since closed the metro Toronto Convention Center. And we’re about to descend, they’re about to sanitize the whole thing and sort that out. So maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t go I wouldn’t be going to large gatherings as I said in my last podcast anyway. So those are a couple news stories of the day. Now, sit back, relax, as I talk about this week’s episode. And we the subject today is do not sell the technology.



Hey, Robert Cairns here. Today’s topic, I want to talk about something really dear to my heart. And that’s a subject called do not sell the technology. And what does this really mean? So let’s kind of look at business, especially the web design space. And too many in the WordPress space sell WordPress as the platform. I think that’s a big mistake, frankly, then clients really don’t care whether they are a WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or anything else as long as they can achieve desired results. And those desired results in the end are leads that convert to sales. So frankly, who cares if it’s WordPress, Wix Weebly or GoDaddy Site Builder at the end of the day, as long as you get leads, that turned to bit turn to business. So things I would sell is a robust platform that’s expandable things like it’s easy for the user to update their pages and their posts once the site goes live. Those things really matter to the end user. Does the end user really care? It’s WordPress under the hood. Now, I’ll give you one exception to this. My agency does offer WordPress security services. So in that case, we actually do have to sell that WordPress is what’s going on. But, you know, normally I wouldn’t sell what a website is WordPress space who can Here’s, frankly, it’s what the user benefits and gets out of using WordPress. Let’s jump to another area that digital space. And that is email marketing. Infusionsoft, ConvertKit, clickfunnels, MailChimp, mailerlite, content, Constant Contact, and more. Those are all email marketing platforms. And frankly, they can all get you the desired result that you need. It’s really a comfort factor. And what it does for the end user that matters. Who cares that you’re using ConvertKit, or Infusionsoft? Did you get leads that those leads turn to business? The point I’m making is, and I’ve heard this on and on again, especially in WordPress, and the email marketing platform spaces are, well, my platform is better. I get better SEO with this platform. I get better convergence with this. No, no, no, no, no. What it comes down to is what your messaging is, how your layout is, what you’re trying to achieve. And in SEO, did you really set up the SEO properly? That’s what matters. If you SEO properly a Squarespace site, guess what? It’s going to rank folks. I hate to burst the WordPress designers bubble. And I’m doing this knowing that my agency does our web work in WordPress, but I still don’t think it Stendhal ends. Things like messaging matter more things like what you’re trying to get across model more things like how you lay out. Your website matters more things like, how is your email copy? Is there a call to action in your email copy? That matters more than did I choose Infusionsoft, ConvertKit, or Click Funnels, frankly. So folks, don’t sell the technology to the client, sell the features, sell the benefits, make it benefit driven? Go read to start with why Simon Sinek tell the client but why they need something and do it now. If you do that, you’ll be 10 times better off. As always Rob Karen’s stunning digital marketing.com for all your digital marketing needs, please jump on over. Scroll down our front page at the bottom. Sign up for our free newsletter to get more tips and tricks like history mailbox, and more resources to help your business soar. As always, this podcast is dedicated by late father Bruce Cairns. So have you done and keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars make your business succeed?

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