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Episode 85



Hey, I’m Rob Cairns here. I’m the CEO and founder and chief Craig have amazing ideas that stunning digital marketing. In today’s podcast, I’m going to talk about a test I did of Google meet with my friends, Davinder Singh, Ken and Todd lee jones last week. And we actually did a trial run and kind of put meat through its paces to see how it stacked up again soon. The results might surprise you. So sit back, relax, and enjoy today’s podcast.



In today’s podcast, we’re gonna talk about an experiment that Todd Jones, the vendor said, Ken, and I did with Google meet last week. Normally, we tend to use Zoom Zoom is the three of us de facto video conferencing package. And I thought we’d jump on me. And the reason why I suggested was I have a Google suite account, a G Suite account. And with G Suite, Google meet is free. And calendly, my booking system will interface with Google made and or zoom. So that’s compelling. So the question is, because it’s already included, should I look at it? Should I not look at it, I remember what the old Google Hangouts product was, which is where meat came from the Hangout from the ashes. And it’s time it wasn’t bad. And it served a purpose. But was Google meat up to snuff? Well, yes and no. So let’s get to one of the things I really liked. And that was, you could do a recording, and it would save that recording to your Google Drive, automatically in a directory called me and send you an email when that recording was available, almost instantaneous. So that I liked. We tried some of the screen shares the vendor did and a screen when it render properly. And I don’t know why Actually, we were only getting a part of the screen. So I have to go back and look at that one. And see was the issues with the rendering, and I need to try it again. And at Frankly, I haven’t had a chance with everything going on. Then there’s the layup. It will throw the two people you’re talking to up on the screen, and it takes your head and throws it in the top right corner small. I’m not sure I like that way out. And I think if Google got around to changing the layout and the tiling, and I know they’re working on that a little better. It might make make it a little more friendly, which I would prefer just how people are, are our despite, I think the audios connections and the camera connections are a little more forgiving than zoom. I’ve had issues lately where when I leave zoom, it locks up my camera and my audio and have to reboot, even going into a second zoom conference meet, then simply do that after. So that might be a consideration. And then the price. I mean, the reality of it all is if you’re already a G Suite user meets included in your account, and it makes it easy. And then Google Calendar, there’s already an option to turn your meeting into Google meet meeting. Now Google meet right now for up to 100 people during the covid 19 pandemic is free. With my G Suite account, I normally get 250 people on a meet one time. I haven’t tried tested it with that many people. So I don’t know how well it goes. And then we just got to keep sort of saying is this the right product, I still think in this space zoom is the gold standard. It’s the product I’m a big fan of I’m going to continue to run some more tests with Google meat and see where those go. But frankly, at this point, it’s okay. But it wouldn’t be my everyday product choice. I still defer back to zoom, even with the extra cost. So that’s just my take on that. So little take on some of the testing we did with Google me, thanks to the vendor and to Todd. Appreciate you guys very much for taking the time and indulging me and my curiosity and saying, you know what’s kinda look at Google meet and see if that’s any better. I think what I should do is do it. attached with Facebook, with the multi rooms and some other. I know I’ve played with its multiple times and it’s really not for me and I seem to have problems with it no matter what browser and configuration I use.. I hope you’re all doing well. And keep reaching for the stars, make your business succeed. And make sure that you take care of yourself and your loved ones and all of this and we’ll talk to y’all soon. Have a great day. Bye bye for now.

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