Episode 57: Negative Publicity

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Hey, Rob Cairns here. I’m the CEO and Chief creator of making ideas to study digital marketing Comm. I hope everybody’s doing well today. Also, since we haven’t been on here with the podcast, so hope your New Year’s is going great make 2020 the best of all. It’s been a while, we decided to take a couple week break. It’s been busy coming back, it always is. And now we’re back back with a vengeance. So today, I thought I’d put out a very special Sunday podcast. And as it this week, we’re moving back to our Tuesday. So there will be a podcast called on Tuesday, as well as one on Thursday. I hope you enjoy please hit that subscribe button. Follow the STM show let your friends know we want to help you. Today I want to talk about something that many people don’t understand. And that’s the negative impact of publicity and how it impacts the business. Most people do not understand that negative publicity can have a positive impact on the business day I want to share with you two quick examples that have happened in Toronto recently. But these lessons can be applied to anywhere in the world. The first example we’ll use is the US chick fil a chain. They opened their first Toronto franchise late last year. And it’s in the heart of this city. Before I get into the story, it’s worth noting that I’m not a chick fil a fan. Frankly, I really don’t like to food. It’s too greasy for my liking. But there’s a marketing lesson to be held here. Chino put a young and bar in Toronto, which is hard to downtown. Today the franchise open. There were protests because of franchise founders had feelings against the LGBT community. I’m not trying to touch on the feelings. Frankly, that’s not the point of the podcast. The morning the franchise opened there were protests all over the place a young boy in front of the store and everywhere. What they didn’t bank on was this ran every media within the city was down there. And the chick fil a name was mentioned on the morning shows probably six to 10 times. What is this called? free publicity. And frankly, people flocked to the restaurant. To the point there were lineups out the door for days and days. Do we hear Winner Winner winner chicken dinner due to the media covering all this all the free publicity happened at chick fil a became an overnight success. Frankly, waiting for the second location open which just happened recently. Well done. And here’s where negative for bursty drew crowds to a store. The second story I want to talk about is Drake. We all know Drake in the music business. over the holidays released a video that had chair girl in it. For those who outside of a bubble called Toronto. Chair girl is a young Kardashian want to be who tossed the chair off to 44 Macondo balcony building onto a major heart high with the Gardiner Expressway. She actually pleaded guilty before New Year’s and currently is awaiting sentencing. So for Drake’s new music video yeah Jared girl on the video. This true extreme outrage from Toronto as she is so disliked that Justin Trudeau said he really wants to judge the costs of book enter. So what happens Drake claims he’d not pick the extras for his video and releases a new copy with cherry girl edited down by this point of views on your video have gone sky high The video has gone viral the story’s gone viral mission accomplished by Drake. Stop now.


Call a scam. This is one of the oldest marketing tricks in the book. Right knew what she was in the video. And he is from Toronto. He knew what controversy this would stir up knowingness I believe he had the second video ready to go. So when the new edited video was released, it was just a case of sending it out. This was fine Stan to generate the buzz around this new song. And frankly, it worked. And both the above two cases negative publicity worked for the marketing of these two cases. There’s not always work and sometimes negative flip books they can actually backfire. I would suggest that you think long and hard and do your research before using Get a football study to generate your interest. I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on negative publicity and marketing. As always, for more great info jump on over to our website at stunning digital marketing comm or follow me on twitter at Rob Cairns. If you have any questions about marketing, business WordPress or life, you can email us at VIP at stunning digital marketing COMM And we’d be glad to take them up on a future episode. And if you want to subscribe to our newsletter to get more marketing tips couple times a week more in depth to your inbox. Stunning digital marketing.com slash free. As always, this podcast dedicated my late father Bruce Cairns. Keep the feet on the ground keep reaching for the stars, make your business succeed. Until next time, have a great day.

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