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Hi, I’m Rob Cairns, I’m the CEO and Chief creator of amazing ideas of stunning digital marketing.com. I hope you’re all having an amazing holiday season. And Happy New Year. I really hope 2020 is the best year yet for you make it happen. You know, I did a lot of thinking over the holidays. And I was sitting down on New Year’s day yesterday. And I thought it’d be totally transforming in and share some way hi solos nice decade, the last 10 years. Some are very personal, some are business related, and some are a little bit of philosophy in between. I hope you really enjoyed this special episode. And sit back, relax, grab your favorite drink, and have a great list. As we entered 2020, I’m 10 years older now 52 mature among the last 10 years changed a lot how we deal with things deal with life and who I deal with. One thing I’ll say is I set the tone for stupid people today than ever before, I guess I’m getting older. I also don’t have much of a chance for those who claim their own cruise ship or only senior prime when they have a viewpoint. They want it to be the only one. This is frankly the same old game game being in a silo. And I’m not really interested. If you want to be inclusive, accept everybody to your point and have great constructive discussion. And you don’t have to agree all the time. There was no slightest in your society likes to play the blame game, blame everything on the younger generation. Stop it. And frankly, stop it now. The problem is their parents. This is where they’ve learned their values and no morals. It’s time to start placing blame where each be placed. And that’s on the people. You know, you really need to think about that. I’m also tired of gun violence in us in here in Toronto. The issue is politician, folks, the police cannot solve this issue and arrests themselves out of this mess. It’s time for the politicians to do their jobs and start protecting society with tough laws and penalties. Drinking and driving as another one in the Toronto area. These cases are starting to increase. It’s time to start tossing the book at people and treating manslaughter like manslaughter and murder like murder. And the fact that the car is the weapon is irrelevant to me at the end of it. Now let’s get on to a more interesting topic. The news business. newspapers in North America and around the world are in deep trouble and frankly dying. Personally, I don’t read one regularly anymore to getting thin and expensive. The magazine industry has died in the last 10 years. At the start decade. I used to read a lot of them and even subscribed. Today’s or write this podcast I have not read a magazine in over a year. Wow. And I’m an avid reader by the way. The problem is as a business owner, I’ve been busier in the last few years. So I look for an opportunity to maximize my time. More and more I consume content in audio format. This includes listening to the radio over the internet, through tune in podcasts and audiobooks. I still read but frankly not as much anymore. I tend to go more to the audio variety. I listened to things when I’m doing other things including working, housework, going for a walk, and more. This seems to work well for me. It helps me keep up to date. Some of my personal rose in the last decade 2020 and sorry, in 2010. I lost my job was 21 years working into Peter it supporting healthcare. Reality it was just a number and frankly towards the end I was not very happy to this job had an impact on me both physically and mentally. I was on call all the time I worked extended hours. And that was all not appreciate. Remember, take care of yourself first. The second law was in 2010 I lost my father was Karen’s due to pancreatic cancer. I have to tell you, I miss them very much and love them and miss them every day. Four and a half years ago, I went to a nasty breakup. It should have happened long before that time, and I put up with way too much. When I look back at it, I don’t get even while medical unsewn for my life has gotten better. And a couple years ago I lost my aunt Madeline due to a leukemia battle. I wouldn’t really suck frankly. And recently in November of this show, I sent Linda doodle link a battle with dementia. My heart goes out to my uncle Ron Skitch Jamie and Jeffrey two families, Linda’s brothers and Shawn



and the numerous friends have lost their family members. In the last three weeks have been the three visitations like funerals. And we heard of another one in the building my wife friends, happening a week ago. And that’s for the last two weeks. And I should also add to that, we lost my mother in law. This past year, jane Carol McDonald, my wife’s mom. And we miss her and Jill misses her and thinks about her every, every day. And every hour, some of the personal highlights in 2010, I started my digital marketing agency, it’s grown really well and continues to grow, and I really enjoy what I do. After my nasty breakup, Joe and I have been friends for 19 years started seeing each other again. And we fell back in love. And that led to us being married. And I say this a lot. You know, you you measure wealth on money, a lot of people I don’t, I measure money on what it has in life. And frankly, Jill has made me a much better person, and really a richer person. And she’s got so much happiness and love in my life. And it’s amazing, when you’ve done something, somebody is on this show, and I have known each other what you get out of it. And Joe, thank you very much in Olathe. We also have amazing friends in our lives. We have a core circle of friends, and we’ve, how many of them are pretty amazing, and thank you to them. And many more great things have happened. It’s actually been a really good decade, frankly, life, have acquired many new friends. And people do not fit my life or gone from one of my mantras is, if people don’t grow up or don’t grow with you, maybe it’s time to think about those relationships. And I have, I’ve actually eliminated from my life, some people I’ve known for over 30 years, because they frankly want to keep acting like they’re 20 and not grow with the times or with life. And that’s not really a good thing. You need to grow. So I’ve made choices to get rid of negative people and people bring me down. And yeah, you’re allowed to be selfish in life, when it’s when your health and how you feel is concerned, you got to take care of yourself first. And most people forget about over the last decade has decided to be around more like minded positive people. You guys know who you are. And thanks for your amazing people and hang around them people drag me down. Frankly, getting within negativity, as I mentioned is good, and it’s really Polish in your life. And that’s really key to understand. Now let’s jump over another topic dear to my heart in this social media. When the decades started, I spent almost all my time on social media on Twitter. And I even learned a personal blog. Today, after several variations, I don’t want that plugin. And one of the reasons is, I think it’s really hard to get traction on a personal blog. I share photos with family members via Google Photos. And at the end of it all, I think it’s really important to recognize that things change. I now spend lots of time on Facebook, it seems that’s where everybody does. And it’s probably my number one social media site. That said my Twitter usage has gone way out. And I like to spend time on LinkedIn as well from a business perspective. Everywhere else for me kind of falls in between. Picture sharing that to start in a decade, I used to flicker, which has been sold a multiple of times, and recently was sold from Yahoo, which for eisenbach to a company called smugmug. And frankly, from what I’m reading flicker financial could be in trouble. And I’ve moved away from poker when I sell to boys. I actually moved to Google Photos and Amazon photos. And there’s some reason for that I’ll get into Google Photos. Frankly, Google’s been going to be around for a long time. And they will like to share the photos that 80% rise for free. I don’t bother storing them in storage. I tend to store those on Amazon. And the reality is I get Amazon photos for free with my Amazon Prime membership. So and I don’t think these two companies are really going away. And that’s the interesting thing when you put your date into either think about what you’re keeping them much like I also keep copies of my folders on my laptop and USB drives. And now I have backups. I can control something always happens. Take care of your folders folks.



They’re priceless prices. I go and look back at 20 years ago digital photos have been taken and the quality is better because the cameras and a better shooter today but I also know relish would have taken. So really tricky. Let’s jump on to another subject dear to my heart and that sports. To me, the two biggest events of the decade was contender winning hockey gold in Vancouver in 2010. And the Raptors winning the NBA championship in 2019. Here in Toronto, we went on the road and came home to have a victory parade. And, frankly, it brought so much joy to the city. Now, let’s jump to another trend, we’re just out the holidays. And that’s called online shopping. Dion, the trend of online shopping has been growing and growing every year in Alaska. I, like so many other people shop online on a regular basis, and Amazon’s my friend, and frankly, for small items or purchases, it’s the way to go. I’ve been a Prime member for over 10 years in Canada. And really, some of the things I buy I just can’t get elsewhere with a special order. And so again, Amazon Marketplace, for me is a great place to shop. And I don’t have to run around, I really don’t enjoy malls. So you know, I tried to avoid them. So if I can shop online now, beyond the gun violence thing we’re really gonna touch on politics in this episode, this podcast and I’m not going to the political climate in the world as mentioned political leaders need to learn to work better with other political leaders and help the people they serve. And that’s all I’m really gonna say. Let’s go to communications and specifically, messaging has a tool. I’ve friends use Facebook Messenger signal WhatsApp, Twitter, DMS, Instagram, DMS, and even telephone just means I have to watch some messaging apps on my smartphone. They problem. And unfortunately, messaging, there’s no standard protocol like there is for email. So we all have to carry different apps. Not by choice but by necessity. Now, last decade, we friends of mine have given up cable TV, Joe and I made the plunge actually about nine months ago, 10 months ago for streaming houses. And our house we have amazon prime streaming Spotify for music, song for sports, Netflix and Disney plus. And as many many services out there like YouTube, TV, CBS, all access and more. And frankly, we even use our Alexa to play tuning radio for our zoo. and tune in radio screen, or our listen to radio streaming over an internet browser. We only have one radio in our house for emergency. It’s an extra transistor, just so we can pick up standard emergencies. But we really don’t anymore. We’ve changed a lot that way. Now we’ll probably pay as much as we did before. But what the screaming does is give us choice, the choice we want to have not to send money. So keep that in. Let’s keep us moving on to make the next 10 years even better than the last. Please keep thinking about each other and let’s really really work hard to be empathetic, to care about others and to share more to make the world a better place. As we move into this next decade. I want to thank Special thanks to my wife Jill, my mom and my son Steven. My brothers Graham Gordon, Brian, many other family members and amazing friends I have for being taught I love you guys for all being part of it. And being part of Joseph money life where we are so lucky to be blessed by so many great people around you guys know if I can ever help you in your business please email me at VIP at stunning Digital Marketer comm I promise I’ll get back to you. If you want to learn a little more digital marketing on database, this quarter website.



Scroll down to main page, click on free marketing help I send out a newsletter but every at least every Thursday, often a second time a week. And what I talk about digital marketing tips, no heart cells, I promise, I might share the odd cell or product from a friend of mine and I can guarantee you I don’t get affiliate commissions for those. They’re just people I really love in the community and are doing amazing special things. So check that also, you can subscribe to this podcast. And generally as we go into the new year, I’ll be doing one every Thursday and some weeks I might even sneak one in earlier in the week to the time business wise and personal wise. And I’d like to try and get guys a couple of weeks to your to your podcast capture. So go and subscribe, get it automatically and thanks for listening as always. All this podcast is brought to you by stunning digital marketing calm. Despite this decade my late father Bruce,Cairns I love you so much and thank you for all you’ve done. Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars. Make your business succeed. Happy New Year. Have a great day. Bye for now.

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