Episode 218: Quizzes in Marketing

Show Summary

Rob Cairns sits down with Tai Goodwin and talks about how to use Quizzes in marketing.

Show Highlights:

  1. Why Quizzes?
  2. Quizzes as a lead generation strategy.
  3. Quizzes can be used to segment leads.
  4. Quiz platforms to use.

Show Notes

Hi Everybody Rob Cairns

In today’s podcast, I’m here with Tai Goodwin, who’s a marketing expert.

How are you today, Tai?

I am fantastic.

I’m so excited for our conversation.

Yeah, I’m glad to have you and you’re just back off a wonderful trip to a place called Dubai.

I am so envious.

We were talking before I.

I wish I could get away.

So welcome home and great day.

Ask yeah.

Thank you.

Thank you, I’m excited to hear it be here.

As well.

So I always like to jump into other people stories about why they got into the business.

So could you give us a little bit about your background and how you got into the marketing business please?

You know that’s a really interesting you know story.

I never saw myself as a marketer, never saw myself as an entrepreneur.

You know, Robert, I’m actually, uh.

I was a school teacher.

I’m nodding my head at you, right?

Sweet spot.

Yeah, I talked 5th grade for two years.

I did americorp and then I went into corporate training and at some point.

I decided that I wanted to be home with my daughter and so I started a business and if I was going to have a business, I needed to know how to market and so I started teaching myself how to use Facebook and this is when Facebook was just getting started.

Oh yeah, those days.

You know back yeah, 2006 seven somewhere back around there and I started using Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and my and then.

People started saying you’re really good.

This stuff, can you teach me how to do it?

And so I started teaching people how to do it.

I’m a teacher after all so.

It made sense.

And then someone said, well, how about you?

Just do it for me.

And so then I was, you know, people were paying me to do things for them, and so that’s how it kind of evolved.

I went from thinking I was gonna be this amazing career coach.

That was like my first business idea and then when I got really good at using all the tools and I started teaching people, it evolved into me actually doing the marketing for folks and so now.

Here we are.

All these years later, and I have a full blown digital marketing agency where we do still teach, but we also do the done for you.

Helping people generate leads with marketing.

That that’s absolutely awesome.

You know it.

It’s funny.

I was nodding my head and chuckling a little bit.

I never intended to get into marketing.

You said, and I’m the same way, I mean.

I I went to school.

I don’t know if I’ve shared this with you.

Back in the 80s and.

I had a first-year college professor who came in a class, dropped her books on her desk and said I’m here because I want my summers off.

I don’t care if you pass or fail, that was my introduction to college level marketing and I kind of looked at her and said, OK.

So tell me the days that the exams are and you won’t see me till exam day and that was the end of that and I swore I’d never become a marketer.

And guess what?

14 years into an agency so?

Ah, it’s all.

It’s always funny and for you teachings and natural progression because you have that teaching background, and I think that’s really important.

Yeah, and I.

Always wanted to be a teacher.

I wanted to be a teacher and a newspaper reporter.

Oh God.

When I was younger and I still love broadcast journalism and those kind of things, but it’s very much about sharing information.

I love it when my clients get that lightbulb moment and marketing finally makes sense to them.

So I’m I’m excited that I get to do exactly what I love doing.

Yeah, and teaching is incredible.

I have a a good friend of mine.

Who’s in Nova Scotia?

Shout out to Jeff and he’s a what we call workplace education trainer.

So he does.

Teaching on government courses and right now they’re all on zoom because of COVID, and, you know, that’s a little bit of a toughie, and he periodically will ask me to join his class.

And give them some.

You know some extra advice and it’s really fun watching when that light bulb goes on and they get it, and that is so important.

Yeah, yeah, it’s something I really, really enjoy and my clients love that too.

You know, there’s so many people that can talk marketing at people, but it does take a special talent to explain things in a way where it finally makes sense and it clicks to people because marketing and you know, this marketing is not a native skill for most people, but it is something that you can.

Aren’t just like.

Sales yeah it it is.

And the hard part about marketing is especially when it’s marketing themselves or their own brand.

And most people consciously.

Don’t like to boast about their selves, but unfortunately in a marketing game we have to do a little bit of that from time to time.

You know it’s interesting to use that word because I hear clients say that all the time.

I don’t want to boast.

I don’t want to seem braggadocious and I’m always digging in with him a little bit of a.

Coach as well.

So I’m always.

Digging in with them to help them clarify why do they think that sharing their wins and how they’ve helped people is bragging.

Yeah, ’cause it’s simply stating facts.

Yeah, I I actually belong to an online market, an online WordPress group, and what we do is every week on our Wednesday call we share wins and we want people to share them because frankly, we want to see if you can be successful.

Somebody else can and we talk about the wins and nobody in that.

Group takes it as writing.

It’s just something we do.

We share wins we share.

If anybody’s looking for a weed or a family needs help, and then the other thing we do really interesting is we share a power word. Whatever word kind of describes your week.

And why and?

We don’t treat that as that at all, so I think it’s just a mental block with people to be honest with you.

Yeah, I I I would agree with that.

I mean I like it because we get we get to celebrate right?

I would love I love that energy, that positivity of celebrating the wins.

There’s so much bad news that’s out there.

Why not celebrate the good stuff and that includes your wins.

Yeah, and the and the best way to celebrate a big win frankly in marketing is do something for yourself.

So if you want if you land that big contract, you do something by yourself that dress you want, buy that pair of shoes go up for that dinner with your partner.

Do something to celebrate it, you know.

Agreed, agreed.

Before we get into what we want to talk about quizzes, just a question came to mind.

Out of all the big three or four marketing platforms.

So we’re talking Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and they’ll throw Twitter in there.

And probably Tik T.O.K, what do you?

Which platform do you prefer?

Oh, goodness.

If I’m really honest, the platform that I prefer is actually LinkedIn.


But I spend most of my time on Facebook.

Now that that’s because people spend a lot of.

Their time on Facebook.

They do, but I’m a.

I’m a big reader and I love articles and I have this theory so and you’ll connect with this as a teacher.

I had this theory a while ago about how the social media platforms were connected to our learning styles.

So if you are a visual learner, you’re going to spend your time on YouTube or Pinterest if you are.

Uhm, somebody who learns by words, right?

Some of us learn like we learn best by reading you know we like things like Twitter and LinkedIn.

And if you are someone who you’re very kinesthetic, you know you know you’re not really going to be on social media that much.

But you might watch a YouTube video because you’ve got to be, you know, hands on it’s connected to your learning style and for me.

I’m a bookie like I love books.

I’m a total bibliophile and I’m talking like I actually have a board game called Book Opoly

Oh wow.

Right, and so I I like LinkedIn because I like the articles and I like to read and I like having deep conversations.

It’s funny when you say that and reading I’m a reader and I think we talked about this a couple weeks ago and I spend the bulk of my time on Twitter and LinkedIn, and one reason I do on LinkedIn is I Co. Manage a large LinkedIn WordPress product community that’s got over 8600 people in it, so I.

I tend to spend a lot of time there, but I also.

Twitter has kind of been my favorite over the years and I got away from it for a couple years and then about a year and a half ago I got back at it hard and I said.

Why did they ever get away from this so?

Yeah, I used to love Twitter for the same reason.

And you know at one point on Twitter this was years ago.

Now I had about 14,000 followers. I used to co-host the small biz chat with Melinda Emerson and you know, yeah I used. I was her I was but I was her first co-host for.

I know Monday, yeah.

Like two or three years.

And I got a really big following on Twitter and I got locked out of my account.

And I was.

So bummed because I couldn’t add any more people and so when I had to start over from scratch I kind of lost interest in it.

But I did like it because it was.

Very wordy, right?

Yeah, and and you mentioned getting audio locked account and I kind of want to use this as one of my favorite segues.

This is the reason as marketers we need to channel people back.

To our mailing list and our website so that we have access to that data.

Is something ever happen?

I’m a big believer in that you know every now and then Facebook glitches and it goes down or even Instagram will glitch and it goes down and people start panicking.

Oh my goodness, and you know, I never worry because I’ve got a solid email list and I’ve got phone numbers that I can text people on so I can stay in touch.

With my people?

Yep, that is so true and thanks.

For confirming that, so let’s get into this subject that we wanted to talk about and that was quizzes.

O talk about if you could.

Why a quiz and why you should incorporate equation to marketing?

I love quizzes.

I love the interaction and engagement and a quiz is just a lead magnet right?

A lead magnet is what you need to magnetize or to attract your ideal client.

And the great thing about quizzes is that it has a higher.

Conversion rate so.

Without getting I can be kind of technical.

You’re right, Robert.

Yeah, of course you can.

My audience is a bit of mix so be.

Technical, that’d be great.

So you know, lead magnets.

Traditionally you’re going to have like a PDF download and a checklist and listen.

I love those.

I love a good checklist.

I’m a candy girl, right?

However, the beauty of a quiz is that you’re going to get more than an email address because you’re going to be asking questions, allowing your potential clients to engage with the content.

To answer questions and now instead of just their name and email address, you actually have better data to market, smarter to those people.

So it’s not just my name is Thai and here’s my email address.

It’s my name is Thai.

You know, here is some information about my preferences. Here’s what my biggest struggle is. Here’s how I do XY&Z and imagine having that kind of insight and being able to write really great marketing copy or being able to get on a phone with someone and and not just say hey, I know your name and I know your website, but it looks like you were really struggling with.

AB&C and it’s.

All based on the data that.

You get from a.

Quiz and you can actually use that data to one.

Possibly segment and email list and I think segmentation is really important to maybe coming out of the quiz.

Send them to an offer that’s applicable depending on the types of questions they answered and why.

I think that gives you some insight into.


The person, without breaking all the privacy laws that we have and that we’re fighting in places like the EU and in North America right now because they’ve consented.

They give you that.

Absolutely, and it doesn’t feel invasive because they’re going to get something.

Out of it.

And you hit on something that we teach all the time.

There are people that say I’m going to build.

A quiz I’m going.

To build a quiz.

But we are really talking about creating a quiz funnel and what we mean by that is that it’s an entire system.

I’ve seen people create quizzes and you know there’s some nuances to it.

It’s not just.

Creating up like throwing questions together and that’s it, but they don’t have a system, so that means they’re not driving track.

Nothing to it.

They’re not using it to segment their audience.

They don’t have a follow up sequence.

And when we build them for our clients, we’re doing the whole thing.

We’re segmenting, we’re writing email copy.

We’re creating, landing pages and thank you pages.

We’re creating an entire system that they can use to now attract and invite people into their what we call a client.

Acquisition system, and I think you touched on thank you pages for a minute I think thank you.

Pages is the most underused marketing tool out there.

I’ve I’ve seen too many marketers in my career.

Thank you for subscribing.

Your list will come.

Your free gift will come in your in your inbox.

Use the thank you page to highlight stuff doing upsells, Sowa, a product to get a credit card number or anything but don’t just say thank you to my list.

Oh, you are preaching to the choir.

We have an ecommerce client and you know she started getting sales because of her opt in like we helped her create a lead magnet.

People were opting in and on that thank you page.

It was an opportunity for them to buy a sample of her.

Product and people were like, well, you’re not supposed to have a sales page.

It’s supposed to be a thank you page.

She was like no, that’s not how it has to work and she’s absolutely right.

When we designed her funnel.

It was all about getting them warmed up with that lead magnet and then taking that opportunity.

Now that they’ve said I’m interested enough and that’s how we teach it, people are interested enough to give you their name and.

Email address the rest of your marketing is now to get them to say I’m in.

As in, I’m willing to invest in your product or I’m willing to invest in working with you and a really good thank you page when it’s done right and in position, right?

We’ll get people to go from.

I’m interested to I’m in.

Yeah, and and then they’ve given you your credit card, say on a.

$12.00 free book where you pay the shipping, which sees that there’s an example and and they get that book and then they realize hey person A is reputable because I give my credit card and they sent me the book they promised me with no strings. And then when you market to them and said by the way I have $100.

Product they they’re not going to be hesitant about giving you that credit card.

Absolutely, you know the the data shows and as a marketer you know we we we love the data, right?

We love the numbers, but it’s I believe it’s. I think it’s 60% E 60 times easier to sell to somebody who’s already purchased from you.

Because they’ve already made that commitment, they’ve already had that experience, right?

And so now you’re credible, like you said, and they trust you.

And so when you make that next temptation, it’s a no brainer.

Yeah, I think I think Russell Brunson of quick finals were saying it’s somewhere between 60 and 70% recently on his podcast, so I think and I think Russell is pretty.

I mean he he plays the free book offer and he plays the upsells better than most people and so so not a good resource.

So going back to quizzes.

So we’ve talked a little bit about building a quiz system.

How should somebody design a quiz like it?

Should there be 3 questions, four questions and that kind of thing?

And if we could dive into after that, what type of tools are out there especially for WordPress designers to build quizzes?

Yeah, absolutely.

So I want to share a quick story though around how powerful quizzes are, because even if people are like, well, quiz and and here’s what I know Robert is that some people be like?

Well, I’m not building a what Harry Potter character are.

You quiz?

It’s right.

And that’s not exactly, you know what we’re talking about, but I want to stress how powerful is how I got into building?

Which is when I left my last day job. I didn’t have an email list, right? I mean, I knew I needed to have a way to connect with people to build my business and there I had an old list that was about 2 1/2 years old actually and I sent an email.

Uh, you know a reconnection email to that list of 2500 people and within 10 days Robert I had 500 people back on my list.

That’s amazing.

Right and it all it gets even better.

After I worked through that list and it was about four months later, you know I had some clients in the pipeline.

I said I want more of this. I used one Facebook ad and one quiz and in four months I added 9000 people to my email list and I did not go broke on Facebook ads doing it.

I have to ask you, what was your ad spend?

On that campaign Jim.

You’re gonna love this.

So over a total.

Of six months.

And over six months we added 12,000 people and I spent $3600.

That’s what I call boom everyday.

That’s cool.

Ads now listen. Some people would say you spent $600 a month but and I was that way too right?

I was very much that I’m like, Oh my gosh, Facebook, and here’s what I said Robert Facebook took money out of my account.

Yeah, been there, yeah.


But then my coach said to me, well, how much did you make and when I did the math from the very first time I did the quiz, I had it out for about 10 days.

I’d spent about four hundred $500 in ads then, and I was like I’m gonna shut this down. But when I looked at the.

Numbers I had booked 10 appointments.

In that two week period of time and I had sold two programs, one for 5001 for 3500. So I turned that $500.

Into $8500 and I was hooked on the power of quizzes.

Yeah, and and the lesson there folks is like really, not just around quizzes around Dad spent.

If you’re spending money Internet spend.

Then you need to turn it over and if you turn it over and it makes a profit, you’re doing well.

And I know one situation where I had a client, a retail client. It wasn’t wait till Christmas related to the ads and I’ll throw it out there. He spent $2000 going into the Christmas season and turned that $2000.

And the one custom $40,000.

Oh, that’s amazing.

And I’ll take that every day.

She loves it.

Does every day going and he was after he was apprehensive about spending the money.

And when he did, he looked at me and said I need to spend more money on.

That so there you go.

That’s how we get hooked now.

Now I’m going to tell you like what was so special about the quiz, right?

Yeah, tell me.

OK, that’s the question, right?

So you know, one of the things that.


People do when they create quizzes, they just put a whole bunch of questions out there and they’re like random questions like, well, what what’s your favorite color?

This when we build quizzes we try to keep things within 7 to 10 questions and some of those questions are demographic questions and then some of those.

The bulk of those questions, they’ll help us segment people right into different categories and the quiz that I created was what type of entrepreneur are you?

And the outcomes where you’re a trailblazer, meaning you like to be on.

Stage and sell books.

Or you’re a guide which means you’re a coach and the other one was.

You are the actualizer.

You’re the hands on or you are the consultant, right?

And you’d like to consult with people and the reason I created that quiz was because I was coaching folks and.

Everybody was telling them.

You need to be a coach.

And there are people that really didn’t need to be coaches ’cause they weren’t good at coaching.

And so I created it to help my clients.

And when I saw how powerful it was because it helped people identify like who they were, they got some real value out of it, which is key to your quiz.

You have to give.

Them something that’s going to give them value, give them insight.

That they didn’t know before.

Right, and that’s the difference between a quiz in a survey.

I’ve seen people make surveys and call it a quiz, and it’s not.

You know, I know how many kids I have.

I know how much money I make if you’re asking me survey questions and it’s only information that I already know, it’s not giving me any additional insight.

That’s correct, and it’s not giving any extra value.

Exactly when people get our results, and that’s the that’s a really big, important piece of your quiz.

It’s not just handled by XYZ, even if you’re doing a product based business, you still want to give them a result that says, based on how you answer the question.

Here’s why this isn’t working, or here’s the fastest way for you to get or here’s.

And we teach that with five different types of quizzes, right that you can create, and I can share that if you want before we go into the tech.

Side of things.

Yeah, I thought I’d love you to dive into those five types of quizzes ’cause I think people think there’s only one or two types.

So if you could.

Yeah well they yeah well and they and they think that like it’s it’s either a survey or they just don’t understand the mechanics of how you give people value.

So really briefly, one of the first popular ones that you see is like a profile based quiz like the one I had.

What type of entrepreneur are you right?

And it’s going to segment people based on their behavior.

Into a specific profile, another quiz type of quiz is the mistake based quiz right?

You know what you know.

What financial mistake or what tax mistake is costing you money right?

And there are people that they’re very fear based.

And so they don’t necessarily want to know about their profile, but they do want to know what mistake they’re making, right?

Another one is a score based quiz and we use those for people who have like big egos, right? ’cause they like to. I got a 64. You got a.

24 right they like to know.

And they have to, and they have to win too every time.

Right, and that appeals to them, you know.

Or you know, it’s around knowledge.

You know how Facebook marketing savvy are you?

Yeah right, you score 94 or 24. Another type of quiz is all around your product and if you’ve got an E commerce you know brand, you know it becomes like for whatever our front of our very first clients was an eyelash client and I love telling this story because she started her business in February. We created a quiz to help her clients.

Or her customers figure out what type of eyelash should they wear.

Should they wear the Michelle Obama lash or should they wear the Maxine Lash, right?

And what we saw it was amazing.

The follow up emails that we put together after that in a two week period of time.

The first four emails generated a total of $23,000 in sales from eyelashes.


That’s amazing.

Yeah, yeah, it’s so much fun.

And then the last one is the goal based quiz and that’s typically you know, like what’s the fastest way for you to automate your sales, right?

It’s about the goal.

What’s the fastest way for you to lose weight?

What’s the fastest way for to get your kids asleep?

What’s the best path for you to generate your next six figures?

And that’s for people who are looking for.

Guidance and direction right you know I want to know what you know there’s.

One of the.

Things that we’re putting together is what type of?

What’s the best way to I think was what’s the best type of pay traffic strategy for you right?

With all this uncertainty around Facebook, should you even do Facebook?

Should you focus on YouTube or Tik T.O.K ads?

But it’s about the goal.

And so those are the five types of quizzes that we help our clients figure out which one.

To use now that that’s amazing list so.

In terms of word press, UM, what’s the best?

Way to make a quiz.

Ah, so there’s a lot of WordPress plugins, and some of them are free, some of them are low cost and you know it can be a good place to start.

But what you’ll have to think about is how well does it integrate and send information to your email platform.

Of course.

Remember, it’s not just about giving people a result at the end of the day.

The marketers goal is being able to take that data and put it into your CRM and into your email platform and create those segments.

And so some of the word press tools that are out there don’t always let you do that.

They just give you the end.

Result and.

That’s it, yeah.

Right, but you we don’t get any question.

Yeah, so I just think like you quiz thrive has a quiz builder thrive.

You know WordPress theme.

They have a quiz builder and I used that when I first started.

But again, it didn’t always send the information over to my email platform, so a lot of the tools that we like to use now they publish to WordPress.

Right, like?

Like interact is one of the platforms that we recommend to a lot of our clients try.

Interact and they actually have a WordPress plug.

So you create the quiz in their platform, use the WordPress plugin or you can even export HTML code and then put it on a WordPress page.

And I think that’s something that people need to think about and not just around quizzes around WordPress in general.

I mean, having spent over 14 years in this space.

They tend to go with tools that work pretty and then they say Oh well, I gotta do all this manual work at the end and I’m thinking, well, if you’re doing all that manual work, it’s actually costing you time and money, so just put together a a bit of a technology stack that interfaces with each other and talks to each other and you’d save yourself so much.

Aggravation in the long run.

Absolutely, and I think that happens a lot of times because people don’t think about strategy.

I’m not listen.

I’m a tool and tactics chick.

You know, as much as you know the next person but and, and I’ve spent a lot of money and a lot of time like oh, this new tool came out.

Oh this came out of.

This came out and at some point.

I had to recognize that before I choose a tool, I really need to understand what my strategy is like.

Why do I want these leads?

Am I trying to grow my email list?

Do I already have an email list and I need to segment my on?


Like what is my real goal here?

And when you start with strategy and let your strategy inform the tool?

That you choose.

You’re always going to be in a better place.

It’s so true and I sort of draw the parallels.

Somebody asked me this morning and said, why do you insist on using convertkit for your email platform?

And I said to that individual.

One of the reason.

I’m a podcaster.

I host my podcasts on Kastos and Convertkit and Casto stock really nicely to each other.

So for me, stuff like that is very much a important thing, because I’ve looked and said OK.

What’s my email platform?

What am I doing a lot at a time?

To promote my business.

And because of that, why not make the tools that are seamless to each other and my my form package on my website is the same.

It interfaces with both for that exact reason, so yeah.

That that yeah, it’s very that.

That’s the smart thing to do.

And you know, I’m I’m so glad that you mentioned about you know then we call that they have to play nicely together.

Yeah, it’s.

’cause there’s some of the tools that are free.

Free or people always try to go with.

The least expensive.

Thing, but if it doesn’t integrate and play nicely, you’re right.

It’s going to cost you time and money on the back end and then what happens when it costs you more time or money.

Saying you tend to say I’m not.

Going to do it and then you really miss out.

Yeah, and then the other role I have two is what we’re talking about.

Tools is if I’ve got to touch something.

Three times in one day in my business.

I will find a way to automate it one way or the other, because if you’re doing repetition tools, there’s no way you should be doing them manually.

Agreed, agreed you are speaking to my heart with.

That yeah.

So once you put the quiz together, you buy the ads you drive drive traffic to the quiz.

What should the end result be on a quiz for somebody?

Should it be an ebook?

Should it be a quotation?

Where should we be going with that quiz?

Once we segmented off?

This is a great question.

It goes back.

To what your goals are.

You know I’ve got clients who use a quiz to fill their Facebook group, right?

And so that call to action at the end of that quiz is to join my Facebook group.

Now you’re going to have other emails that might eventually sell them into something, but if you’re selling a high ticket offer, you’re not going to give them a buy button at the end of your quiz, and you know.

We think about it like marriage, you know, and what we always say is, would you marry somebody on the first date?

And if some people would like I always joke, you know, I would marry Jason Momoa and Morris Chestnut on the first date.

I would show up with the dress.

In the ring, right?

You are, you are making me smile with that phrase because all my colleagues will tell you a phrase I use.

Their time is marketing is like dating and I so it’s the same analogy and it’s funny how you came out with that analogy.

’cause that’s that’s basically the same one I’ve used for years.

It takes time.

Absolutely, absolutely and so.

When you think about what that courtship is like.

Like that’s going to determine what you have on that result page.

If I’m selling a high ticket offer, I’m going to drive people to a community where I can continue to nurture that relationship.

If I’m selling a book, you know I’m going to have a special offer at the end of that.

You know result page for them to get my book and maybe the free shipping and handling.

If I’m an ecommerce, you know brand, I’m going to drive people to a special offer.

Where they get.

A coupon code for like 4 hours right?

So that that can drive those sales so it goes back to where?

What do you need in your business do?

You need more leaves.

Do you need more say?

Like do you need to grow your community and we start with that strategy aspect?

And that’s how we tell it what to do after now.

Remember your results page is very different from what your email series might be, because in your email series you’re going to be nurturing them towards whatever the next next step is.

Does that make sense?

Yeah, it sure does, and one of the things you mentioned was coupon codes and I love that one because people always like to get a discount or get something for free.

And one thing I would suggest is to any marketers use different coupon codes for different places.

Your website use one type.

Social media use another and go so far as to break it down by platform and they didn’t say but 20 people use my coupon code off Twitter and 20 people off LinkedIn and five people off my website so you know where your traffic’s coming from.

Absolutely, and I love that because one of the things that we are teaching people is how to.

Create a repeatable marketing system to create predictable income.

And So what we say, if you find that you know, like in a situation like you mention.

If you start to see that 80% of your people are coming from that Facebook coupon code, then now you know I need to repeat what I’m doing on Facebook.


And if you’re only getting like one or two people from Twitter, then maybe it’s either you need to change your Twitter content strategy, or maybe Twitter is not where your people are, but.

You want to find that thing that works and then repeat it so that you create predictable income, and that’s how you get away from what we call spaghetti marketing you.

Know what that is.

Spaghetti marketing, you know when you cook spaghetti and you throw it against the wall.

To see if it sticks.

That’s right splatt. Yep, Yep.

Yeah, but the problem is many marketers and many companies don’t know their actual numbers.

They say, oh, I got $20,000 in sales, but I can’t tell you what platforms it came from. I can’t tell you what podcast it came from. I can’t tell you what blog posts.

Came from and you’re sitting there saying OK, so how do you optimize the system that you don’t know where your results came from?

You can’t.

Exactly and.

Exactly and the whole key about marketing is to create a system.

And I always say don’t create it for perfection. Creative for about 70 to 75%. Throw it out there. Watch the numbers and then you can take those numbers and optimize that to get it higher.

You’re so right, and a lot of people.

They do, their marketing based on emotion.

And I talked to my clients about that all the time.

Like you know, I feel really good because I did a Facebook live and I was on.

Tick tock and like so you feel good, but did you book any sales calls?

Like did you make any sales?

So you’re not you know your your emotions may be saying one thing, but the numbers don’t lie, and that’s what we’ve got to pay attention to.

If we’re really going to focus on having a repeatable system and having a solid return on your investment.

Yeah, and there’s a difference between doing marketing on emotion or putting emotional triggers into marketing, which you should be doing because we all know people buy based on emotions and based on disruption.

And the people they like.

Yes, yes, and that’s you know.

And that brings us quite kind of full circle with the quiz because that’s one of the reasons why quizzes work so well is because you if you have the right quiz and you’re asking the right question or hook, you’re going to tap into that pain point that has that emotional trigger.

One of our clients is a gynecologist, and so we helped her.

Create a quiz called where did Mayo Go?

Oh God.

Right and and so and it and it and.

I’m laughing.

It gives you the song to middle right, so where did my oh go and one of the outcomes is bye bye bye or you’ve lost that loving feeling right?

So you make it fun, right?

It’s triggering into that like that’s what women are thinking.

Oh my gosh, you know I’m going through menopause.

Where did it go?

What happened to it?

And we’re really tapping into that.

Pain point of what concerns them most and not just.

Here’s seven ways you know to get your own back.

You know it’s it’s.

It’s really tapping into what they’re what they’re thinking about when they go to bed.

At night, does that make sense?

Does that?

That’s like an amazing analogy, but it it kind of fits the bill.

So yeah, so where else would you go around developing a quiz?

Or does that basically cover?

Most of it.

You know there’s one other aspect of quizzes that we help our clients with as well, and that so we’ve talked about using a quiz to generate leads.

There’s also the potential to use quizzes inside your business as a paid feature.


And I’ll give you a quick example.

A couple of quick examples that you probably know about.

The strength finders is a quiz, right?

Shirley Hogs head.

Her name always makes me smile, but she has the fascinate write assessment and that’s just a quiz and what they do is we can get the free information.

But if you want the deeper report.

You can pay a premium price for.


Right, so it’s not just about generating leads.

If you’ve got a really good program in course, or a really good methodology, you can actually up level that into a paid offer that generates passive.

Income for you.

And that is the key is passive income.

Yeah yeah.

So tie that that’s like a really amazing conversation, and I think a lot the problem with quizzes is a lot of people think of quizzes as these silly quizzes.

They say, oh, it’s my color.

Green or yellow, and they don’t look at the whole productivity part of the quiz that it’s actually geared to gain certain information and certain insights.

And it’s it’s almost like doing a survey, but doing it one more step because you’re giving the person taking the quiz and actually.

Nimble action at the end of it and that’s really important.

Yeah, absolutely.

We like to call it a trifecta, you know, because what ends up happening when you do it right?

And what I mean, right? We’ve seen quizzes and I should have mentioned this in the beginning. We’ve seen quizzes converted up to 60% and traditional lead matters like your paper based.

You know checklists and downloads. They converted about 15 or 20%, so for every 100 people that go to your landing page you’ll get about.

15 or 20.

People that will say yes and opt in with quizzes. We’ve seen that number anywhere from 30 to 60%, so imagine.

That for every 100 people that.

Come to your.

Quiz 60 of them are opting in and that’s how we actually got those 9000 people, and foremost, those 12,000 people over six months because we had a super high conversion rate because almost everybody that came there was taking that quiz.

Yeah, if somebody wants to reach out to you.

To talk about quizzes or doing some consulting on quizzes, what’s the best way?

Yeah, they can go to thatmarketingteam.com.

Forward slash start.


And that will take them to a page.

And can I give them another link that’s similar?

Short term.

So ’cause you guys have heard me or at guys and ladies I want to be fair here but you all have heard me talk about the different types of quizzes.

Well, guess what?

Of course, I’ve got a quiz on the type of.

Quiz that will help you.

And so if they go to https://thatmarketingteam.com/maquiz they can take a quiz and it’s which type of quiz?

Can help you get more clients.

Oh, that’s awesome.

Yeah, it’s really awesome and I take it the best social media platform.

LinkedIn is a great place to find me.

Yeah, and just do a search for Tai’s name. It comes up pretty quick actually. So thanks Skype for the conversation. Have a wonderful day.

Thank you so much.

Is it my absolute?

Pleasure to hang out with you.

Yeah, thank you Tai.


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