Episode 424: Consistency in Marketing

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Rob Talks about Why Consistency in Marketing Matters.

Show Highlights:

  1. Why does consistency matter?
  2. How to be consistent.
  3. Planning your marketing.

    Show Notes

    Hey everybody, Rob here again and today’s quick podcast. I want to talk about something a lot of people don’t get and that’s consistency in marketing. And one of the problems is especially smaller businesses. They like to play the feast or famine game. I’ve seen this all out with real estate agents they get. Busy and they don’t promote their own business and then they jump in and they wonder why they’re busy and then they go through Lowe’s and they’re busy and they go through. If you consistently marketed yourself and your business every day, it would help bring more of a consistent cash flow into the business would bring in more consistent clients into the business and it would stop the feast or famine cycle. It does take time, but consistency.

    Really matters and the way you do that is you build an hour into your schedule every day to spend on your own marketing. It’s that simple.

    Ohh, things like consistently. I send out an e-mail newsletter at least once a week, often very more that consistently mark it myself. I put out this podcast guaranteed every Tuesday and Thursday, and sometimes also on a Monday or Friday show as well. That’s consistency. Showing up every day is consistency. Just doing it as the micro, as the Nike phrases is consistent. So be consistent in your marketing and you’ll find the pipeline of leads will be more consistent as well. So more leads in the funnel means less lows, which means better off for you, the business owner or the Freelancer or the consultant. Consistency in your marketing. Try it today, Rob Cairns founders. Chief creator of amazing Ideas and CEO of stunning digital marketing. Have a great day. Bye bye for now.

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