Episode 217: Dealing With Being Overwhelmed

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Rob Cairns talks about what to do when being overwhelmed on this podcast.

Show Highlights:

  1. How did you get Overwhelmed.
  2. What to do when your overwhelmed.
  3. How to reset and re-focus.

Show Notes

Rob here and in today’s podcast I want to talk about something important and that’s taking care of.

Your mental health.

And we all have good days and bad days and kind of have some recording.

This I’m having one of those not so good days.

And the reason why I am is frankly, I feel a little bit overwhelmed right now.

So without getting into too many specifics, I have a lot going on in my personal life and I have a lot going on in my business life.

And those kind of are colliding in a big way.

And not only they’re colliding in a good way big way you factor in COVID.

You factor in the state of the world.

The mess in Ukraine and met some Russia.

And how it impacts our lives and it just makes it really hard right now.

And up today, and I was filling off.

I checked some texts, I checked some emails.

Some stuff that came in made me feel even more off and that’s.

Just the way it is.

Now what we all have to remember is we’re all human.

And humans can have good days and bad days and humans control motions when they have to.

I tend to show mine and.

Keep them pretty close to myself because at the end of the day.

It doesn’t always matter.

What I think.

To others, but it doesn’t matter to me.

And how do I?

Deal with being overwhelmed well.

First, I.

I remind myself I’m human and you know it happens.

The second thing I do is I sit down and look up what I have to do and do what I call a reset and a reschedule.

So today I’ve decided to do some tasks that don’t require a lot of deep thought.

It should be easy to bang off.

As of UN recording this, I do have a podcast record this afternoon which will probably put me in a better mood.

It always does have a networking group on Wednesday A it’s a post status networking group that will always energize me, and that’s before the podcast records, so that’s all good.

And I know later on day I have a webinar on security.

Then I’m gonna go attend which I’ll enjoy.

’cause that’s in my wheelhouse.

In terms of some work, I have some really deep thought work.

I’m going to put that off till tomorrow, ’cause that would be best used.

And then I’m going to take a.

Piece of paper.

And write down some things I need to move around.

That will help deal with that side of it.

I already spent.

A bit this morning writing a couple pages in my journal.

I actually keep it in a Google doc.

So I can access it on my phone or on my PC.

Uhm, that’s done and I just kind of.

Some thoughts on in in the Google Doc.

You know?

The feelings will pass.

I know that a part of.

Dealing with it is control how you feel and why, even though it’s sometimes you can’t control all the external factors that are going on that are impacting you.

So take control your feelings.

What you feel, what you want to feel.

And then kind of go from there.

And that’s kind of how I approach this.

It’s not easy for some people.

It’s not always easy for me.

I know that.

If I sit and think and reset and reschedule, then I’m best doing what’s best for me.

And at the end of the day, taking care of yourself is what matters.

So that’s some quick thoughts on how to deal with being overwhelmed.

Think right.

Do whatever you have to do to help make it pass because you don’t want to be caught in that state too long.

Rob Cairns, founder, CEO and chief created amazing ideas with Stunning Digital Marketing.

Have an amazing day.

Bye bye for now.


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