Episode 294: 4 Things To Do After The Last Pass Mess

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Rob Cairns talks about 4 Things to Do After The Last Pass Mess.

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  1. Rob Talks about 4 things to do if you are on last pass.
  2. Your Master Vault Password Matters.
  3. You need to get off Last Pass.

Show Notes

Hey everybody, Rob here again in today’s podcast. I want to talk about some actionable tips that you should do after the big LastPass vulnerability discovery.

This past week, we now know that vaults have been compromised. You heard me right, let me repeat that. Vaults have been compromised, so that means LastPass is no longer a viable password. Manager, so here’s some actionable tips. You should do one. I would be moving away from LastPass. Personally, I prefer bitwarden, but one password is a good choice as well.

The second thing I would do is make sure your master password for your password vault is complex using an easy to guess password doesn’t do any good, because once they hack that they have the keys to the Kingdom, so to speak. So you want to make sure that password’s complex.

The other thing is now that you’ve gone to a password vault. I would be. Never using the same password on multiple websites, let your password vault manage. It for you.

The third thing turn on 2 factor authentication for your password manager. It doesn’t matter what you choose. And that’s kind of some basic ones, and then my good friend Robert Rowley touched on this in the patch stack week of last week. Alternate some of your key passwords. So these are some quick, actionable tips to help you out here to make your password vault even more secure.

The other big thing that. I would do is keep reading. Keep watching. Keep listening to people like me who are in the know like Kathy’s aunt like Robert Rowley. Like many other people, Steve Gibson who can help you out with securing your online presence. That’s really important. We just need to not let our vulnerability. Is down the other thing we’ve got to be very careful here is. There’s been some talk on the Internet. Should I use a password manager and my answer would be yes, you should use a password manager. You just gotta be careful you keep it up to date and you use a strong password. As I mentioned in two FA turned on for that manager. I think you’re much better off doing that than not using one at all.

Rob Cairns, founder, CEO, and chief creator of amazing Ideas, giving you some actionable tips on what to do after the LastPass mess and vulnerabilities this past week. Have a great day. Bye bye for now.


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