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Today I wanted to talk about something that has come up a lot in my circles. Prospective clients or partners who do not show up for a discovery call.

It happened today. I had someone book a 10qam strategy call and they did not show. No email, no voicemail, no facebook message no nothing.

Emergencies come up but let someone know what is going on and why. Show some respect.

In this case frankly it will be someone I do not work with ever. What it shows me is that this person does not work to the respect level I need and they have no interest in caring about my time. This is a big issue for me as I am a Time Management and Productivity ADD person..

I spend hours trying to increase my productivity working smarter not harder. One way I do this is by booking calls not just doing things ad-hoc. This really does not work well in my ecosystem unless the issue is a true emergency,

By not showing up and not telling me it shows me you were really not interested in working with me. This is better to happen at the discovery call stage then later on. 

This is something that I find is lacking in business a lot. People who do not value others time. Frankly if you do not value my or my team’s time how can you value the work that we would do for you? You probably don’t.

This is one of those where you say thank you for discovery calls and you move on. This is what a discovery call is partially for, To decide if you want to work with a potential client, if you can work with a potential client and if the potential client will pay you want you are worth.

In this case, I would decide quickly I do not want to work with a potential client who does not value my time. It is that simple.

The best take away from this episode is to respect others time. If you do most people will respect yours help.

Thanks for listening and I love you all. Have an amazing day!


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