Episode 389: All About Security Week

Show Summary

Rob Cairns talks about All About Security Week. Show highlights:

1. Guests for security week.

2. Topics for security week.

Show Notes


Hey, everybody, Rob Cairns here . In today’s podcast, I wanna talk about something I’m doing a little different with the SDM show and that’s we have a theme week and this week is Security Week. And let me talk about some of the topics and some of the amazing guests I got this week.

 So on Wednesday. I’ve got act shack. From blog vote with me and he’s gonna talk all about blog. Vote them. What the product does and how it does it and all that good things. On Thursday I might got my good friend Tom Reef with me and Tom and I are gonna really dig down into some good ideas about security and back ups and all kinds of stuff. On Friday, security expert Tim Nash joins me and Tim and I are gonna talk. About more security. And then on Saturday, I’m gonna wrap it up with a bit of a wrap up highlighting some things that happened during the week. And I’m gonna give you some WordPress tips. And tips for your business to protect yourself? Doesn’t that sound like a really amazing week? So stay tuned. Join us with Security Week.

 Please share the podcast and let’s all learn together, cause that’s what this is all about. Rob Cairns, CEO, Chief Creative. Amazing ideas with a quick intro on what’s coming down for Security week. Have a great day.

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