Episode 348: Rob Cairns Talks About Networking Events

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Rob Cairns talks about networking events.

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  1. Why Networking Events.
  2. Meeting People at Networking Events.
  3. How to prepare for networking events.

Show Notes

Hey, everybody. Rob Cairns,  I’m the founder, CEO and chief creator of amazing ideas at stunning digital marketing. In this short podcast, I want to talk about the advantages of going to networking events. One of those big ones is where temp US won’t be going as I’m on vacation this week. These are the reasons why you should include conferences, sit back, relax and enjoy the show. This podcast is brought to you by stunning digital marketing, the digital marketing agency for all your business needs. We are also your WordPress security experts, having over 14 years of experience locking down, backing up, and protecting WordPress web. Sites go to stunningdigitalmarketing.com for more info or stunning digitalmarketing.info for links to everywhere we can be found on the web. Hey, everybody. Rob, Karen, I’m the founder, CEO and Chief curator of amazing ideas for studying digital marketing. In today’s podcast, I wanted to talk about why networking events are really important for you to go to. This is where temp US week. I won’t be attending due to vacation, but I thought I talked a bit about why networking events are important and what you can do to make your experience a little better at a networking event. So I think they’re important because you get to meet people. Offline, away from zoom away from. You know, this entire online world we we live. In and you get chance to sit down. And talk with people. I think that’s the really important thing about networking events and you get to get a better feel for who people are. You can do some of that on zoom, but it’s not quite the same and it doesn’t build. The same relationship. So that’s really important. For me, and I was going to a a networking event like what kept you less, I plan it out a little bit. What talks? I want to see what people I wanna meet, what boosts. I wanna go buy and I’d actually put together a list because it’s a lot easier if you have a game plan. Than to get on the show floor and then say where do I go now? Who do I meet with? Who do I have lunch with? And so on. Remember, a networking event is a form of a work event, and we all need to realize that and treat it that way. Share your stories, but also listen to other people’s stories. That’s really important. Getting a flavor for who you’re talking to, what they’re about, and why. And and go with that. Once you do that, it’s a lot lot easier. And there’s always this discussion. Should I take a business card? I still prefer to take business cards to networking events, cause then it gives me a a point of contact. So I still think there’s some value that you should take some business cards and then go to the talks at these events that. You would enjoy because in those talks, if you’d enjoy them, you’re probably gonna be like minded people. And that’s really important. Embrace A networking event. Be yourself. Make sure you wear something comfortable on your feet and something professional and comfortable to wear and go get Em Cowboy Rob Cairns, CEO, chief creator of amazing ideas and founder at stunning digital marketing marketing, talking about networking events. Have a great day. Goodbye for now.

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