Episode 186: A Hack To Read More

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Rob Cairns talks about a hack to read more books.

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  1. What is the hack?
  2. How to read more books.
  3. Reading more books makes you smarter

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Hey everybody, Rob here again in today’s podcast.

I want to talk about my quick hack on how to read more books.

What I hear from many people is.

I don’t have time to read.

I’m not interested in reading.

And what they miss is reading a book is one of the best ways to learn about other things.

So I’ve been an avid readers, have been young and frankly.

I read everything from nonfiction to mystery, to science fiction, to autobiographies, to you name it.

And I love to read.

It’s a great way to learn.

So the best way?

To read and read more is to take 30 minutes out of your day.

How do your TV watching around your screen time or out of your social media time and read a book during that time?

And if you do that, you will read a book every week or a week and a half, which will take you this summer. 10:30 and 40 books a year.

And that’s a.

Lot because the average person doesn’t read more.

A handful of books in here, so frankly it’ll make you smarter.

I’ll make you more well read.

And if you read before bedtime, Hack number 2 and it’s not a heavy book, not work related, it will actually help you relax.

The biggest problem most of us do before bed is what do we do?

We go to social media.

We go to the TV and the TV and screen time doesn’t help the eyes relax.

Frankly, reading a good book does.

And if those don’t work for you.

Then think about doing things like audiobooks. I do those two and my favorite siteisaudible.com the Amazon site. The world biggest audiobook store.

And on top of what I read, I normally will read or listen better still, listen to an audiobook at least once a month, so do one audiobook once a month on top while I’m doing other things and audiobooks can be done while you’re.

Cooking, walking.

Mowing the lawn in the summer, shoveling the snow in the winter.

It’s how I got to the biggest snowstorm.

So there’s a couple of hacks on reading.

Conventionally, and going to audio books, but remember a good book in your hand is way better than any book, so try it and you’ll be well read.

And frankly, you’ll learn one.

Rob Cairns, CEO, founder and chief, created amazing ideas in stunning digital marketing.

Have an amazing day or buddy and read some more.

Bye for now.

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