Episode 203: Rob Cairns’ WordPress Origin Story

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In this episode, Rob Cairns shares his WordPress origin story.

Show Highlights:

  1. Why Rob Got into WordPress?
  2. Why WordPress?
  3. WordPress is not just a blogging platform.

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Hi Everybody I’m Rob Cairns, the founder, CEO and chief creator of amazing ideas at stunning digital marketing and today what I thought I’d do is share with you my WordPress origin story.

It’s a been a hell of a ride in the over 15 years I’ve been in WordPress and we always talk about in the community.

How do people get in?

And I’ve shared this story in a couple places and I thought I just did quick video sharing.

So how I got into WordPress was real simple many many years ago and this going back about 18 back when we had dial-up Internet providers.

I used to change email domains like.

There were nothing.

I’d switch from provider to provider to provider.

My late uncle in Florida used to.

Say I changed more.

For domains and more email addresses than the people, change their underwear and it’s a funny joke to be honest with it and where that kind of went was I decided to register my first domain which was Karen Slash client.com and I still own that domain today, interestingly enough.

And at the time it was registered on one and one, a host that personally I would never use today if my life depended on it.

But that’s another story.

And then at the time I was working as a client services network analyst for large Toronto hospital and people and friends used to call me for technical resources.

So I decided to throw up a quick little HTML website on a domain called the dash tech shop.com.

Which is no longer in existence anymore.

As a resources for.

People who you know needed some resources needed some help, and then they could stop calling me on the phone that the phone calls stopped now.

And moving forward, I discovered WordPress is a blog and I started blogging on WordPress ’cause I wanted to own my content and from going on to self hosted WordPress.

I then morphed it into designing websites and looking after the security of those websites.

So that’s how.

I got in the WordPress do me a favor, drop a comment in the links below.

Share video of your WordPress origin story and and share with us how did you get into WordPress?

Rob Caron, founder and CEO and Chief, Creative Mason ideas has stunning digital marketing sharing My WordPress origin story.

Have a great day.

Bye bye for now.


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