Episode 134: How to Be a Quora Influencer with Ivica Delic

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Episode 134 How to Be a Quora Influencer with Ivica Delic



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In today’s episode,



I’m going to sit down with my good friend, Ivica Delic and Ivanka and I are going to talk about a topic that doesn’t always go mainstream, and that’s core. And what we’re going to talk about is last week, Ivanka posted on Facebook, how he managed to increase his Quora presence and basically become a Korra influencer. So he’s going to reveal very nicely for our audience how he did it and why he did it. So sit back relax, grab your favorite drink and listen is great conversation between a vector and myself. Everybody Rob Cairns here, I’m here with my friend Ivica Delic. How are you today?



Very well. Thank you. It’s very, very warm and very nice here in Croatia.



Yeah, it’s it seems to be warm everywhere. If you’ve been watching the weather. North America is under a massive heatwave right now. We were 40 degrees Celsius st with the humidity. So you know, joining the party, right?



Yes, we all in the same party things. Yeah. So one of the reasons I wanted to join me today was a



couple of days ago, he posted an intriguing post on Facebook. And that was how we found the became an influencer or managed to make core work. And he said, it’s an interesting story. So I thought we’d get him on here to tell the story. But before we do, I was going to ask him, can you tell the listeners a little bit about your background, what you do? Many of us know you as being the moderator of many, many Facebook groups, right? That’s where you and I know each other, and we appreciate for that. So if you tell us a bit about your background, that would be great.



Yes, there are several streams or areas that I work. The most known part is what you already said, I am administrator or moderator in 25, WordPress, Facebook groups and some of those non WordPress topics. And they’re almost 300,000 members in those groups, of course, that it is impossible for one person to manage moderate admin, all of those people. So I can only thank and I must thank to all my clients and co moderators who helped me to maintain all those groups clean all the in the last period, it is harder and harder. Luckily, Facebook is introducing some new tools inside of the Facebook groups so that it is possible to optimize some of the things and actions lately so that helps a lot. So that is the first part Facebook groups. Second is Freelancer stores, which is I would say number one hand curated software portal for beginners and professionals because we curated 4000, manually collected high quality applications, not only WordPress, related but everything business related. We are constantly updating it. But unfortunately now we have to redesign the site so that we can start a little bit fresh and input some new tools. And the four background here is that I have been working in the banking industry for 21 years. I was mainly director managing position in car center for 14 years and I was managing 1660 employees. But after some time and so many years, something’s changing. So I wanted to change that background and change the profession. So I jumped in WordPress, mainly WordPress train. So I’m currently also running an agency, digital agency which is consisting of several activities one is building websites. Maintaining, then we are promoting. We are writing content more and more lately. And everything else that digital agency is digital marketing is consistent. So in a nutshell, that that will be it.



How has it been during the pandemic hasn’t slowed down at all? Is it picked up at all? Have people just kind of shift gears?



What’s your sense of what’s going on?



I would say that, in my opinion, my experience, some people unfortunately had the misfortune. And they left business areas, and those were also my clients. But other clients switched from physical world to digital online world because they had to do it to survive. So they did it. And then interesting, that was somehow overlapping, most more or less, how many people that is, clients left? That is how we can we got to this almost the same number. As I now even more. So I would say that many, many people are going digital. And they understood that this situation could last so that it’s better that to be prepared. So currently, I’m not complaining at all, I’m just thinking, to God, and to fate to every everything that is currently the situation, good for my agency. Because when I see around, there are so many unfortunate people, businesses are going out of business. So I’m very sorry for all of them. And I hope that this is going to finish soon so that we all can restart, and start clean, normally, normal life in business and private.



Yeah, I would agree with that sentiment. And I think, you know, I was saying to a friend of mine the other day, who runs a jewelry store in the Toronto area, and he’s moved to selling online. And one of the discussions we had is I don’t think things will ever shift fully back. I mean, I there’s some conveniences that have come out of this, like, in Canada, for example, we have the ability to order stuff from major stores and do a curbside pickup where you don’t even have to go into the store. They just bring it out to you. I think people are going to keep those conveniences. And they’re not going to ever want to change back because they liked them. So I and we all know that big Jeff Bezos Amazon company is just thriving in all this right? They, they have broken records upon records upon records. And I think the pendulum has kind of shifted a little bit so no, yes, yes. So what I wanted to talk about today was your story about Cora. And this is an interesting one, because I’ve dabbled in Cora, I actually follow you on boards. So I know you’re a busy bee. And one for me, the attraction of Cora has always been, it’s the one place sometimes you can find people like CEOs or high ranking business people, they tend to like to share their information on Quora. So let’s start with why did you get on Quora in the first place and kind of when



I started in 2015. I was searching internet for some information. And I didn’t know for Quora until then. And then Quora started to pop up from almost every second third answer that I was searching at that time, I cannot remember what nevertheless, and I saw that people are answering many, many famous people as you said in different areas. And some people that I knew from Facebook groups, because I started in 2014 with heavily with Facebook groups. So it is about that time and then I saw that the questions are very similar like in Facebook groups, and people are everywhere having the more or less the same problems issues. And I thought that this concept, this system, Quora system was very good for the documentation of all the answers it is very easily to find the who answered what when, how, how many views Have that answer then comments and everything. So I like since I like in that time and today, simplicity of the Korra. And at the same time, the strength of the social network, not fully social network, but the most important parts are their like liking. Voting goes, this is a similar situation like in Facebook groups. And I wanted to diversify my influence not only on Facebook and helping in answering paper, but in some other platforms, for example, there are platforms that I don’t like, and I will not use it. I hope I believe in the future, for example, LinkedIn. I know it’s business natural, but I’m not using an entity for I liked, but I made some mistakes. And I needed a lot, many years that I found find out that I did it wrong. I, we everybody, we all don’t have time. Nobody had time when it is needed. So I I am also one of those. So I was saving Quora questions, you know, people asking something, and then you answer, and I like it, how it comes on on your email. But my problem and my error was, I was saving those questions. I will answer it later. I don’t have time. Now. I don’t have time today. I don’t have time tomorrow. And then 1020 3040 5100 questions, oh, I don’t have time for 100 questions. And I don’t ever have time. And I’m not answering only one or two beric questions, which is very low, which is nothing, which is bad, because you are not consistent. And it was lasting for many years. That my attitude and approach. And then I changed it. By bout a couple of months ago, I said to myself, let’s try to answer not many questions. 234, at least per day, and let’s see what happens then. Because if if I’m able to maintain three or four per day, you can easily multiply that with weeks with months later. And then it piles up. It’s increasing. Of course, it is not only quantity, it is of course quality of the answers, you’ve cannot just put everything what you think about without any thinking over just let it out. You You really think have to think about it carefully. And then I started to answer three and the graph for four months ago.



And then I noticed that it is taking too much of my time, because you can possibly answer four questions in 15 minutes, and then one question and a half an hour or more if it is got more complex and complicated. So I said again, I need to do something more to improve this process, increase the speed and maintain the quality. And then I started to use different approaches. First, I had already saved some of my answers that I’m answering in Facebook. You know, we all have some knowledge base somewhere. Yep, somewhere. I had freed camp project management tool which has Vicki Bart in it so I’m putting everything in those Fred camp Vicki’s and it’s very easy for me to find search BAM and that’s it. So I started to make my Facebook answers public to Quora as well. So that’s number one. Number two I had as we started to write for other companies, posts, and very long posts, I started to use those materials because those are my materials and I can use it to to rewrite it or to attribute those companies that I have been writing for. And that is number two, how to speed up those answering Then I started to use artificial intelligence writing those, which are very controversial, controversial, because people think that you can use them to write the call posts or answer’s no, it is not possible they are not it is hit or miss if you are trying to achieve that, but I wouldn’t really recommend doing that. I, I’m using it or using them because there are several of those tools to have idea, or ideas, outline the answers, have some starting point, you know, when you have some sentences, then it’s very easy to continue to rewrite. And then at the end of my answer, I find myself Oh, my God, this this is 10 percentage of those that, that that text that I started to write about. So it is very helping, and it is very, both very much boosting the speed of the writing. And then you have one also interesting thing that people I don’t know, not using it very much. When you google search, some questions you get some snippets have the answers. So many times, with those snippets of the answers question answers you have extracted from the Google, all the necessary things are answers on the areas to tackle to touch to right. The problem with many people is that they cannot recognize what is important or true out of those forest. And as I am in this part, from 2011. And in IT technology from 1995, I can recognize immediately when I’m skimming all those answers, and I can make a Frankenstein, I can copy paste several of those, putting it together, the changing them in with my voice with my synthesis it my tone. And this is helping very much in speeding up the answers. And of course you have some articles, then you can also use them and put the link on those articles. Because again, people are reading, for example, that whole article, but they miss the point, they miss the most important things. So it was very proud have to say, I still I didn’t understand, but now I understand more why people cannot find it on Google when it’s accessible to everybody. But unfortunately, not everybody are able to find the right keywords terms, and then recognize what is the most important outcome in those texts post synthesis. So, this is the number one prerequisite for Quora success, that you can write quality answers, and you can ride them fast. And of course, you have some experiences, skill skills, and some something that you did it on your own Sunday, you are not just the telling people thinks on theoretical level, but on the practical level. The problem is if you are going to write all of those from your head, you can and but you will not be able to produce enough certs for coregulator algorithm, that’s number one. And number two, your business or private or both lives will suffer. So we have so little time in the day. So we need to rationalize them and optimize it as much as possible. So this is number one, and this is the first part. So how much time a day are you spending on core of a code right go give her a I there’s a good question. I didn’t calculate it because now I’m you know, with that approach it comes and then I immediately take a look. If I can answer it if I can also then I Save it, and then i o answer immediately and save it afterwards. So it’s scattered throughout the whole day. But I was counting, it is 5678, for example, answers per day. And if I need five minutes, so 10 minutes in average, I don’t know, maybe it’s one hour, one hour and a half per day. So the this is the first part, the second part, what happened recently. There was one question about Wix and WordPress. Oh, yes, the old Wix and WordPress problem. And that



is I was following that. war or whatever you can call it campaign. And everything. It was very heated. And then I thought that it went away, but it didn’t, went away, it will go away, unfortunately, because that question was rooting for the Wix and WordPress. And I answered, from my personal experiences from WordPress, but my wife, and I was helping her Of course, my wife got one assignment on her job to do one page in Wix. And I was doing it part of that with her. And I went through Wix, I cervix. I didn’t speak in that my answer only on theoretical level, but also on the practice. Of course, it is practical, very low level, but my wife had to go much deeper. And after everything she did on that website, she gave up and said, Please, she said to her boss, please give me open arms to do it in WordPress, I will do it much faster, empty, because she was looking for a security plugin for backup plugin for moving this debt social network. So from the outside, it looks very nice. It’s really, really simple, nice, cozy, and you like it. But then you start digging deeper, deeper and deeper, then you get more and more in trouble, because you could do it, but you have to pay it. And then you have to pay a little bit here a little bit there. And then it’s piling piling piling going. There. It isn’t WordPress free plugins and then you can choose out of several hundreds of 1000 which one suits you and all you bought like I did in the last three years, many, many lifetime deals and I have all those premium tours. No, you don’t have it in VIX either you accept the situation as it is or you pay and you will get everything mostly or everything you need. But you will nicely pay for that. So I was answering. It was short answer. Basically, it’s not long answer. But what happened Vic’s manager one of VIX employees or managers or whatever key came to that discussion. And he was his key. He saw my answers. He didn’t like that answer, of course. And he was the slicing my answer those parts that he didn’t like about weeks, part by part and painting it in pink? No, no, it’s not like that. It’s completely different. He does. The people doesn’t know what they’re saying. etc. And then, after one night, I was I am checking every day, the number of reads. And I saw that my regular visits are readings from 4050, sometimes 100 per day, jumped to 1000. And then I said My God, what is going on and



what’s controversy that because his answer also held, we were tight, but then he went up because they are very disciplined in their network. They have a lot of people backup in Vic’s that they have that and this After that one night and then tomorrow, I said this this was crazy. And then tomorrow I was checking and I was shocked because I thought that it is something some mistake. And then it was 11,000 after two days, and I said oh my god, very, very it is going to finish. And the third day, okay, started to falling, it’s 9004 1500 but in several days, so, up to one week, I think it had 24,400 rates. So, I figure it out that okay, controversy, controversy, as you said, this is the name of the game the number one then consistency consistent in answering then you have also spaces in Cora, which I really neglected, I grow them for a long time, those are the parts that some company or individuals putting like their board, you know, they are putting content in it. So I joined some new with many members, such digital spaces on Quora, Quora spaces. And I started to write there as well. And then I, the people started to follow me also from those groups and started to share my answers in those spaces, Quora spaces. And the bottom line after all of that is that I jumped in average 10 times more than previously, six years. So for from 4050 per day, it’s now about 400 500 or 300, something like that, per day depends how many answers I gave previous in previously in previous day, they before and also if there are some controls here. So there is so that people are talking about and everything. And I started to get also something that I never got, Quora started to delete my answers as well. And I said, What is going on? Now I was doing my stuff, I was doing a car job, and then they deleted delete all some of those for you. And I figure it out that it is most likely and it is happening when I’m sharing some links. And I’m putting those links not as a link, but as a link with the image. So core core obviously doesn’t like it, because I think that all my answers, deleted answers. I had that in it. So I’m now avoiding doing that. I’m also avoiding links in general, if possible. And of course, if you have short answers, Forget it. Forget it, no, maybe they will hide it, Quora algorithm, where will hide it and then



you will click it on it and you see Aha, all the short answers or promotional answers are clicked. Cora is developing its algorithm. So, for example, people started to spam Quora questions with their links, some promotional links in sobriquet. You know, it was title subtitle and then and I could notice that this is spam from the space it is so obvious, but for I didn’t get it several months or several weeks, I know months or two months or two, and then they figure it out, put it in algorithm and now all those are automatically deleted. So they are improving in those. So I started to avoid doing that what is alga core algorithm. I try to find controversial articles and put my not not fire in it, but my experience and I’m not afraid to put If I had some real lifetime experience, I am not afraid. That’s my experience. I’m talking about it. And the few people in Wix or Yuma, whatever, don’t like it, because I tried him now. So and thanks, God, we switch to WordPress, that web website, and I, I experienced experience it, I didn’t like it and I put the parts of the answers why I didn’t like it. So I’m trying not only to be how to say, a clinical medical answers, you know, without emotions, that’s not good, that’s not good, you will need to have facts, you need to have information, valuable information, but you need to put a little bit of your soul or your emotions in it. And if you do it, then people I see appreciate it because I now get something that I never got on Quora, and that is that people started to voting, commenting, sharing, and I started to have Converse conversation with them, like on Facebook groups, but it’s much harder on core, right? It really needs to be something good that they would they would start to discuss with you some things. So I started to act more like human on Quora. Because, as I was reading all those answers, previously, I thought that I need to be medical, clinical, you know, in the uniform, everything, zip zap, as it needs, but eventually I found out that it’s wrong, it’s completely wrong. And when I changed all of those, then the results started to come because you get then your influences. Also on Quora, you can promote your clients brands, or tools that you like use over there. And you’re making diversification of your promotional portfolio because if I have 300,000 members, which are not okay with not business, not marketing oriented, but I can mention those that I have been using, or that I’m satisfied with to help people of course, on the in the first in the first hand, and then you have Quora, and I was also started to write on medium platform, also a long time ago, but I stopped. So maybe after Quora, I can restart medium to see how it goes. Also, it is very interesting and straightforward, simple thing, for example, because I got a lot of both lot of tools for writing, artificial intelligence and lifetime this data, helping you



to write much faster and higher quality level. It’s like extra skillet. It is not writing instead of you it is like exoskeletons not moving the study, but it is helping you improving your boosting your everything. So it is really helpful. So this is very basic for and important for core that you have something like that



debate. The biggest problem is, and you’re talking about all maybe over medium, it’s that whole time factor again, right, it said, we only have so much time in the in the bucket. And you kind of one of the things about social media that most people don’t realize is you have to choose what works for you. So what works for you might not work for jewelry store, which might not work for a bank, or it all depends on where your type of people are people that will convert for you hang out. And people don’t realize that like you mentioned earlier in this chat that LinkedIn, yeah, have you just shake your head that I spend a lot of time on LinkedIn, because for me, LinkedIn generates a lot of revenue. So you kind of got to start to say, as the small business owner, where do you want to go? And why do you want to go and figure that out? Right, America?



Yes, you’re completely right. And plus, I would add something, you need to experiment you need to try you need to make maybe intentional errors, what is in your head error, but then you let’s try That’s it. Right? Okay, I’m now doing, in my opinion, wrong, let’s do, and then you find out that it is not wrong, that it is right for that media for that audience, as you said, for that particular group of whatever it is. And you just need to push it, for example, Twitter, I have from how many years? And it is not going so well. For me, only 300 and something. A second is 666. Yeah.



Whereas for Twitter, for me, it’s kind of my favorite network. So you choose, you choose your poison. Hey, let’s see. Let’s go back to quorum for a sec. So if somebody knew was going to jump on Quora today, how would you suggest they go about starting a presence on Quora? Do you have any suggestion for that?



Yes, I did the same. In my case, I enrolled first. In all the categories that I cover, I like I have experience, I have knowledge, I have passion for that, or I want to learn. So I enrolled, but majority are those that I think I could help people. And that, that I could also learn something, of course, more. So that’s number one. So that is important. So that Cora starts to send you some questions, related questions to your business, not something that is that doesn’t have anything with what you’re doing, but something stupid, or whatever. So that’s number one. categories, areas, but also to find what I didn’t do I omitted to do it. Google spaces, find some Google space. That’s number one. And number two is to have, how to say strategy to help organizations. So that means strategy, in a sense, okay. I can do two or three per day, let’s do it three, two, or three per day. Let’s start let’s, let’s just start. But it’s very important not to just jump answers without thinking or short answers, although some questions requires also some short answers. But I try lately. If somebody asks something, and you are answering in two or three sentences, that person will understand what are you answering because he most likely understand the topic, but other readers maybe won’t understand what is what do you prefer shared hosting, or cloud hosting? What is better? And then people don’t know what is cloud costing, what is WordPress costing? What is what is anything costing? And then I start with with an answering shared costing is that in the cloud costing that that this one is good for this one is good for that and at the end, aha, my personal opinion is that this one is the best because of this, this this and but if you need for example, scalability, you will go to cloud costing, not shred costing, okay. And then people get it and I noticed that people are reading more such answers. So make a plan strategy, then make organization put your most How to say most frequent answer source or anything or if you’re answering on Facebook group, so Twitter or LinkedIn or whatever, put it in one bucket. So when people are asking in some other network that you already have something to offer them maybe with some tweaking, adjusting, or improvement, reducing or whatever needed, but you need to have something if you can get some artificial intelligence, tools, writing tools, it is even better. I have gold copy, content bought and knishes for that. So interesting thing is that people asking why do you have three? Isn’t isn’t it one enough? The The issue is That each of those are yes overlapping between there’s a but some of the those are better or most mostly suited for something that you’re doing much better than other or other deals. Don’t have it at all. For example, content bought introduced recently, one new tool, which is called Cora answers.



So, this tool is really put for Cora, but I’m telling you again, it is useless for the people that don’t have knowledge experience, and cannot recognize what is the important what is not I have answer already my head, I know, what is it? negative, positive or neutral? Answer and in which direction I want to go, but I lacking all the words because for example, I’m not a native English speaker, so I’m lacking some words, and then I put that dole start to rolling and I say, Oh, these sentences will be such good and then I do so get the tool, then I would say that they make social presence more active, like vote, in a sense, vote for the other people answers that are good answers. So most likely, they will start to follow you, you will follow them, they will follow you voting in both directions, and all directions and everything, and then it’s it will start to roll. So it will help also and then of course, try to be nice in those answers. Because really nasty answers and they cannot answer in on public network something like you would say to me or I will say to you after 20 years of not knowing each others and being friends and if you cannot answer like that you must answer with a certain dignity to that. Audience and everything so and think that various people can read that I made one big mistake in all these years, but it was really big in Facebook groups, I didn’t listen my core admins, especially one, Scott, who is the longest with me, and we are doing all those things together, because he told me not to do that. And I did it. And it was a very, very big mistake. So I learned my lesson. Also you the same for the core, read and see the answers that have the biggest number of readings and or and votings why and then try to to do it. In similar array, you cannot and you must not copy the way they the other people do. But you really need to see how what is going on what is having success and then trying to implement that in your routine in your process. And be persistent. It’s marathon it’s not sprint, it’s day by day by day by day. 345. It’s it’s very hard sometimes I must tell you, because some answers. I also noticed they are repeating as well. Unfortunately. So you may it’s very hard to be consistent original. So very often. I did I do some copy pasting or my already answers or maybe putting gluing together setter because it’s the same question 99%. So I cannot invent. I can only change the answer doesn’t change. Yeah, yes. And then the answer



doesn’t change. And what I’d suggest anybody you were talking about tools to keep your answers and even keep them in a Word document, keep a swipe, I call the swipe file and just keep the answer somewhere. Because I find that I’ve been doing this long enough that I feel like a broken record some days, you know, you’re you’re answering the same answer the same way all the time. And the way reality of it is, you can only answer how to make a post in WordPress. So many different ways, right? I mean, it doesn’t, I’m using those as an example. But the answers don’t change often unless the technology changes. So I agree with you, like keep the same answers in the swipe file, make it easier for yourself to answer people. It’s so much easier, right?



Yeah, yes, organization is everything. And if you stop doing those little things day by day, and improving tweaking your processes, then you are swamped with tasks with projects with everything, and you cannot do it. Even if you have help, like I have from my team, because I’m not alone, of course, and, but sometimes it is also challenging in those situations. Fortunately, all these tools that I bought these last three years, are really helping me and I couldn’t imagine working without them, because my productivity would be maybe 1/3, which is now and I would work maybe double can be doing so far. So and I couldn’t pay for all those tools. If it would be subscription, monthly, yearly, or whatever. When you put it all together, it’s too much, it’s too too expensive. So all of these together and combination of all the social networks in the US or send when one by one database, it is really, really helping. And and now I even I had the problem, because I couldn’t do it on my mobile. You know, I had Korra question, and I’m somewhere I could answer I have time. But I’m on my mobile. I don’t have access to my files, you know how that I don’t want to answer from the beginning scratch and I know that I have perfect answer for that just needed little bit tweaking. So recently, I bought another last lifetime deals so that I can synchronize to all devices, whatever it’s needed, whatever I’m working on, on mobile on other pieces, on tablets, or whatever. And now I can be even more productive. Because when I’m waiting in some queue, so somebody’s driving, and I’m co driver, then answering calls. never ends. No, no, it’s it’s good. But But again, to conclude for this part, we wouldn’t do it if we wouldn’t like it. I like it. I changed my job, my profession. My I started my own company after 21 years, and I went to darkness to unknown territory, what is going on? Am I going to fail, etc. And now I have been working for two years and I don’t regret even one second for what I did. And I’m constantly discovering new things like this with core horn on recently also Twitter. Some Yeah. This thing on Twitter, have you have you tried that yet? Rebecca review stayed away? No, no, no. Not yet. Not yet. Not yet.



Yeah, there’s always something new out there. And as I said earlier, it all depends on where your audience goes. Right. So, you know, for some people Twitter do really well for some people. Instagram does really well for some people Twitter. Oh, that was going to be my next question. Since you picked up your Korra game over the back. Have you seen an increase in the number of hits on your website? Has there been a translation?



I haven’t colorize I Cora is not liking that very much. So I am not trying currently to drive. Cora visits so much to my site, although I have linked my site in my profile and everything. But more more I’m building my presence. My Let’s call influence Sir, aura part so that people see that I know things. And that is helping mostly on my consulting business, which I help companies how to develop their products and services, mostly software. And I’m doing for them more or less what I’m doing for myself in service part. So I’m testing the, with my team with a product with their products, then spitting on them, let’s say, in metaphorical way and pushing them to improve those products, and then help them promote elsewhere, but only and only if I do use it, I am satisfied. And I’m comfortable to promote it. If not, I thank those people and persons and tell them, sorry, I cannot do it. So I had recently, several rejects from my side, I didn’t want to do it, because I’m not using those stores, I’m in some something else. So sorry, we are not good match for each other. So that’s, that’s my primary target. If I would like to be selfish, a little bit for myself, not just to help and go around to help people and to help myself. The problem is that I need and I want to redesign my website and put it on a higher level, and update some and input some new dose, which I’m, again lacking of time, I need to optimize that as well. Like I’m optimizing all others. So I’m very keen of doing that. When I do that, then I will maybe a little bit more, Quora, but I really wasn’t like, because if if they start doing to me as do others, they’ll start to delete more and close my answers.



Yeah. Or you need to clone yourself. So there’s two E and find, I know, I’d say I have that same problem. It’s where do you want to put your time, right? So



yes, but I’m trying now to not to clone myself. It will be nice, of course. But I’m trying to clone my approach my knowledge experiences in a way that I’m passing to my co workers, colleagues, the doc helping me in the team so that I start use them more. So I have more time for this strategical part because I can do operational part, but I really prefer strategical and I like to see some big success when I support something, or either too long series or whatever. And then I see says, success, then it’s really, really nice and rewarding.



Yeah, I would agree with you. Before we wrap up, do you have one last big tip that you can give people before like the biggest tip you’ve got?



No, that’s that’s the problem that I had all these years, the big bank, how to succeed with Quora, no big bands, it is little steps, all this information that I gave previously do for doing people, four or five things that is a big thing for Korra The reason other big thing except that you are jumping in all controversial topics and then start to provoke to heat discussions or whatever. If you are such person, then you can do it. I am not such person to do it. Because this situation with the VIX was accidental. It’s not intentional. But if you like being probably provoking some things, then that may be a big thing, do it and see what will happen.



Thanks for jumping on and telling their story today. Really, really appreciate it. And as I said, When I saw that I wanted, I wanted to hear first time then share it. So I appreciate that. You’ve always been so much of a giver over the years and the groups and Facebook have sharing their knowledge and forgot I thank you. If somebody wants to get a hold of you reach out to what’s the best way.



The best way is To go through or Freelancer stores, comm site, or Facebook groups, I have Freelancer stores, also my own group. Also many others, but I’ve not started doing too many. And of course, I’m taking this opportunity to thank you for calling me on this podcast and interview because I haven’t heard also also many topics on Quora. So maybe you and I will be one of the first who talked about how to improve quorum, at least I didn’t notice in my area in my networks, groups, that people are talking of writing or discussing a core improvement, maybe they don’t see such benefits from Quora, because it’s everything is free. But the issue is that everything is not free, in that sense that people are thinking that you are paying, because I started to help people, as other people helped me in Facebook groups, and you’ll see where that leads me to, to leave my job, to start buying this and turn for my for my family life and enjoy in this by doing all of those years for free. So free, is a great thing to do for the community for other people. But people, many people don’t realize it is good also for them. Because as much as you give the time, you will receive something and I received so much of those that I’m so much grateful to all of you in the Facebook group that are my friends and other people and, and members because without them, I wouldn’t be able to run a successful agency and to have enough money to put the food on the table, sort of speaking. So give and you will receive without thinking just to give to receive. Just give help. I gave one hour of my time. We calculated better a better day. And it’s it’s not so much or too much for somebody I don’t know. But I feel nice when I’m answering, and I must tell you that I learned some nice new useful things while also because I even didn’t know so much indeed. So then I started to investigate. So you will learn also a lot with this helping your NASS rank so just help.



I echo that sentiment exactly give people and with no expectation and it tends to come back a mile away. Thanks again, Ivanka. Have a wonderful day. And thanks, everybody, for listening. Bye for now. Thank you, Robert. Bye, bye. Thank you, sir. Okay, a very special thank you to Ivica for joining me today. And more importantly, for all he does for the community, in fact, as a moderator in many, many Facebook groups, and he gives back constantly. So I want to say a very Thank you to Ivica for all your knowledge, your friendship, and for everything you do for our community. Thank you. Thanks for listening to the STM show. It shows the production of stunning digital marketing and all rights reserved. Rob can be reached by email at VIP at stunning digital marketing comm on twitter at Rob Karen’s on his website stunning digital marketing calm and on his website there’s links to all his social media platforms. This show is dedicated to my late father Bruce Cairns. Dad, I miss you very much. Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars make your business succeed.

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