Episode 350: My Lessons Learned in 57 Years

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Rob Cairns talks about lessons learned during his 57 years.

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  1. Lessons Learned.
  2. How Rob’s life is better,
  3. How life has changed.

Show Notes

 Hey everybody, I’m Rob Cairns here., I’m the founder, CEO and chief creator of amazing ideas at stunning digital marketing. And in this podcast on my birthday, I wanted to share some lessons learned in 57 years. Let’s start off with family. First of all, family is most most important. And the reality of it all is those of us who come from caring families. Make a big difference. I’ve been in relationships in past where other peoples families aren’t as strong, they’re problems we all have issues in their families. It’s just to what extent and you have to learn to manage them. So family is most important. The other thing that’s most important is close friends. I’m really lucky. I’ve got some really close friends and they matter. Well, and certainly more importantly, it’s your partner in life and I’ve been through situations in my life where I consider my partner not as supportive as I should have been. And my current partner is absolutely amazing. So that. That helps as well. And then let’s kind of move on to people in your life who are toxic. And I’m now at the point where I’ve learned over the years, it’s better off not to argue with people. It’s better just to say. I don’t need you in my life. If you’re that toxic. Frankly, at the end of the day, you don’t need to be spending time with me. You don’t need to be in my life. And then my favorite. Word I’ve learned over 57 years is no. If I don’t. Want to do something now? I just say no. I don’t say maybe I don’t say we can talk about it. I don’t say let’s look at it in a week. I just come. Out and say. No, and people. Often say to me, why do you say no? And my answer. Is cause I can’t because I don’t want to. I don’t even qualify it because they’re looking for a reason to get you to change your mind. So the answer is no. Other lessons learned, I keep learning I’m 57. I’m still a book. A week guy I read all the time I listen, not to a books I listen to podcast. I jump on social. Not just that. Kill time. But to actually learn I take courses. I’ve never stopped learning. I used to say to people when you left college or university the learning just started, so that’s really important. And I’m finding more and more I narrowed down what I do. I don’t watch as much TV these days as I do used to, and if I’m watching TV, I can almost guarantee it’s a sporting event or a live event. There’s very few shows I like. Dragons den is 1 in Canada, Shark Tank in the US. The voice, which isn’t on right now and the and then the odd show so. You know. And I’ve also learned. Very much so that life is really precious. Sometimes it’s better just to live in the moment and that’s really important. Sometimes you should just enjoy it for what it is. That’s really key. Surround yourself around people by people who appreciate you and who want to be with you and who want to share and spend time with you. They’re the people that not matter, not all the naysayers. Not all the crappy people who cares about them. At the end of the day. So that’s some just some quick lessons learned in the last 57 years, I wanted to share with you. I love you guys all. Thanks for listening. Thanks for watching. And if you want anything else you wanna come on the show, shoot me an e-mail at podcast at stunning digitalmarketing.com. Let’s chat. Let’s have those conversations. And if you want. Help starting your own podcast. Reach out to me. Be glad to help you. You guys all. Take care. Love you talk soon. Bye. Bye

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