Episode 34 How Life Changing Events Shape Your Life

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Hi, I’m Rob Cairns here. I’m the CEO and Chief creator of amazing ideas that stunning digital marketing comm today, I want to get real personal with each of you now looking for super clear empathy. I want to share today which is, say two months from where I’ve been helped avoid mistakes and I also want to help explain how life changing events help and change and mold your life. Without further delay. Let’s get on with the show. As many of you know, a lot. I’ve never found a crowd or an audience I didn’t like. It all started when I was a high school debating student. When I was 15. I was debating in Quebec, where I grew up. What school high school called McDonald High School, insane and Bellevue, a suburb of Montreal. At that time, the high school had around 700 students were debating powerhouse. I was working on my skills as a debater by cultural mentor, Mr. Bruce Monroe, and I had a major disagreement after Trump was so bad, we did not talk for weeks. He would say to me, are you going to talk to me today? I would say no. This went on from when it was all said and done. I was a champion. I wonder. When I look back at it, Mr. Manuel challenged me in a big way. He knew how to light a fire and made me want something more than I did. And I went faster. Since then, I’ve never found the stage that the second stage was awesome. My grandfather, my dads that were close and I was heartbroken for a long time after my grandfather passed away. Literally Mr. Stone service thing was the birth of my son Steven was born on February 20 1992. My parents raised four boys, no much parents at all ever been. There’s no question about that. Today, my son and I have an up and down relationship. One thing I do know is a lot more than today’s before I turned 41 has rushed into hospital and almost ended up in a diabetic coma. I almost died. The same you start thinking about my life and taking care of my health. Today I’m 100% off diabetic medication. March 27 2010. After working in healthcare and major trauma hospital for 19 years, I was the director decided to not eat. This was after working many weeks 70 plus hours a week ran major projects and was on call it seemed like all the time or it’s hard for my son. At the end the organization works did not appreciate two weeks for a cycle I worked on corporate IT project number one, and even worked me to overtime to get it done. At the end of it all, it just was the number one thing I learned just working hard was not working. And that if I had it all over again, I would not work so hard. Lesson learned nine years ago, asked my dad to the pancreatic cancer on July 28 2010. When we found out several months for his already My dad was not judgmental and always supported everything I did. We talk for hours about almost any state one of the things I miss most is watching a sporting event or going to an event and calling my dad after the event and just talking about it. There are times like this week, where I’m missing more than four years ago in March. I had a nasty relationship breakup. I won’t go into details or respect for those involved. But what I will say is I spend the night in jail. It’s amazing when you have a night to think and focus on just your thoughts. I don’t have a criminal record or anything ongoing from this experience, which is a good again, I won’t go into all the details but one thing I will say is thinking for nightly me realize how bad and toxic the relationship was to me. I’ve never seen her talk to the person I was involved with since frankly I don’t want to ever talk is much better just coming out of this relationship with structures and going out with The infringer section amazing story. knew each other for 17 years. We had originally met me I remember, even dated for a while. 17 years ago. timing was not right. Fast forward to recently, I was going to Niagara Falls for vacation. She had mentioned to me and I said, Why don’t you come?


On Friday, January 13 2017. We were engaged and married on August 8, in Agra falls, and Jill McLean, he came to McLean terrace. I was so happy. I had tears during the sermon, as I said, my house and I will share with you little scripture, the vows underneath the show notes so you can have a listen. Till next time, we have had challenges in our life together. We’re really lucky. This year, we celebrated our second wedding anniversary. I wanted to share some experiences to say some of babysat some that made me real happy. This experience is shaping footwear is expensive. In fact, in my personal life, my life as a business owner. I know one or two things that came out of all this is I don’t tolerate people in my life who drag me down. This is one of the things will no longer settle. In fact, I’ve had several former friends for many years, one of those over 20 sometimes my situations change and you realize these people are no longer a good fit for you. I strongly believe you have to take care of your mental health as much as your physical health. I truly believe that mindset really matters and the brain is most important. I hope you enjoy it and learn from experts who want to chat about any of them, please email me VIPs training digital marketing.com Richard on Facebook facebook.com slash Robert Cairns, or on Twitter at Robert Cairns. I’d love to chat with you and share with you. Thank you so much for listening. Have a great day. I love y’all. Thank you for listening to the STM business marketing WordPress podcast. The show is hosted by Robert Cairns the CEO and Chief Creative making ideas that stunning digital marketing.com this podcast comes out every week it’s available on all podcast platforms. If you’d like to be a guest on this podcast please email us at podcast at stunning digital marketing comm if you’d like to find out more about digital marketing services we provide please go to stunning digital marketing comm This podcast is dedicated to Robert safe entrepreneurs catch. Have an amazing week. Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars. Make your business succeed.

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