Show Notes

Good day everyone. Robert Cairns here. I am the CEO and Chief Creator of Amazing Ideas at

Today I wanted to announce several changes to our business. These can help you and many of them are free resources designed to help you succeed in your business!

The first change is after switching back and forth on an appointment booking system, we have switched back to appointlet for appointment booking. Frankly we love the Zoom Integration in the product. Sorry about all the confusion but in the long run it will work much better.

The second change is that starting next week we will have a LIVE youtube show every week demoing a product or feature in the Business, Marketing and WordPress space. This demo will take place using StreamYard and broadcasting directly to YouTube. It will air every Wednesday morning at 9am est. You can watch it via the blog on your website as well on our YouTube channel. We are so excited to bring you the SDM Business, Marketing and WordPress Show Live on a weekly basis! This tip will also be shared on Linkedin after the live broadcast.

The third announcement is to tell you we have changed the layout for our blog. We have moved away from a grid format to an up and down format. We hope you like it.

The fourth announcement is to remind you that our new WordPress care plans are available.  Remember if you are not a current care plan subscriber and you sign up to any of our care plans, you will save 20% on your first year.

If you refer someone to our care plans, your new referral will save 20% and you will save 20% on your renewal. Please also note that existing customers are locked into their pricing for at least one renewal.

A reminder that if you have not subscribed to our newsletter, please go to and scroll down the home page to subscribe to your 100% FREE Business, Marketing and WordPress newsletter. We will never ask you for a credit card.  The only thing required to sign up is your email address. That is it:)

We are still working on fixing the Show Notes for all back episodes of the SDM Business, Marketing and WordPress show. We hope to have these completed over the next couple of weeks. It is just taking longer than planned.

Last but not least. If I can help you in anyway, please email me directly at . I would love to help you with your business needs.

Have a great day. Keep reaching for the Stars and make your business succeed!


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