Episode 79: Should I Market During This Tough Time?

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Episode 79 Should I Market During This Time



Hey, I’m Rob Cairns. I’m the CEO and Chief creator of meeting ideas at stunning digital marketing. I hope everybody’s doing well in the covid 19 crisis. You and you and your families are all well, let’s just stay at home. And let’s just beat this. Remember, we’re all in this together. On today’s podcast, I’m going to talk about some things that came out of an interesting discussion on multiple social media networks this week, should I market my business during these tough times? The answer might or might not surprise you, if you know me well. But before we do that, let’s get to our in the new segment.



And then is today. Well, Boris Johnson is out of hospital on the weekend. We wish the British Prime Minister well, and we hope he recovers and we wish all the best to him and his family. multiple events are being cancelled. So across the world, Major League Baseball is trying to potentially start up in May in North America. Frankly, I don’t really see that happening. It’s way too early, even in empty stadiums. UFC actually is no longer running any fights as their TV network, ESPN, which is owned by Disney pulled the plug on them last week, greater new Disney well done. And other news, the numbers continue to climb. And frankly, they will until we have a vaccine. So I think people just need to listen to all the stay at home orders.



There’s not really that much newsworthy going on in the world, except for COVID. So that’s about it for today.



Locally, we’ve got a better understanding of social distancing, it seems or fines have made that we have less people out over the long weekend, in a part, so we have in the previous couple weeks. So that’s also a good thing. And maybe people are starting to get the message, long line of stores continue. According to Walmart, us the latest run is on hair grooming products and hair dye. Interesting. Those sort of now the wages since being hoarded, these people can’t go to the hairdresser’s or get their haircut. So that’s about it for the end of this segment. And now let’s get on to today’s.



Hey, guys, Robert Cairns here again. In today’s podcast, I really want to talk about Should I market in this tough time? We know the world has changed with COVID-19.



But the question is, should I market my business? Should I sell? And should I care about my business in this tough time? Would I not be socially responsible? If I did that? My answer is the same answer I would have given you two months ago or three months ago, four months ago, you need to work your business 365 days a year, seven days a week. That’s the reality of it all. It doesn’t matter if it’s COVID. If it’s a family bug, if it’s flu, if it’s a holiday, we are still in business. Now that saying I would not do anything illegal, I would not stay open. If I was forced to close, I would treat my employees with the utmost respect. And most of all, I would care about my customers and their safety and my employees safety that matters.



I would also in this time, money, try and give back a little bit to my community. I’ve heard a lot of good things out of other people doing great things to help friends, family, neighbors, colleagues in COVID-19. Keep doing it, please. Now, should I market? Of course, should I run online ads, of course. And even more. So should I use the words COVID-19 in my market? And the answer to that is yes with empathy. And I’ll tell you why. If you don’t use COVID-19 in your marketing, you’re ignoring the state of the world. And that’s ignoring your customers and your potential customers feelings. And that’s a bit of a mistake.






the other question is and Amy Porterfield talked about in one of her podcasts, should I start giving away everything for free? And the answer to that is no. I don’t mind helping some people out during these tough times. I’ve already done that this week with a couple people and that’s fine.



And that matters in the long term. But here’s the thing. If people don’t spend money, we will never jumpstart the economy again. And there are businesses out there in certain sectors that during COVID-19, their business is actually going through the roof. And they have money to spend. Keep that in mind. And let’s talk about a little bit about PPC ads, pay per click ads, should I run them? Sure, you should. Now, keep in mind, some keywords have gone up in cost because of the virus, and some have gone down in cost. And that also matters. Now, one thing worth mentioning is



on Google My Business pages, during COVID-19, several things have changed. For one, you can’t place a review anymore, currently. And they’ve turned things like reviews off, they’ve turned other things off, and they’re playing with the settings all the time to jump on over to Google blog. And check those out. And be aware as a business owner of what you can and can’t do. Google, my business pages still matter. But as I said to certain things you can and cannot do, so that you need to be aware of. So the resounding thing is yes, you still need to market. And I truly believe if your business who markets now and you’re socially responsible, when we come out at a COVID-19 virus situation, or when we at least finish with the first wave because I think it’s going to be a long time coming, we will actually be better off, you’ll be better off than a business that goes silent. So I want to throw a shout out to my good friend, Mr. Phil Panzer and his wife, Robin. And one thing they’ve done during this is they’ve reached out to customers, and sort of said, Are you okay? We’re just checking in no hard sales, just caring about the customers, comes back to the empathy I talked about a long time ago in this podcast. So keep that in mind, be empathetic, don’t disappear. But there’s ways to do things and ways not to do things. And you need to be aware of that. So that you can work those ways. Because remember, you’re still in business. And do you want to survive? And do you want a fighting chance? Those are the big questions. So if I was a business owner, I would do some ads, I would probably use now to update my website. I work on some marketing strategy, I would actually really think about employing a marketing consultant like myself, to get out there and help you.



You know, I’ve offered some great specials to some new and current clients in the last fall to help them out. I’m not giving them away for free. I do have However, a free 30 minute digital marketing strategy call and we can talk about anything to help you I don’t really care what the topic is, I just want to help you the business owner so if that interests you go on over to my website, stunning digital marketing comm scroll down, you book right into my schedule, no credit card, no nothing will jump on a zoom call, or have a conversation. I’ll give you a recorded copy of that zoom call. So you have some notes and go back to I want to do is help you do. business owner, it’s my way, giving back a little bit to the business community has been so good to me. And you guys helped me succeed and not help your business survive. That’s really important. So it’s not just for me of listening to guys like Ron Fraser, Ryan deiss, a digital marketer of listen all kinds of people. And most of the people in the know, say, let’s just keep at it, and keep marketing.



So think about that. Think of some ways out of the box to help your business. And let’s sit down and make your business succeed. If I can help you, you can sign up for that strategy session or feel free to drop me a line at VIP at stunning digital marketing comm love to talk to you. I promise you, I’ll get back to you.



And we can go from there.



The other thing to watch in all the efforts and I talked about this in our last podcast is security. And if you’re a small business owner look after web security. And you know I I offer security services for websites. And one of the things we’re prepared to do I haven’t even created the landing page but I’ll announce it here first. Before I do email me at VIP at stunning digital marketing comm say I’ve got a WordPress site. Can you help me



and normally I charge $780 a year for back manage backups and security services which means I will update your website for you to help you because we want to keep your website secure and small business owners really don’t do that.



I have a super special for you that I’ve never never offered before. And that’s all knock 40% off cost right away 40% off, and where are you going to find that. And that’s to help you keep your business more six year secure in this time of need. And 40% off means that seven, eight goes to foreign $60 Canadian a year. And that is an incredible offer. And that means your website updated and taken care of no issues with your website. And I’ll offer that for a couple of weeks till the end of April. So you know if that interests you drop me a line VIP at Stein, digital marketing, comm mentioning offer in the body an email, I promise you, I’ll get back to you. We’ll jump on a call, lock your site down. We’ll get it all done. And we’ll make sure we update it regularly. And as a business owner, you don’t have to take it. force for 6080. What did you Okay guys, that’s it for now. Market your site, your business, take care of your business. Please do all that. As always Rob Karen’s CEO and Chief Curator amazing ideas of stunning digital marketing. jump on over to our website is stunning digital marketing, calm we’re based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, live coins over the world because I do work with you.



While you’re there, scroll to the bottom of the main page, sign up for a free newsletter. Or you can do it at stunning digital marketing.com slash free and



keep that in mind. And you can sign up on the main page also for free digital strategy session with digital marketing business organizational skills, how do I jumpstart my business whatever you want to talk about for a half hour no credit card required. You just jump on it on there and it’ll take you right into my calendar and let you book some time. Isn’t that cool? Guys?



Do it you’ll be glad you did you provide you spend time with me. I bring some value. And I’ll even give you a recording of that session so that you can go and listen to it later and say geez Robin I talked about this. This is how



my business can succeed. Because that’s what I want



your business to succeed.



This podcast is dedicated my late father Bruce Cairns. I miss you very much. And as always keep your feet on the ground. Keep reaching for the stars. Make your business succeed. Stay safe, and stay home. love y’all. Bye

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