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Episode 53 Things I love About the Internet.


Hi, I'm Rob Cairns here. I'm the CEO and Chief creator of making ideas stunning digital marketing Comm. I hope you're all having an amazing day today. Before we get to this week's episode, I want to make a couple of announcements. The first is, as you know, for many episodes, I've put show transcripts out for this podcast. Moving forward, I'll be only putting out a quick show summary. This takes effect immediately. By the time this podcast there's two remaining episodes that do not have transcripts, we'll have a quick show summary. This project is finally decided and done. The second announcement is all episodes of the STM show can be found by going to stunning digital marketing.com slash episode and the episode number. The old links work and redirected in just a little bit too. We have an old podcast called with our CEO. And those are all stunning digital marketing.com. Slash w. o, e, and the episode number as well. The third is after this week. I'll be moving back on a more consistent Thursday morning. Really. It's been hard balancing, producing business content, as well as doing client work. Also juggling that there will be no podcast on December 26 to do the Christmas holidays, or the week of January 2 do the New Year's week. Now that the announcements are done, let's get on with this week's episode. In the last episode, I talked about things I really did not like on the internet. Today I want to focus on the things a lot, a lot of things that I don't want to share these with you. I've been online longer than most people. I use compuserve, Delphi use net BBs systems long before the internet was formed. In all the time I've been online, I think I've seen it all. And I really want to share with you a very personal story in the interest of transparency. And it kind of says a lot about how I feel about the internet. 29 years ago, I met a lady named Joe McLean in the Yahoo chat group, who's actually really social group and wasn't even deemed for dating and updating for a couple years and status really good friends. Four years ago, I came out of a really crappy relationship. And Jill and I started spending more time we were married on August 8 2017. This is one of the amazing stories that I like to share that have come out to the internet for me personally. Without it, I don't know CPD. Another great thing about the internet is my business. I really could not do what I do without gender. Next, I provide digital marketing services. These services include everything from PPC ads to websites, IT services are all internet peace, and without and without the internet could not provide the service that my agency provides. And I should say I want that. So that's a really good thing. Let us chat about services that allow us to do voice and video chat, Skype zoom come to mind quickly. I usually communicate with clients or friends on almost a daily basis. Now could we do that without the internet? Shout out to guys like Todd Jones, the vendor sync and my friend Jeff Brown. You know, guys, without the internet, we wouldn't be talking on a regular basis. I love you guys, amongst other people like to Kim Doyle's to pop DUNS, and so on and so forth. I'm just a lucky guy, by communication that can communicate with people all over the world. And that's an amazing thing. The internet and technology actually bring people closer to them falling apart. even despite your timezone difference right to vendor work. What can I say about that when I say good morning, you're going to bed and vice versa. It's really funny sometimes. Social media is one aspect the internet that it really like. I've met many people around the world and talk to many of them regularly. Some of us have even met in person. Many times. I value this relationship and to strengthen these relationships every day. My favorite social media sites are YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and of course Twitter. Internet as a main resource finding out to do something. Many years ago my son Stephen learned how to string all across from watching YouTube video. My wife Jill finds recipes on timeframes spot on the internet. I use it finding for answers to questions for my business our great uses of the internet



is an add in what stay up to date on what's going on in US sports entertainment. It's all online. Much better solution than watching news and sports on TV. They all use the internet for streaming in our house we stream music Spotify revision shows us in Disney, how amazon prime, or even Netflix, think about a world without screaming watching on any device of choice in any way. In our house, we use IoT Internet of Things devices, the Amazon Alexa smart plugs, and we use them quite regular. They're all internet connected, make our life much easier. Your net is a great place to educate yourself. I use the web for learning all the time. I often take courses online, attend webinars. I'm an avid podcast listener and use podcasts as learning tool for many topics, including the digital marketing industry. It's always easy to jump up and down and say the internet is bad causes or police problems, broken marriages, bad relationships and why this is so not the case the problems of society. Let's take bellcommander just for an example. younger generation often blames internet frankly, if someone's not happy in America never be happy. younger generation doesn't work compared to some relationships in the way we do. Marriages relationships require work. This has nothing to do with the internet, patriot everything is disposable. Everything important life takes work and time. Please remember that. How do we make the internet web a better place a few ways include the following. Treat others the way we want to be treated. Use the internet for the greater good. Don't blame the internet for shortcomings. using internet to better yourself. Continue to educate yourself using your net, eat some great people and use it to educate and learn from think about using the internet to make your life much better. It's made my life better. My wife Jilll. For that I'm truly grateful now as usual, very much. That is it for now. Remember, the internet is not all that bad. So I can make out of it. Have a great day. I love you all. And talk to y'all soon. Bye for now. Thank you for listening to the STM Show. The show was hosted by Robert Cairns the CEO and Chief creator of amazing ideas stunning digital marketing.com. This podcast comes out every week. It's available on all podcast platforms. If you'd like to be a guest on this podcast, please email us at podcast at stunning digital marketing.com. If you'd like some free marketing information to your inbox, please go to stunning digital marketing comm slash free. If you'd like to find out more about the digital marketing services we provide, please go to our website at stunning digital marketing.com. We specialize in helping your business succeed. This podcast is dedicated to Robert s father Bruce Cairns. Have an amazing week. Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for your stars. Make your business succeed.

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