Episode 335: Why Just Being on Twitter Is Not Enough

Show Summary

Rob Cairns talks about why just being on Twitter is not enough.

Show Highlights:

  1. Why being on Twitter is not enough.
  2. How to manage your brand on Twitter.
  3. Should you look at other social media avenues?

Show Notes

Rob Cairns here. I’m the founder, CEO and chief creator of amazing ideas at stunning digital marketing. Today I wanted to talk about something dear to my heart. And that’s why being on Twitter is not enough and I want to look at this from 2 perspectives. The first perspective is very simple. If you’re on Twitter as a business or brand for the sake of being there, just don’t do it. That’s worse than not being there at all, so by that I mean you want a brand that’s responsive, that has empathy towards its customers, that actually deals with situations and doesn’t provide the customer.  

With just lip service you wanna branch which shows the care one that is solution oriented. A really good example of this. Believe it or not, is Rogers helps Rogers Communications help team in Canada, they are most helpful with their brand. So that’s some food for thought on just not being there. The other decided not just being there is. Is that really where your market is? Do your followers and potential customers and. People that you deal with, do they flock to Twitter? Are they more on Lincoln? Are they more on? Mastered on are they more on face. Look, if they are on those other platforms, they’re not being on. Twitter is not just enough. You actually have to be on all those other platforms or at least the ones where your customers and business affiliations are the people you communicate. So the answer is. Is being on Twitter just enough? The answer to that is no, not really for those two reasons, Rob Cairnsn, CEO, founder, Chief creator of amazing ideas, of stunning digital marketing. Have a great day and bye bye for now.  

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