Episode 290: The Last Pass Mess

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Rob Cairns talks about the Last Pass Mess.

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  1. LastPass did not communicate well with its customers.
  2. Trust in security.
  3. What I did.
  4. LastPass Alternatives

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Hey everybody, Rob here again. Today I wanted to weigh in on the latest LastPass hack and more and more details are coming out every day and it should be concerned. One of the problems I have with LastPass right now is the change in ownership. It has changed multiple times.. Who knows where they are, but the point is the organizational structure has been a disaster. And from somebody who uses the software all the time, this should be concerning in a big way, so that’s problem #1. The second problem is. LastPass has not been truthful with this hack. It has come out in articles, including by The Verge lately, that it looks like customer data and password vaults did get compromised. Nowhere in any LastPass communication has that come out. Frankly, what we’re seeing is dribs and drabs instead of a company just coming clean and being done with it. And this is really concerning. Frankly, from a password manager. A service that’s supposed to be following security protocols and then some. So that’s a big issue. As far as I’m concerned. I made a decision. About a year ago that I didn’t like where LastPass was going, so I moved away. I actually moved to Bitwarden and I’ve been quite happy, frankly, and it wasn’t about money, it was about who I trusted and in the security space you really need to trust people. And frankly, I got to the point where I didn’t trust bitwarden any long. Sorry, LastPass any longer. I love bit. And that’s a lot to be said so frankly. There, who, I trust, is bentwood. I don’t trust LastPass to do the right thing, and it’s been shown lightly by the dribs and drabs of lack of communication. They’re hiding something, and how can you trust somebody in the security spaces? They’re hiding stuff? Think about that, folks. The other problem I’ve got in a big way. Is the lack of transparency and the lack of caring about the user so for me and I was using LastPass password manager, I would be switching to either one password a bit more than like yesterday, just get it done, find the one that suits your needs and make it happen. The other thing to remember is you can export your passwords and import them. Certainly in the Billboard and then probably 1 password as well. And the last thing to remember, and this is worth mentioning. Make sure your password manager has two step authentication turned on. Great way to protect even if your password gets hacked. Turn it on and turn it on now. Rob Calendar, Rob Karen’s founder, CEO and chief, creator of Mazing ideas, that’s stunning. Digital marketing talking about the LastPass mess. Talk to you all later and happy New Year.

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