Episode 84: Front Line Workers During Covid-19

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Episode 84: Front Line Workers During Covid-19



Hey guys, I’m Robert Cairns. I’m the founder, CEO and Chief creator of amazing ideas that stunning digital marketing. Hope you’re doing well. Today, I want to talk about something really important with all this COVID crisis going on. And that’s to be caring about frontline workers. And frankly, at the end of the day, I think what we need to do is show frontline workers that we really, really, really care about them, and that we appreciate them. And we appreciate everything that they’re doing for us. You know, they, they’re the ones keeping the cities going, the country’s going, we’re talking to doctors and medical staff, to grocery workers, etc. And I’m going to give you an example. Today I was in Costco, talking to the pharmacist. And the first thing they said to us, thank you for coming to work today. Without people like that, you know, those of us who are self isolating, and only going out to do our shopping, I have a bit of an issue. So I salute you frontline workers, thank you very much for what you’re doing for putting yourselves out there. And then includes even people like transit, police officers, firemen, and so on and so forth. And all the PS W’s out there, they have challenges, no question. So I saw you guys, thanks for what you do. Keep on doing it. We appreciate you. And thank you, as I was Rob Cairns. Thank you all the front line workers and folks, keep working on your businesses. Keep your feet underground, keep reaching for the stars and make that business succeed. Have a great day be safe be well Thank you. Bye for now.

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