Episode 381: Resolutions vs Goals

Show Summary

Rob Cairns talks about the difference between Resolutions and Goals. Show Highlights:

1. Why resolutions do not work.

2. Short-term and long-term goals.

3. Goals must be measurable.

Show Notes

Hey everybody, I’m rob Cairns. For those who don’t know me, I’m the founder, CEO and chief creator of amazing ideas that stunning digital marketing. Today I want to talk about something dear to my heart and as we go into 2024, we’re already a week in. I want to talk about why you shouldn’t do resolutions, but you really should do proper goals so resolutions are kind of not obtainable.


There’s silly things like I wanna and maybe not silly things, but things like I wanna lose 100 lbs. Yeah, that’s nice. I wanna go on a trip. Yeah, that’s nice. So what I prefer to do is set. Goals in my. Personal life and my business. So that means things like. I wanna achieve 100 more clients this year and then you set up many goals on how you can achieve them. Set up a road map of. Mark, be realistic. How you’re actually gonna get there, that really matters, so. And I would suggest you take your goals. For the year and. Break them into smaller goals so the smaller goals. Make up the big Google and the reason for doing that they need you. Don’t get overwhelmed by this big task at the end of the tunnel.


You’re small little task that reached that bigger task so. Create goals. Break them down into pieces and make them attainable and make them measurable. I’m going to increase my revenue by $10,000 in quarter one and then work your goals to get to that revenue of $10,000 in quarter one and very simple. Much better using goals to measure than to make resolutions that don’t make any sense. So prep yourself for 2024 Rob Tennis CEO, chief creator of Amazing Ideas, Goals versus resolutions, and why. Have a great day. Bye bye for now.

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