Episode 182 One WordPress Maintenance Tip To Start The Year

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Rob Cairns talks about one WordPress Maintenance Tip you should do to start the year.

Show Highlights:

  1. Why you should maintain your WordPress Website.
  2. Security matters.
  3. Speed matters.

Show Notes

Hey, everybody, Rob here again. In today’s quick podcast tip, I want to give you a WordPress tasks that you should do to start to your property. We can WordPress websites, I talk a lot about maintenance and how it matters to a WordPress website. And frankly, it’s like driving a car. If you don’t put oil in the engine, what happens if the car doesn’t function, if you don’t change the oil? What happens? The car doesn’t function well. And one of the things people tend to do, especially small business owners, is they don’t maintain their WordPress website really well. What I’d say to anybody is if you need some help, feel free to reach out anytime VIP at Stunning Digital marketing.com. I’d be glad to help you out with that. But on to the tip. So one of the things I think you should do every year or a couple of times here is take a look at the plugins and themes on your WordPress website in your WordPress dashboard. And check and make sure those plugins and themes are actually being used. And if you’re not using those plugins or themes, it’s time to delete them a couple of reasons why maintain something that you’re not using. But also more importantly, plugins and themes that are not used tend not to get updated properly. And when you don’t update software properly, what it results in is possible security vulnerabilities. And we all know that software. And that is and themes and plugins that is not updated properly with security vulnerabilities leads to hack attempts by script kiddies. And that, frankly means that your website can be hacked easily, or more easily than if it was locked down. And one of the ways to lock down is get rid of the stuff you’re not using. The other benefit to get rid of the stuff you’re not using is speed. I actually believe in running my websites as lean as I can run them for speed reasons. So extra stuff, or extra garbage, frankly, weeds to speed issues. So do it now. Go into your WordPress dashboard. Go into the plugins and get rid of any plugins that aren’t being used in the same in the themes. You’ll be glad you did. Rob Cairns Founder CEO and Chief Creative of Amazing ideas at Stunning Digital Marketing, talking about a quick easy win for your website maintenance. Have a great day and bye bye for now.

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