Episode 73: Why The Internet is as Important as Water or Hydro

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Hi all Robert Cairns here, I’m the CEO and Chief creator of amazing ideas that stunning digital marketing.com here with another podcast for you during this tough time, isolation, not being able to do our normal routines. And frankly not being able to be out with friends seems to be the norm lately. I’m going to keep providing you with podcasts to try and help you and your business succeed even during this tough time. Today, I’m actually going to talk about why the internet is an essential service, and needs to be treated the same way as utility, or other things. And that means effective now, it’s something I’ve talked about before. And we’ll get into that. We’ll also talk a little bit of news. Unfortunately, most of it is COVID-19 related. But what else is new in the world today? Do me a favor, be safe. Take care of your loved ones. Take care of your friends. Practice social distancing, and make your point of helping somebody out over 65. They’re at high risk, pick up the phone, stay in touch, jump on FaceTime, jump on zoom, and be there for each other, we will just pick up



today’s news is a little uninspiring. Let’s start with the topic that is not COVID-19 related. And according to a nine to five, Google, Google’s actually gonna re design its podcast app to make its venture and podcast apps a little more easier to use for the end user. So be really interesting to see what happens with Google and its redesigned COVID-19 has caused closures all over the world. Now I was talking to my friend the vendor this morning and they’re under lockdown as of tonight for 21 days, where I live in Ontario where basically under walk down the House of Commons, which is Canada, Canada’s federal parliament is reading today to pass legislation to get aid out to Canadians. The IOC as I mentioned last night, has delayed the Olympics until after summer in Tokyo, Japan. And it goes on, and it goes on. Frankly, folks, this is the new normal. I don’t really have much in the news to say except the numbers are going up. It looks like the new epicenter. COVID-19 is us which President Trump would get off his partisan politics is start to work with the mayors and governors and solve some problems. But you know, that’s wishful thinking. Here in Canada, we’ve sealed off our border except for non essential Trump for non essential travel to the world. We’re still bringing people home. And we continue to help all Canadians so take their time and help some people. And that’s it for today’s news.



Al Rob, Karen shares the CEO and Chief Creative meeting ideas that stunning digital marketing. I hope you’re all well during this crisis. today’s podcast is one we really need to talk about. And we need to push our lawmakers in most countries that the internet is as important as water, heat, and hydro in today’s society. It is no longer a luxury. And frankly COVID-19 has brought this to a higher and higher need. So let me explain. I’ve been working on the internet since the days of dial in. And frankly even before the internet was the internet, many companies use the internet for support reasons. Before I got into digital marketing. I provided it support for a large hospital in Toronto. And my gateway in after hours was a VPN virtual private network connection via the internet. And we have been doing that for over 1520 years frankly. And before we went to VPN we did dial and dial in was just awful. So trying to fix things after hours. What I will tell you is the internet helped cause connection speed was much better. Now let’s move forward to today. Many companies employ remote workers. They use products like Microsoft Teams, Slack, zoom, and more. In our agency, we certainly use them to communicate with people and frankly, these are all internet based process. In Ontario, we’re actually aiming towards offering online learning courses under college level, so high school level. And if these kids at home don’t have stable internet, they will not be able to learn. And frankly, their education will suffer. And more and more households are going to streaming services, and not having conventional cable. It takes a house like ours, we have Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney. We really don’t use any streaming services. I’ve been picking the news up. Lately, I’ve ctv.ca or CTV news.ca, which is their news channel. I’m watching it that way, all because of this wonderful device called the internet. We communicate that way. We send emails, we do Slack, we do zoom. We use it to run our businesses, many products we no longer buy. But we use SaaS Software as a Service, things like QuickBooks, online wave apps, and more. In my case, I do digital marketing. That’s all online. And frankly, due to the COVID-19 kit crisis, I think more and more is going to be moving online. And frankly, I think I positioned for least project management tools like Trello, Asana, and more. And we also order online from places like Amazon, Alibaba, or national stores. Folks, the internet is reality today. And because of all this, we need to push governments to pass laws to make the internet essential and essential service. We also need them to push them, frankly, to put it in the same level as hydro, water, and more. I have an uncle who lives 30 minutes out of Kingston, Ontario. And because he’s rural, all he can get his microwave. Frankly, he needs high speed broadband now. And this is brought to light more and more. I think I urge the Canadian government and many other governments, frankly, to make the internet a high priority item. We need to do this now. We need to take care of our people. And frankly, we need to make it available and affordable for all. So governments of the world, please move and make the internet in a central service.



As always Rob Karen’s stunning digital marketing. If you need any digital marketing help, please go to stunning digital marketing comm during the COVID-19 crisis, and providing free 30 minute marketing strategy calls to anybody who needs it. I was on a couple this morning, I’d be glad to help you. Scroll down the main website under the COVID-19 message, click on the button and say, You know I’d like one. I’ll let you book right into my calendar. I’ll help you out. Let’s keep the business world moving. You can also scroll down further to the bottom of our homepage and sign up for a free newsletter tips and tricks couple times a week to your inbox to help your business succeed. Make sure you subscribe to this podcast, the STM show to get these in any other podcast your inbox. And as always, please take care of yourself Take care of your loved ones. This podcast is dedicated my late father Bruce Cairns. And to Jill’s mom, Jane Carol MacDonald. It’s a year this week that we lost her and please keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars and make your business succeed. Bye for now.

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