Episode 337: Talking Mental Health

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Rob Cairns talks about Mental Health in this episode.

Show Highlights:

1. Why Mental Health Matters.

2. How to Take Care of Yourself.

3. What to do when having mental health issues.

    Show Notes

    Hey everybody, we are live for those who don’t know me, I’m Rob Cairns. I’m the founder, CEO and chief creator of amazing ideas. That stunning digital marketing. And today I wanted to talk about a subject that’s dear to my heart and that’s mental health and how you can kind of maintain it a little bit and what you can do to help yourself. Now, big disclaimer, I’m not a doctor, so anybody who wants to really check in on this stuff please. We’ll talk to your physician. So I needed to put that out. There right away. So mental health for me is a big deal and taking care of myself is a big deal. I’ve always said you go to the doctor for your arm, your knee, your cold. Why not go to the? Doctor to check the most important brain out in your body and that’s the brain. So go check the organ called the brain out with your doctor and go have a mental health check up. Once you are you doing OK? Are you not doing OK? So things he can do. One eat well, two sleep well. And that for me is one I struggle with my sleep lately has been God awful. I wear a picture, watch to bed, and last night I was rated as poor the night before I was rated as moderate. Doesn’t say much. It’s good to get out there doing something you like to doing exercise works and the 4th big thing. I consider this really important is surrounding yourself with the right type of people. Do you talk to people that are generally positive or are they negative? Do you hang out with people that appreciate you? Do you have three or four? Girlfriends or guy friends that you can call in a crisis? Think about stuff like that. Really important other things I think help us don’t work all the time. Spend some time on your hobbies and things you like. Do you like to read? Do you like to dance? Do you like to listen to music? Do you like to read for pleasure. And so on and so forth. One of the biggest things entrepreneurs and self driven people have is they don’t take breaks. They like to work right through lunch. They don’t take holidays, they don’t take sick days. Ditch that whole attitude right now. You need to take holidays. You need to take sick days. And more importantly, you need to eat during the day and take a lunch break. It doesn’t do your head any good to go through the day with no fuel. That’s couple things. Now we all have times in our lives that our heart’s really hard. And again, what do I do about it? For me, I do several things. I use an app on my phone every night called balance, which helps me sleep or attempt to sleep. It calms me down, which is really good. I listen to a podcast three days a week called the Doctor John Deloney Show. John is an amazing doctor and he walks alongside people and talks to them about all their mental health problems, relationship problems and so on. And by the way, if you want another source, go get his book, own your past, change your future by recognizing what’s gone on your previous life. It helps so, so much so go get that. Other things you can do, go for a walk at night and just listen to quiet music or nothing at all. It’s good thinking time and it’s good for the head as well As for the body, to be frank. Do you have as I mentioned earlier, two or three friends that you can call if you’re a lady lady friend? If it’s a guy guy friends and you can hash out non judgmentally everything going on in your life, think about that. Do you have those? Things you can do that helps. If you need to. Get really bad. Go see a professional. I do it once a month. Check in with the counselor. It’s really important. Yes, it costs money, but I can guarantee you it’s the best money you ever spent. So do that also. If you’re having struggling, also look at better health. Better health is an online counseling service, can be a little cheaper than seeing somebody in person, but they’re there to help you, so get some help. And just keep being you. That’s really important. And one of the biggest things around mental health is this whole subject of feelings. And my ex-wife used to say all the time you. Can choose what to feel or not. To feel well. I personally think that’s a bully tactic. You need to recognize other people’s feelings. You may not agree with them, but don’t change them because the minute you try and change others feelings, that becomes a bully tactic. So just talking a little bit about mental health. Take care of yourselves, please. I know it’s hard working for yourself. You know, if you wanna reach out and have a conversation, please do. Or in the podcast many, many episodes I shared some of my mental health journey when I went through my separation and that led to divorce. I’m 10 times better off the person I am now than I was two years ago. A lot of that being is. I’ve just focused and concentrated on me and what comes to mental health. Please do that, Rob Terrence, founder, CEO and Chief creator of amazing ideas and stunning digital marketing, talking about mental health. Have a great day. Bye bye for now.

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