Episode 61: Why We Are Out Of The Godaddy Ecosystem

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Episode 61 Why We Are Out Of The Godaddy Ecosystem



Everybody Rob Cairns here. This podcast is brought to you by stunning digital marketing calm the digital marketing agency to fulfill all your digital marketing needs. We are also your WordPress security experts. So, talk to us to help you secure your WordPress website today. And now on with this week’s episode. Robert Cairns here, I’m the CEO and Chief creative ideas to stunning digital marketing outcome. We all know that your domain registrar and web hosting companies important part of your digital marketing plan for your business. I should also suggest they should not be one in the same I prefer separate companies. I suggest you choose these smartly and wisely. In the last few years, I’ve been moving services away from GoDaddy. I should tell you that I’ve never hosted any of my websites on GoDaddy. It suggested all my clients move away from GoDaddy for their web hosting needs are much better choices out there, frankly, it’s ready enough. For a long time I’ve used siteground to service all my web hosting needs. They’re an amazing supportive web host for security issues. I had you security for a long time. That was until GoDaddy purchased them a couple years ago. At that point I switched to the amazing people at wordfence tell shorts anti malware removal services. At one time, I was a managed WP customer. I was on not only a customer but a paying one as well. After GoDaddy purchased manage WP, I started having problems connecting there’s some websites on siteground, GoDaddy Bluehost and basically refused to help me, I want to cancel my account. Frankly, they refuse to cancel it, I had to cancel it at the credit card level with my bank. At this point, I cancelled my managed WP subscription and moved everything to meet web. Their WordPress management tool works really well and is well supported. I’m much happier since I made the change. Last and GoDaddy does its domain registration. For those who don’t know they are the world’s largest domain registrar. Partially because they spent millions of dollars of ads on advertising commercials every year. Remember the old GoDaddy girl commercials. Over the last while I’ve been moving all my domains to name cheap, all new registered domains have been registered on my name cheap account for a long time. Frankly, I do not like to service at GoDaddy and a consistent upsells. There is a way to do it in a proper way not to do it. Frankly, GoDaddy is just over the top on the way they do upsells. A week ago, I invoke the domain transfer from my final two domains, one of those being my business one. Frankly, I’ve just not gotten around to transferring them. I never vote the process, entered the AP codes on HTTP, and even paid for the transfer. I then received an email from GoDaddy saying that I wanted to if I wanted to stop the transfer by February 2 2020, click here and otherwise do nothing. I should also add, this means do nothing, it will be automated. And the transfer should have just completed. Frankly, where GoDaddy is involved that really should have known better. And it just went downhill from there. I had to call GoDaddy on February 7, the day after the transfers were supposed to be done and said Why? And they said well, you have to go in your account and click here and click here. And basically manually again approved to change and nowhere was at an email and know where was it indicated? So the best I can surmise is they tried to force a call. So that is a customer would have to call them and they could talk me out of the domain transfer. I didn’t give them that opportunity. Actually, I just was done with them. And this is just ridiculous that they would have had to go this extra step that nobody else does. Another reason why I will never use GoDaddy and when they mistreat their customers, it’s all the more reason that people should be weary of their tactics and stay cleared. Large doesn’t always mean good.



So as you can tell, I never use them again. As always Robert Cairns with the SDM show. For more help on your digital marketing needs, head over to stunning digital marketing comm and sign up for your free newsletter. The podcast is dedicated my late father Bruce Cairns. Keep your feet on the ground and keep watching For the stars, make your business succeed.

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