Episode 48: How Some Brands Are Moving Away From Facebook Groups

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Hi, I’m Rob Cairns CEO and Chief Curator of amazing ideas that stunning digital marketing Comm. I hope everybody’s having a great day. In our last episode, we talked about the concerns about using services that are on rented land, SAS services, and exporting and protecting your data. Today, I want to talk about Facebook a little bit, and the issues of groups and pages. Frankly, Facebook is changing its model a little bit and forcing individuals to pay to play. And please remember that we really need to look at this. This past week, Yahoo announced they’re closing Yahoo groups, they will be fully shut down in December right now you can add any data to them as of October 28. Now, I won’t read too much in that group so that frankly, Verizon has been selling off Yahoo properties, and trying to get out of this mess of finding out who that Turin tumblers been sold. groups have been closed, flickers been sold, and so on. Now, why are people moving away from Facebook groups? First, many people do not like to privacy issues, Facebook’s been in the media constantly about privacy. Secondly, they want to control how they communicate with their tribal customers. I can certainly understand why Facebook is changing the visibility of group posts as they did not as they did with pages a long time ago. And we know that visibility is everything in marketing. So welcome to the new world of get this online forums. Yes, forums are back in a big way. All things old become new again. Remember records, they’re back to one of the biggest movers gone on farms are tech journalists and the founder twit, Leo Laporte twit is moved to New forms called discourse. It’s really slick, frankly. And I’ve used them easy to use. A little pricey though there, they start at about $100 US dollars a month. Now, you say why would I spend that you have more control over your forums, you can do things like export usernames, and so on. In the long run, as part of the stunning digital marketing, com redesign, I’m truly thinking about adding forms to my corporate website. I’ll probably go to forms that are built directly into WordPress, there are many WordPress plugins years ago, I ran a forum called simply press and I didn’t run in really push it back then. But I think it’s time again to try it. Frankly, I’d rather have control of my tribe, forums on your website, or using a third party site gives you a viable alternative Facebook groups and the visibility and should be considered. The question is, do you want to keep going down the Facebook rabbit hole? Or do you want more control your community and tribe? You really need to think about this and how you want to do business? The big question from a privacy standpoint is Who do you trust more? rim? Really think long and hard about this one. The next question is who would benefit and what would benefit my brand or business. That said, you probably don’t want to get rid of your Facebook business page. You need it, frankly, to run ads, and have access to the ad manager. So having some kind of Facebook presence is good. But I wouldn’t want to put all my eggs in one basket. The only way to control your business and communities take control of it. And not leave everything on Facebook. First thing I think leaving everything there’s a risky and a very bad idea. So I suggest you the business owner or the organization think long and hard about this one. Take some time, do some research and think about what works for you in the short term and long term. Help you I’ve given you some thoughts to how to protect your business and think about some viable options but that’s using Facebook and think cart. If I could do anything for you let me know. Thanks for listening. And I love y’all have a great day. Thank you for listening to the SDM business marketing WordPress podcast. The show is hosted by Robert Cairns CEO and Chief Creative amazing ideas that stunning digital marketing com this podcast comes out every week. It’s available on all podcast platforms. If you’d like to be a guest on this podcast please email us at podcast at stunning digital marketing comm if you’d like to find out more about traditional marketing services we provide please go to stunning digital marketing.com This podcast is dedicated to Bruce Cairns. Have an amazing week. Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars. Make your business succeed.

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