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Hi all. I am Rob Cairns the CEO/Chief Creator of at I hope you are all doing well today.

Lately, Facebook has been changing a lot of rules for groups and pages. It is part of getting companies and individuals to pay to play. Remember that. 

This week Yahoo even announced they are closing Yahoo groups. They will be fully shut down in December. Now I would not read too much into this. Verizon has been selling off Yahoo properties and trying to get out of the mess they are in.

Now, why are people moving away from Facebook groups?  First, many people do not like the privacy issues. Secondly, they want control over how they communicate with their tribe. I can certainly understand why. Facebook is changing the visibility of group posts as they did with Page posts a number of years ago. And we all know that visibility is everything in marketing.

So welcome to the new world of get this – online forums. Yes, forums are back in a big way. All things old become new again. Remember records? They are back too.

One of the big movers to online forums is tech journalist and founder of Twit – Leo Lapore. Twit has moved to new forums. He has chosen to go with a forum software called Discourse. It is really slick. They are a little pricey starting a $100 usd a month.

In the long run as part of the redesign, I am thinking about adding forums. I will probably go with forums that are built directly into WordPress. I ran a forum many years ago and did really well with it. I think it is time again.

Forums on your own website or using a third part site gives you a viable alternative to Facebook groups and should be considered. The question is do you want to keep going down the FB rabbit whole or do you want more control of your community and tribe. It is really something to think about.

The big question from a privacy standpoint is who do you trust more. Really think hard and long about this one. The next question is what would benefit my brand or business more.

That said you probably do not want to get rid of your Facebook Business page. One of the requirements to run Facebook ads is to have a Business Page. This is a must. So do not delete it.

The only way you can control your business and your community is to take control of it and not leave everything to Facebook. Personally, I think this is risky and a very bad idea.  So think long and hard on this one.

Take your time. Do some research and think about what works for you in the short term and the long term. I hope I have given you some things to think about today. Please take care of your business.

As always thanks for joining me and Love you all!

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