Episode 258: 15 Ways Small Businesses Can Secure a WordPress Website

Show Highlights

Rob Cairns shares his experience and talks about ways small businesses can secure a WordPress website. 

Show Highlights:

  1. Software you can use to secure your site.
  2. Backups matter.
  3. Passwords and more passwords.

Show Notes

1.Dont use Admin as your username.
2. Use strong passwords.
3. Use a password manager like Bitwarden.
4. For sensitive sites use 2fa
5. User roles – only give users access to what they need not what they think they need.
6. Your host is your security partner.
7. Change the backend login URL.
8. Change the database prefix.
9. Use a plugin like Patchstack to watch for security issues
10. Use themes security to lock down your settings – force admin accounts to change password regularly.
11. Make sure you backup your website and test the backups.
12. Do regular updates of WordPress core and plugins.
13. Remove unneeded Themes and plugins.
14. Read many of the security blogs like Patchstack and Securi to keep up to date.
15. If you are not going to so it or have the experience to do it right, hire someone like me to it for you.

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