Episode 105: Lessons Learned During My 53 Years

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Episode 105 – Lessons Learned During My 53 Years


Hey al Robert Cairns here. I’m the founder, CEO and Chief creator of amazing ideas that stunning Digital Marketing. Today I’m going to do something a little different. I’ve turned 53 years old, and I thought I’d do a podcast on lessons learned over 53 years. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode.


Hi, I’m Rob Cairns here again. today. I’m 52 years old. Lessons learned during my 53 years old. I hope you enjoyed this really special episode. The first thing I’ve learned is family is everything. I come from a very close family. We talk all the time I normally see each other pre COVID-19 quite a bit. Actually. My mom’s still alive and my dad is not anymore. And frankly, I miss my dad every day. We were really close. And I was really lucky. I make a point of talking to my mom regularly and my brothers pretty frequently. We’re lucky to have family. A second thing is sometimes the best things in life are worth waiting for 22 years ago and that just lazy but an image of McCoy. timing was everything we dated for a while and in stages, good friends. That’s for the 19 years and I’d come out of a nasty, toxic relationship. Joe and I went out for lunch one day, and then I decided to go to Niagara Falls for vacation. I asked God to come with me and she did.


So on August 2017, john McClane became john McClane guaranteed we were married in Niagara Falls, Ontario, what a fitting place. And I should tell you, our wedding song is heaven by Bryan Adams,


go listen to it, it tells her story and the word save quite a bit about Joe and I. And if you listen to the words, and spend some time doing that, you’ll get what I’m talking about. The next thing in life is don’t be so lazy when researching things. Google is your friend. I get really tired of people on the internet who post stuff in Facebook groups or other forums without doing the homework first, actually do the homework, help yourself and then say I don’t understand when somebody helped me that I have all the time in the world for. But frankly, I don’t have much time for lazy people. So usually pass or say, digit dry news, Google. Now let’s get on to something that’s really interesting. And that’s people say, they don’t have time for others, or don’t have time to do something. I think people have time. I think what they do is they choose to make time for things that they want to, not that they have to, or they don’t want to so just come out and say, I don’t really want to do this. Instead of making all the excuses and stop trying to fluff it up. Just food for thought. We’ll move on to toxic romantic relationships. They’re the worst. They’ve never done that an adult relationship I stayed in eight years, way too long. It impacted health work, how I felt about myself and people around me. I lost several friends in it too. And that’s just the way it is. Trust me, no matter how much you think these relationships are worth it or not. Think about getting out sooner than later. I wish I had a much happier now, frankly. Now, it’s not just toxic. romantic relationships are bad. Toxic friendships can be just as bad if not worse. I spent many years how screaming my life, getting really people out of my life that our brain six times sucks and frankly, a pain and life’s much happier that way. Think about it. Do these people still serve a purpose in your life? And is it a two way relationship? That’s the key. If it’s not think about getting out of it. Now let’s jump on to the subject of mental health. Taking care of your mental health is as much if not more important than taking care of your physical health. The brain is a powerful organ, and it must be looked after. Many people neglect their mental health. And I see it again and again. And then when everything breaks loose, they say oh my poor mental, or frankly, if you didn’t take care of my dog, get over and do something about it. You can take care of it. And there are many ways such as the following. Seo professional if you need to meditate journal every day, which is something I done for a long time yoga, go for long walks to clear your head. Take seminars, listen to podcasts that help you Read books from people that help you to ask too. I like to turn to a guy in a self help space Tony Robbins. It’s been around for a long time, he helps me but it’s not for everybody. Become a positive person, not a negative person all the time, glass is always half full and half empty. For physical health, make sure you get lots of exercise is getting older becomes more important. As relative. As a result of exercise, I’ve come off diabetic medication and lost over 100 pounds. I feel 10 times better. The reason I love exercise is to clear my head. It’s one of the most amazing benefits of exercise. I often go for long walks, listen to a podcast music, or sometimes even nothing just to think the benefits of walking are endless ivany issues so this is one of the best thing for me. The only thing that would be really good is swimming. But frankly with COVID going on, I am been near a pool to summer, which is kind of awful. But oh well. Let’s move on to your current romantic relationship. Make sure you tell your partner you love them, and how much you care about them every day. Also, make sure you do not take them for granted, and you learn how to communicate with them. Also, make sure you work on your relationship every day. Relationships take work, and your romantic one is worth working on. Make sure you spend time with each other. One thing I try and do is spend time together every day no matter how busy we are. I take the last couple hours a day before bed and spend the Mojo no matter what I’m doing what I got planned on what I need to be done. Try, it would be a big benefit to you. I want to move on forward to the tough times. This includes the following political issues, racial issues, self interest groups COVID-19, more


2020 has been a tough year, we’ve got a lot to deal with, as a society. And frankly, it’s far from over. What I would suggest is to treat people the way you want to be treated people I can show people with respect a lot of people including an act, a guy who became an ex friend who was a friend for a long time blame COVID-19 for how they act, I don’t agree. What I really should do is look in the mirror and blame themselves. They’re nice and caring people are even more caring during these tough times. And the people that frankly are pains and costs from are causing more problems or more of the pain than ever before. So that’s something that I find is to become older, the people around me shrunk and I’ve watched a nice tolerance for bad behavior. And frankly, I don’t really have time for it in my life, nor will I make time for something I choose not to be nice. I hope you enjoyed some of these sites today. Please take care of yourself and your friends and loved ones during the pandemic. As always, I can be reached via my website at stunning digital marketing comm you can email me at VIP at stunning digital marketing.com or you can call me at 416-624-7647 on Twitter, I can be reached at at Rob Cairns. If you go over to our website in the footer, there are links for all other social media platforms around feel free to reach out. Also on the main page all the way down is to sign up for my marketing newsletter. Get some of the best marketing tips to your inbox Sign up today. As always, this podcast is dedicated to my late father.I love you very much and I miss you very much. Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars and make your business succeed. Bye for now.

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