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Hi All. Rob Cairns Here. I am the CEO/Chief Creator of Amazing Ideas at Today I want to talk about something that small business owners make a big mistake doing. They try and market using the next Shiny thing.

I have talked about the Shiny Object Syndrome in past episodes more than once.People always flock to what is new. Having been in the business for a number of years, I can say this is a big mistake.

Stability matters. Going to where your tribe/customers/potential customers are matters. This might not be in line with Shiny’s next best thing. As someone who does marketing, I am all for trying new things if my audience is on that platform.

Let me explain….

A group I belong to on Facebook the discussion of Tik Tok came up. For those of you who do not know Tik Tok is a video service. These days it seems to be frequented by Teens more than anything. They always move to the next shiny tool to avoid detection from their parents.

As a business, this could be tempting. Maybe…

Personally I would ask myself two things:

  1. Is my target market on this service?
  2. Is the service viable in the long run?

In this case, my answer is no and who knows. This would keep me away from Tik Tok.

Now the viability of the service is more than do they have the financial resources. A good example of a company that had endless resources was Alphabet and they failed with both Google Plus and Google Buzz.

One reason I wait to find out if a service has viability is if it does not why to invest the time or the resources into that service. There might be no direct financial cost to you – remember there is always a cost to use every service – but there is a cost for the resources and your time. There is always a cost.

Why not build on a platform that has long term viability.

I will also say that Video is here long term and matters today more than anything. I use video all the time and even do some live streaming as it is more important. For me, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube work really well. I also share videos in my newsletter and on my business blog all the time.

So I do understand the medium and I am an expert in what works and what does not work.

Yes being first to adopt can give you a short term edge but in the long term, it actually costs more. You have to invest time, money, expertise, resources and more in a service that might not be around for a long time. In the end, you spend more and wonder why you kill your marketing budget.

You know what my choice is. Think about this and make the right marketing choice for your company.

Have a great day and I love you all!


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