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Hi All Rob Cairns here! I hope you are having an amazing day. I have a major announcement to make as well as a special offer for you just for listening!

The announcement – after considering things for a long time I am going to change the name of this podcast.  If you remember I started with 2 podcasts and then just combined them because it made sense. It really did.

Now as we move forward the new name is just too long. Our current name is The SDM Business, Marketing and WordPress Show. Frankly, this is just way too long. As of this episode, the podcast will be called the SDM Show. Simple, easy and short. It is also in line with my agency’s branding.

The format will not be changing. It will be short business tips on a topic along with interviews when I can get them. I will be working on obtaining some more interviews soon.

The second note this week’s podcast is a special offer for you! In honour of Halloween and my wife’s 50th Birthday today – Happy Birthday Babe – my gift to you is the slide deck I used to help a client understand my time management system. This slide deck will help you become more productive.

What is the catch you might ask? Actually none. I am giving it to you with no-optin, no nothing required. This gift is 100% free with no catches. Go to to get your free Google Slide Deck now! 

In a couple of weeks, my good friend Todd Jones and I will do I live demo of how to use my system for time management.

As always thanks for listening and on to this week’s episode.


Hi all Rob Cairns here! I am the CEO and Chief Creator of Amazing Ideas at I hope you are all having an amazing day.

Today I want to talk about a subject that came to a head on the Internet and that was the subject of a site called is owned by WeWork. If you have been watching the saga of WeWork then you know they did not get off their IPO off the ground and they had about 6 months of money left then they were dead and done.

The reason for all the concern is is a site that many people/businesses use to connect with others holding meetups. There is a lot of rich data in meetup including contact information and more.

I have a good friend of mine who organizes meetups. One thing I suggested to him a week ago was to export all the names and email addresses from his meetup account. My suggestion was because I felt he had to protect himself and his business. is what in the marketing space is called rented land. This is space we actually do not own. People think of social media sites as rented land but they do not think about their CRM, Email accounts and more. More on this later in the show.

Let us fast forward to today. Softbank has injected 1.5 billion dollars into WeWork and has options to purchase another 3 billion dollars in shares from investors. This deal will keep WeWork running but who knows what the future for

This is something as business owners that we need to be so careful of. Running our business on services that we do not control. On there is a cost of running and posting an event. I get that. But as a business owner, if we do not export our data, there are concerns.

I will go to one more service type. That is the program that you use to send out your mailing list. These days for our business I use MailerLite. In this case, it could also be Active Campaign/Infusionsoft(Keep), MailChimp Convert Kit and more.

Do you ever export your lists on a regular basis?

If you don’t, you should. You must protect your business and having your data can help you if something happens with your account and service.

Let us examine another service. Gmail. Gmail is the most popular email program on the web. Millions of people use it. I use the paid version of Gmail called Gsuite.

I have an android phone which saves my contact list to my Gmail account. What happens if there is an issue with my contact list or my Gmail account? I am in trouble,,

Fortunately, Gmail allows you to export your contact list as a CSV file which most spreadsheet programs read. This is something really handy and helps you make a contact list backup.

You also need to think about your CRM and Mailing List Programs. Programs like Infusionsoft/Keep, MailChimp, MailerLite and more. If one of these were to have issues or disappear then all your names and email addresses would bet gone. Make sure you export data from these services on a regular basis.

Let’s also look at your accounting/invoicing/project management/note-taking packages the same. Make sure you export and backup your data on a regular basis.

What I suggest is only use cloud services that are proven, that you trust and that have been around for a while. This is the best way to protect yourself. But you still need to do backups as Meetup has shown.

This makes life a lot easier and protects your business.

Think about it. The choice is yours.

Thanks for joining me today and I love you all.

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