Episode 288: Life Changing Events That Shape Your Life

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Rob Cairns talks about how Life Changing Events Shape you.

Show Highlights:

  1. Good and Bad Events impact you.
  2. These events can go back to when you were much younger.
  3. Some of these events you can not directly impact.

Show Notes

Hey everybody, Rob here again. I really wanted to talk in this podcast about life changing events and how they shape who you are and they can be good or bad.

So let me give you some examples of them. My 18th birthday. My son the day he was born, February 20th, 1992. My first job in program. Graduating from college. Graduating a second time from a vocational school. My marriage breakups along the way. My marriage separation leading to divorce. And recently The death of my parents, my father, my mother, still life. And the death of my grandparents many many years ago. And then things in the world 9/11. Trip to Niagara Falls, where a mental health person set fire to a matina hotel. We were staying. A fire I had in the building when I was married to Joe. In the middle of the night. And recently being hit by a car. An SUV and an intersection. These are all life changing events and they all shape. The hardest part is when they’re negative, they really wear on you.

This one that happened the week last Saturday is 1 on me mentally in a big way. Physically, I’m fine, I’m actually great. But mentally spend a hard go. Keep thinking about where it could have been what? Could have happened? And the number of injuries from vehicles in the last year in the Toronto area, it’s almost silly. And it makes me think, and it makes me think more. And I hate to say it, but. That’s who I am. I analyze to think and I look at things and I say what could I have done? And truthfully, on this one, there’s nothing I could have done. I couldn’t done anything different. I didn’t break the. Law and I can only react. And it’s a hard go and it’ll probably take some weeks of counseling to even feel back to normal. But that’s just the reality of it all. And my bandwidth. Frankly, for conversations in groups is not very good right now, which is unusual for me. My bandwidth in. Individuals who’s still pretty good, which is.

A good thing. And it impacts so one of the things I would say is if it’s a really positive life changing experience. We all get a rush. We get a rush I can do. It I can do anything. And it helps us and it helps us. In a big way. When it’s negative, it’s totally the opposite and everybody says suck it up. Well, guess what folks you can’t always suck it up. Go see a pro. Go do some counseling. One of the things I would suggest is go by Doctor John Delony book. Own Your Past Change Your Future. It is the a life changing book and an experience in itself. Shout it to John and check out his podcast. Look at some counselling.

There’s several online services and there’s several. Services where you can see counsellors via zoom if you don’t want to go see them. Do it. Take care of your mental health. Stop going to the doctor just to look at the army. I will. Your head is more important than all of those organs, and nobody seems to take. Care of. Because there’s a stigma that’s attached to mental health care. We all have issues in our life. Nobody’s perfect. It’s all how you deal with them.

So please, please, please take care. And put yourself in a regime on a daily basis to help yourself. Do you wind down properly at night? Do you meditate? You journal. I do both of those. Actually, do you have trusted friends and colleagues? You can talk to? I have those fortunately, do you have a significant other in your life who you can talk to? I have that too and do you do a daily check in with that person? I certainly do. That’s one of the places I’ve improved in relationships over the years. Some people don’t believe in all this stuff, but I think. Frankly, they’re just short sighted or they’re scared. And that’s a big factor too. Negative life. Changing experiences, you know. They can be hard. You got to deal with them.

As for the positive ones, the day I graduates college the day I won the provincial Debating championship in Quebec. The day I won the school soccer championship in Montreal, those were like amazing rushes. And frankly, who needs to be on anything for rush? Those rushes are the best. They’re real, the reality they happen. And there are things I all do. I’m still an avid speaker as a result and as a result of podcast. I’m still a very big sports fan. Been there, love, sports and so on, and I’ve continued to carry my education. So think about that. That’s how the positives work. The day my son was born. You know that’s changed my life for over 30 years and I have to say for that I’m so grateful. And now I’m Steven very much. So the point I’m making is. The positive ones are easier to deal with always in the negative, but let’s learn from the negative ones and see how we can make ourselves better. That’s the important thing, and that matters. And as I said, if you’re having issues struggling, please go see a professional I do. You should do.

Rob Cairns, founder, CEO, and chief creator of amazing ideas at Stunning Digital Marketing, talking about life changing experiences. Have a great. Day bye bye for now.

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