Episode 323: Changes to The Podcast

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Rob Cairns talks about changes to the Podcast.

Show Highlights:

  1. Changes that are coming.
  2. Why the changes.
  3. Video is coming.

Show Notes

Everybody Rob here again. In today’s podcast, I thought I’d jump in and tell you some of the cool things that I’m doing with the SM show. You know we’re well over 320 episodes. And it’s been a fun ride. So just to mix things up, it’s time to make some changes and some changes. I think people like for the.

 The first thing is starting very soon. We’re moving 100% to video. And audio, we’re going to do both and how we’re going to do that is with stream yard. So I’m moving that way. For the interview shows, I’ll probably just record locally. And for the. Weekly tip show like this one. These shows are now going to come out on Tuesday afternoons at 1:00 PM Live to Facebook. And you 2. How’s that for a good one? So you’re going to see these out there live the tip shows. And then the interview shows won’t happen right away. I’ve got probably 3 or 4 interviews still in the can to come out, and once those come out, you’re going to start seeing video interviews, which would be even more fun. And that came out of a bit of a podcast. Spencer Foreman and I recorded a couple of weeks ago, and we ended up using streaming already, even though I only needed the audio for this podcast, I enjoyed doing it so much and I’ve always like, I stream it’s time to jump in.

 Also a shout out to my good friend. Hey, Ross. Thanks for all your help and advice along the way. It’s always appreciated. And thanks to you, the listener, you’re the ones who make this podcast successful. You got ideas for guests. You got ideas for. Anything for the podcast? Drop me a line. I love when people jump on and say hey. I know somebody would be a good fit. I really, really, really appreciate that. And if you want to be a good fit. Fill out the form on my website and let’s get you on here as well. So that’s where we’re going. Uh, Tuesdays going to be a live show every 1:00 PM that time could fluctuate with some client stuff, but generally it will be Tuesday. Pre scheduled and on Fridays as always, the interview show they will again will be still audio only and then they will be switching to. Video as soon as the audio ones are done, there’s an update for y’all have an amazing day,

Rob Cairns, CEO, founder and chief creative ideas.


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