Episode 308: Podcamp Toronto 2023

Show Summary

Rob Cairns talks about Podcamp Toronto 2023.

Show Highlights:

  1. Why Podcamp.
  2. The people of Podcamp.
  3. What Rob presented at Podcamp

Show Notes

Hey everybody, Rob here again. In today’s podcast, I want to talk about Podcamp Toronto 2023. It was held this past weekend at the Ted Rogers School of Business at the Metropolitan University, formerly known as Ryerson. In downtown Toronto.

For those who don’t know, podcmpss are very similar to word camps. There’s a bunch of podcasters who get together to talk all things podcasting and digital media. I want to thank first of all, the organizers of Podcamp drawn of Podcamp Toronto John and his team. It was so much appreciated all the hard effort and work you put into making this conference go again. It’s back after the pandemic, which is absolutely amazing. It was great to connect with old friends and new friends and new colleagues and old colleagues.

And to see some really great presentations. For the first time, and this is probably my 6th or 7th podcamp I actually presented, I presented on the subject of how to start a podcast on a budget. And the audience was really engaged and well received. And frankly, I really enjoyed doing the presentation. I probably will again. And wrote for those who weren’t at Podcamp and would like to see the slideshow for my presentation. You can go over to my blog and it’s posted on there at stunning digitalmarketing.com, so feel free to go download the slides if you have any questions you can shoot me a line and be glad to answer them. A very special thank you to my friend, Amber Macarthur. Amber Mac and Amber Mac Media for sponsoring the coffee bar at Podcamp. Don’t know where we. Would be without it.

Had a really good conversation with her on Saturday, and her husband Chris and I had an amazing conversation with Chris yesterday on Sunday morning with nobody around and just talking about live streaming, what we do. And I enjoyed catching. Up with both of them. Other notoriety people Todd Burgess. Well done Todd on taking pictures and. You know, spending your time shooting photography, which you love and then evolving that with podcamp. So, so well done. And to all the speakers, you guys did amazing shows and amazing presentations. There was presentations 1 interesting one on digital media and death in the digital world really fascinated. There was a couple of panels with multiple podcasters with Q&A’s and they were really well attended and well received. And even a presentation on project management for podcasts, which was also well received. What we need to do moving forward is to keep growing this amazing community and having more events like pod camps and more camps because frankly, as I said to most people, why do you come in advance like this? You’re online all the time. And I said truly it’s.

The people matter and the people make it all worthwhile. So thanks everybody for an amazing weekend at Podcamp and looking forward to next year and back and especially thanks to the Metropolitan University for giving us the space to have such a wonderful, amazing conference. As always, Rob Caron’s founder, CEO and chief creator of amazing ideas, is stunning digital marketing. If I can help you in any way, shoot me an e-mail or jump on my website and fill out a contact form or book some time with me, I’d be glad to be there for you. Have an amazing day everybody. Bye for now.


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