Episode 368: Making Content For Others With Bud Kraus

Show Summary

In this episode, Rob Cairns talks to Bud Kraus about making content for others.

Show Highlights:

  1. Why make content?
  2. How to make content for others.
  3. The impact of AI on content.
  4. Bud’s special announcement.

Show Notes

Hey everybody, Rob Cairns and in today’s podcast I have my good friend Mr. Bud Kraus with me. Hey, Bud, how are you today?


Rob, how are you?

Doing good considering the events of the week. As you know I’m I can go ahead and spoil because I was recording with Mr. Jeff Chandler the other day and he promised me no baseball talk to you and went very quickly. So you know it’s all good so. Anyway, you are somebody I consider an amazing teacher and an amazing content producer. And today I thought we would talk about and we wanted to talk about building content for others. So what does that kind of look like for you?

You know, it’s really funny. I’m sort of to be as A to give you a bigger context, I’m sort of thinking of doing a talk on this whole subject, sort of like I’m sick of designing websites. Or I’m burnt. Out designing websites now what should I do? You know, what’s my next move? And I not. That I designed so many websites, but I really did get tired of the whole client. All that stuff in. Fact I see a lot of people in. The WordPress community in my. Boat kind of thing. I just, I don’t. Want to do this? Anymore. It’s maybe they just less interest their aptitude. They’re just they’re.

But it’s a number of other things that scope creep clients who want what what clients want with new websites. And that’s kind of my experiences.

Yeah, yeah.

They want the Ferrari model for paying for the Pinto and you know, it’s funny when you say that I kind of attribute designing websites to. You walked into a restaurant and you say I want a beer. I want. A salad to start. I want a main course. I want dessert. Websites are no different. I want this. I want this. I want this. And by the way, what’s costing? And that’s part of the problem. But part of the other problem is I don’t think clients. Value what website you’re worth, and that’s a big issue in itself, right?

I think it’s all true and I just. I got tired of it and they aggravate. In fact, I I sort of look at building new websites, especially new ones as so. Scarring events and I don’t want to do it. So what happened while that was going on, another thing was going on, which was, you know I became, I started no more people in the WordPress community and I was finding myself like networking inside the WordPress community. Although I don’t think of it that way. Because they’re just friends. And I said, geez, you know. What can I do with? All that I mean I I.

Didn’t really think.

Of it quite. That way, but the bottom line was I started realizing, you know, I love writing and I’ve. Written for others. For free and I didn’t want to do that. And one thing led to the next and the next. It’s sort of like the breakthrough, if you will, or the idea that, hey, I could create content for others and get paid for. It was when Vikas from instant WP contact, well, we got in touch with each other and he basically said why don’t you? Create a video for me and I thought, oh, that’s a. Really good idea and. So I did and from that one little idea it sparked. Hey, I could write for GoDaddy, I could create content, I could create a course for OS training. I could do this for other. Other people? So now. I really have just focused on creating WordPress content for WordPress businesses. And I just love it because I can work with my friends and work in a space that I love and explore new things. So, for example, I’ll get hired to create a post on WordPress Playground. Well, I didn’t know that much about it to start with, so I headed to the research alright.

Did a post.

For, you know, creating using ChatGPT to spin up a WordPress plugin. So things that are sort of like on the edge of what I know I have to push through and then learn about it. So it’s it’s really I just love it and it is a way of teaching, it’s very much a way of teaching so. You know, I just look at myself as just. That’s all I really want. To do now is just focus on creating content for WordPress businesses and.

And I think the reason a lot of businesses are looking for help is it’s a time factor like people don’t understand that creating content is time like you. You take this podcast for example, and it it’s funny. People look at me and they say ohh, it’s a 30 minute to 45 minute recording. You’re done. And I said not so quick.

Yeah it does.

There’s there’s merging files together, there’s doing uploads. I don’t do hard edits on my transcripts so other people do that at the time. And I’m still into like when I do a podcast, I’m three to four hours for every episode I do, regardless of how I do it, content is a time process.

Yeah, and even. It all takes time and there’s a lot of like in my case there’s a lot of research and. Learning. Sometimes that has to take place before I can write something. That is good and I really find that the more I write now I’ve written all my life, really. So writing is not new, but the more you write, the better you get at it. And there’s a certain kind of a word pressy way of talking. In articles which I sort of do, but everybody who reads my articles usually says they say, oh, you write just the way you talk. And I also am I supposed? To do this. You know, I don’t write any other way. I just write the way I talk and I love, you know, the I think it’s a real creative. Process and I love you. Write something and then you come back in a day or two and you go. Oh, that’s. You know, I could use a better word here, a better phrase. And it’s it’s a really cool process. I mean, I I really do. I like it a lot. You know and and same thing. Producing videos it takes a. Lot of. You the work is all done before you actually produce the video. For example, you know there might be research there might. There certainly will be design work. There will be what I call rehearsal. So before because I don’t read scripts. Before I record a video, I will.

You know, go over this.

A bunch of times before I hit the record button, so I know exactly where I’m going. You know, because I everything’s a story. You know, there’s a beginning, a middle and end to everything. And whether I write something or I create a video, it’s always that format, beginning, middle and end and it works. And I really, you know, enjoy it. And I hope to keep doing it that’s you know.

That’s interesting. Then, when you say in today’s market, video was probably long and short form, the most compelling content you can put out to.

Long and short. Yeah. What do you mean by what you mean the? Length of the video.

So short form video is basically a minute or less as a teaser. Where a long form.

Now, yeah, but I don’t, unfortunately. Because of me, I generally don’t do short videos, even though I try because I’m thorough. OK, so it takes me time to go over things, but people seem to like that. And I speak a little slower, so people seem to like that too, although I could talk fast. I’m trying to convey information. So what is the sense of speaking fast? So I I generally go a little bit slower, but it’s more in detail so if I do let’s say I did a I’m working on for instance WP now a video what’s new in WordPress 6.4.

And the answer is not much, but that’s another story. But let’s say what’s new with 6.4?

You know, I will do. A whole outline of everything that’s going to go into that video before I even do anything and. Then I will just. You know what’s going to be in the PowerPoint presentation and what is? What are the things that I’m going to demonstrate? So I really do a lot of preparation before you ever see anything. And instead of being 3 minutes long, which is like you think like, OK, can you do this in 3 minutes? No, I can’t. It’ll probably be in about this one. Probably be 10 to 15. Minutes long whereas. I did what’s new in 6.3. Took a lot long to 20 minutes. I didn’t want it to. Be but. It it turned out to be that way, and the feedback I got was pretty good. So and the views and all that turned out to be, hey, this was good. So you know that’s to me that’s really the most important thing is it good to people like it? You know, I can entertain myself all I want. I’m not the market. I’m not the audience. It’s the people out there. In a way, I am the audience. You know it has to be good for. People who want to. Learn something. Yeah, we have.

To I want to talk to you here for a second. We, you you just made a compelling statement. You said you’re not the market. I have to. Think of the. Audience and too many times the creative spaces. What designers do? I don’t care if it’s content. If it’s a website, if it’s social media. They’re thinking about what they want, not with what their audience wants, and I think they need to dial it back and say, how do I piece my audience? What do they want? Because what I want doesn’t really matter at. The end of.

The day you’re absolutely right. And I think one of the hard. Things, too, is really. Who is the audience, I mean? You know, if I do something for GoDaddy, I want to. Know who are. The people that are likely to read this, what kind? Of business people. What kind of? You know, we tend to think at least I do, and this is wrong that only work as people are going to read this stuff. No, especially if you. If I’m GoDaddy, it’s going to be big. I mean it’s going to be small, you know, do it yourself first. It’s going to be small businesses. It’s going to be writers. It’s going to be it’s a broad. If you do some, you know, so you always have to look at who is the audience for this. It and it, and that could. Be harder than you think because you you. I’m. I don’t. I’m I’m not an employee of GoDaddy. I’m not an employee of NWP. I’m not an employee of OS training, so I have to get feedback from them as to who who am I writing for and I usually ask, you know, as I get. Into things like. Who is this?

Are you? Are you producing your videos on a A Mac or a PC? These days I should know the answer.

I don’t know. I use. I always use a Mac. I use Camtasia for the videos.


I you know, I like it. I’ve been using it a long time. I’m finally getting. The hang of. It you know every time you use it, you know you you you learn new things or. And of course they change the software and they make. It better and. They do all kinds of things now that. You know I’m. I’m. I don’t you know, it’s like everything else I learn. As I go so.

I think to lessen there is the best way to warn something is to have a project that you have to get done just to not just to fictitious. Let’s try it and then work your way through it. And the first time it takes you longer. But the reality is you’re learning as you go, which is probably the best.

And that’s right. And I always try to learn something that I know I will use again, because why learn to use something if it’s like a one off kind of thing. It’s just a waste of time. You know, it’s so funny you say this because.

You know you.

Because the very first website I think I ever did was like in 199495 whatever it was for New York women in film and television and New York City. And I had, you know, I went in there and I said, oh, I got to make a website. Give me this. Give me that. You know, and I’ll go home and I’ll make a website for you, you know. And I get home and I say I don’t. Know how to do this? So I had to learn and. That’s you know how you start. You know, it’s sometimes you just have to stretch yourself a little bit. And that’s one of the things I like about what I’m doing now is that’s exactly what I have to do. Is to just push beyond. You know, if I like I. Went to GoDaddy and I said I wanted. To write an article about. Custom post types and they basically said to me. We’ve got all that. Stuff already. We don’t want to know about. You know, we we know all that stuff and everybody and then it it evolved. The conversation evolved to hey. Let’s use ChatGPT to create a very simple. Custom post type. And that that was much more interesting, and it worked. And of course, they said I’m going to have to. Challenge myself to do this, so I I like pushing beyond what I know, even if it’s going to take more time to do that. I just. It’s just more. It’s more, you know, why just keep writing about stuff that you and everybody else knows. You know, why not just push beyond that? That’s the really the key.

I agree.

You were with. The and you mentioned ChatGPT so. We cannot have the content. Discussion without the words AI in it, and you knew this was coming so.

Right, of course. Yeah, yeah, I know where you’re going, I think.

How do you how do you think about AI in the whole content production process? Do you do it? Do you find it helpful? Do you find it not helpful? Do you find it’s a? Good starter. Where do you? Where do you say?

Well, I I I think about this a lot like everybody and. I because of I I like to say that it’s.

A good thing?

I’m not 25. Because I really I don’t know where people like me would be. You know, if I was 25, so I have sort of the luxury of my age but. And I don’t. And I think it was Marcus or somebody somebody said. Or he quoted something that said, and this is really. It’s not that I’m afraid that ChatGPT is going to take my job away. I’m afraid that somebody who knows how to use Chichi P team better than me will take my job. And that’s really where we’re at right now. I really think that.

But is that any different than somebody who knows WordPress better than you or no security than you or knows content? Better than you.

Maybe you know, but I’m also. I think that somebody might know things better than me. But do they write better than me? See. And that’s the thing about Chad GBT. I don’t think that it writes as well as I do. So right now I look at it as a writing assistant. You know, if I’m stuck on an idea or I need a list of so and so or. Or, you know, you can actually put your content in the ChatGPT and see if it spins out something better than what you wrote. OK, but generally I think I do a better job. I like that. Like if I’m what I find is like I’m writing something and I know 80% of it as I’m writing it. And I’m saying, yeah, but I don’t know what node JS is like. I’m not really sure. Let me just go into ChatGPT and find. Out a little. Bit more about node JS you know so it helps me expand my knowledge and it’s a lot faster than Google obviously because I don’t if you asked the question and it really gives you the answer. And then there’s all kinds of ways for us to clarify, expand, explain what ChatGPT is spinning out. And, oh, by the way, you probably know this is that now there’s a Chrome extension which lets you speak to your browser, and it speaks back what ChatGPT is writing. So. It really is. Chat. But now I understand they’re going to a whole model now where you won’t need that extension and you’ll just click on something and. You can talk to it and it’ll talk back. Which I like the idea because I really do feel that it is a conversation. That’s one thing I’ve learned about that you really to get the most out of it. Think of it as you’re just talking to somebody and say, OK, well. What does that? Mean and I don’t tell you so.

But it’s it’s funny though, you we everybody thinks AI and they think chat GPD.

Right, that’s true.

Bit of a problem because. Because as far as I’m concerned, Photoshop has had a I built into it for the last 15 years and we don’t. And you don’t look at that way. All these brushes that do things automatically, that’s AI. All these and removal tools. That’s it.

Right. Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, I.

Mean we’ve had AI for quite a while. It’s just been sort of. Silent and it. It wasn’t really in the public’s. Consciousness until November of last year. But AI has been around in rudimentary, you know, embryonic forms for what, 10 or so years we just. No, it’s been in the background now. It’s not in the background, it’s in people’s, you know, consciousness. Go ahead. I’m sorry.

Well, it’s OK. So since you’re building content and you’ve got new company and let’s call it Acme widgets that take off of the old Bugs Bunny tunes, right? Was the the widgets that fell on while we eat coyote every day just for fun? And we’re all OK.



And they want.

To start building content, what would you suggest to them as a new company in their space to build content?

I think what you need is in the beginning is explainer content OK? Explainer videos explainer content. This is how it works. This is the onboarding this is. You know, you really. Yeah. I I really think that’s the very first thing that you. Need is how? This what this is, what it works. You know The Who. What, why, how? Of working with our software, you know, and then you can branch out from there, but at least start with the fundamentals. What is? This how does it work? How can I and what problem does it solve for me as the consumer explain that to them, This is why this is going to save you time going to save you money going to save it. Whatever. OK, get into. That kind of stuff. But this whole thing like I really have gotten into this idea like it, you know, it’s really not my idea, but the whole idea of explaining videos, you know, it’s not. I’m not in. The business of creating what I would call high end advertising, OK, that’s not my thing. Yeah, because I’m a teacher. I teach you stuff, you know I’m not. That’s that’s my, you know. Yeah, I wanted to say something about. Yeah, I too in the chat. GPT and I forgot what it was well.

That’s what happens. So you. Know go ahead.

No, you keep going.

Yeah, I I want to. Break a little news. Speaking of content. OK. Oh, by the way, before. I do that. I want to say that for my the work that I do, I don’t. I’m not looking for. I’m not looking to build an agency at this time of my life, although I know there are agencies that do this kind of work. I just really need 567 clients to go from where I am and to work deeply with each one. So yeah, I don’t want I don’t want or need or can handle like 550 clients, they wouldn’t be, it would be. I couldn’t I, you know as a solo printer, you can’t do that. But to go deep with. Each one. That’s what I want to do and. As I said at the at the start. I’m trying to think about ways of turning this whole thing into a word camp topic and maybe something that I could pitch to word camp here. I don’t know because.

I there are a lot.

Of people out there that in the WordPress world that are designing and developing and and that’s fine, but they’re also getting burnt out. So what’s your next act? You know, what are you going to do now and writing? Teaching training is a real, natural outgrowth of what they know. How to put that information to use put in a different way other than building websites? OK now time to break some news right? OK. So our good friend, everybody’s good friend Bob Dunn. I have told him I don’t. Know how long I’ve known him, but I have. Said to him. Well, Bob, I will never create a podcast. It’s just that’s one thing I would never, ever do. And if I ever come to you. And say, hey, I want to start a podcast. Shoot me now. Shoot me right now so. The other day, I.

Should we just on there?

Didn’t shoot me now so so I went to him with this crazy idea. So here’s the news. OK, now I have not made a go. No, go decision. So I’m perfectly off the hook to say hey, I’m not. I didn’t do it. OK, but one of. The things I thought of doing or anything. The thing I’m thinking of doing if I do a podcast. And all your help will be. It’s it would be tentatively titled a conversation with OK dot dot dot. I’m not saying that that will be the that will be the title. There’s actually a domain called a conversation with dot life which I really liked, and that’s really what it is. So I would do a one-on-one interview like we’re doing now, but not. Talking about WordPress, WordPress would be sort of justice incidental. It would be talking about word. It would be talking about work life balance. It’ll be talking about your history. We don’t know anything about like I don’t know, like a lot of people in the WordPress community, but I don’t know like where they were born, what their childhood was like, where they went to school, what they studied, if they weren’t doing what they’re doing. What would they be doing? What all their life? OK, I’m because I’ve always been interested in people. I guess. I mean, and everybody likes to tell their story, right? And I’m not going to ask the question like. Well, tell me. Your WordPress journey? No. That’s like that’s out. OK, that is not asked. Or like what was it like working for so and so? Uh, none of that stuff. Or did you enjoy? Work camp Europe? No, none of that’s in there. OK, it’s all about. The individual and with the purpose of, well, number one, I sort of look at this as the Steve Jobs approach to this, which is I really don’t. Care. Yeah, I I mean, I do care that people would listen to it, but I’m first going to satisfy my. Interest, which is interviewing people. I sort of like, started getting into this thing when I took my train trip around the United States like 5-6 years ago where everybody I went to, I talked to like forever and I got really interested in people’s stories. And everybody has a really compelling story. It’s just get it out of them and. That’s really what? I what I want to do and the idea would be to of course, to bring this to the WordPress community. So if I wanted to know about Rob or this one or that one, if I wanted to listen to this podcast, I would hear it and it would be. I would do maybe two a month. Maybe 30 minutes to an hour, that kind of thing. It would not be like we’re doing our audio and video would just be, it would just be audio, but recorded the way we’re recording. And you know, that’s really it. Now, Rob, are you going to shoot? Me. Shoot me now.

No, no, I’m not because.

Please talk me out of this.

Ohh I am not going to talk you out of this because when I started. This podcast I was stupid enough and I mean stupid enough to said Bob needed to start two podcasts at the same time when he had never done one before.


No, I did. I used to run this show and then they used to run one called like a quick tip show and and then I said forget this, I merged the two of them in the one. Now I’m as of this record, I’m about 362 episodes. And they can’t. So to speak.

How many years?

4 1/2.

That’s not that much.

No, but I do like 2 a week. Basically on the average so.

O2A. Week. Well, that’s how you get there. Right.

Yeah. So but. But the point is when I started the show, I never intended. If you had said to me I was gonna do over 300 episodes. Said you crazy. I’m just passing time and that would be where it goes. The biggest thing is most podcasts never get past five episodes, and then of those who continue, most of them don’t get past 20. Once you get past 20, it becomes really interesting and I think one of the compelling things to do so Bob and we’re talking Bob WP Bob done for reference.


Who’s an amazing? Mutual friend I actually talked to him yesterday morning for an hour. We will both tell you consistency matters more than anything and we will both tell you being yourself matters more than anything. So I. I have kind of run my show where I don’t take the party ads for example.


The only ad in my show is my own ad for my own business, and that’s too bad. Because one of the nice. Taking answers I don’t have to telltale to any advertisers. I can say whatever I want and and I like that approach because.

That’s true.

As I was telling people, I’m not opinionated and then they laugh at me. So you know, because I am. I’m very opinionated at times and and just to do it and have fun doing it. I mean that’s the biggest battle. It’s just the.

But it also gives you.

Visibility too. It gives you. Hey, I just your you know it it gives you it helps you with your it does.

For me it’s a marketing tool. I I have businesses that go scope out my podcast, and one of the most common things that happens is they’ll book consulting hours with me and say, geez, you have a lot of knowledge. You have a lot of good guess, son. You know what you’re talking about? I need to talk to you for five hours and I send him an invoice and say here you go.


So it’s a marketing tool for us for Bob, it’s not tool or or Nathan Wrigley because that’s what they do all. Day every day.

Right, right.

The other thing that helps and I will say this and I’ll say this. Again. So Bob, because it’s his business, his turn around time is very short. So what he’ll do is he’ll record on a Monday and drop on a Thursday or a following Monday, right. Right. I’ll record on today’s a Friday and I won’t drop this for two weeks because.



I like that. For zone because they still have. The business to run right. Right. That’s what I’m kind of thinking too, you know.

And I don’t want to spend, you know, I said, I said the Bible. How many hours you spend in post production, he goes you. Don’t want to know I. Said, well, that’s the reason why I don’t want to do this because I know that’s. Where a lot of time is spent.

So you.

You don’t have to. You and I were talking about this before the show, right? And I do very soft editing. So for me to go in and edit this video. There’s got to be something really wrong.


And there’s not today, so I’m lucky. Yeah, not yet. Thank you. And for me to go in and I’ve had dogs show up in the middle of videos. I’ve had cats show up. I I do what we call in the businesses. Record the tape. Right means I treat it if we’re going live and we’re not. We’re not going live. I do very little. Audio editing, so most of my work. Is combining files, so like I’ll take this podcast and I’ll I’ll add a header. I’ll add a trailer.


I’ve I’ll I’ll record an intro for you to introduce you before we do, I’ll throw an ad in etcetera, etcetera. Well, all that little stuff. And I don’t I do show notes which are AI generated on the show and I do very soft edit. The only thing that fits on show notes is participants names and companies. That’s it. Everything else goes away, goes and just to do it on the soft side is 3 hours.


And apple?

Yeah, well, I’ll you know. I’ll let’s have another time to talk about this. I guess not now, but if I’m starting to get, you know, what resources people. Use and things like that. I don’t want to take up the time now to do that, but.

No, but the point is figure out.

Unless you are compatible.

No, it’s, uh, it’s OK. Let’s figure out what works for you, that’s all. There’s a billing to do this.

Yeah. And one thing I will do though is for every person I interview, they will have to fill out a an interview questions. There which gives me some basic information because I don’t know a lot about people that I know and sort of get some of the preliminary. So I don’t have to ask like. It’ll be like. So, Rob, what was it like growing up? In Toronto, you. Know I’ll know. Stuff already, you know like. You know, like things like.

The the other thing in the morning.

And also get their permission. Whether or not they want me to share or not share, so they might just want me to have information on background, but we don’t want. I don’t want. You to talk about. This, you know, that kind of thing.

Yeah. So the the. And then we’ll move on. A couple of things. I generally don’t do one. I’ve had guests in pass asked me to feed them. Ideas like feed them the questions ahead of time. I won’t do that. I I like the conversation. The other thing I always do is if I don’t do the know the guests well, I don’t. I do a pre call. You and I did one of those.

Would be there.

Do a.

Right, right, right.

And then we’ll just, we just we just talk.

See, I understand that and I get that and that’s sort of like what I’m going to do with the question here because, but I want them to give me. There’s certain things that I always want to know about them before they. Come on. And then probably do like a 5-10 minute, just warm up kind of thing because like you said, when we start, sometimes the best things are said before and after the podcast. What I want that stuff in the podcast.

Yeah, yeah.

And hopefully I will get people to say things that are meaningful that are revelatory, that. That other people will relate to and like Bob said, he said, well, what’s going to happen is people will listen to. The stories of people that they know which makes sense and the way I look at is my job is to expand that, Sir. So I would listen to, let’s say, a podcast about you. Like I let me I maybe I can name 50 people. Maybe they can name 100 people, but how am I going to get beyond? How do I get beyond the people who listen to, you know, about people that they know about and that’s really going to be the the key? And if you make it interesting, they’ll say. Yeah, you know what makes a podcast good, I think is. Because I listen to a bunch of them, I always say. I can’t wait for X to do his podcast because he’s so damn good. Now these are usually sports podcasts, right? I can’t wait for them to talk about this team or that team. That’s when it’s really good is when the person, when the subscriber can’t wait to get that podcast, then you know that’s something you.

Know I I have podcasts like that. That I listen to from people that I jump on every day.

Right. Exactly right. And that’s what makes it. You know, but I’m not going to. This is going to be sort of like a side hustle to me. At least that’s how I’m going into. This I’m still, you know, content creator. For WordPress businesses. You know, that’s really and this is just going to be for fun and marketing and whatever and interesting.

Why not?

Wait, let me ask you a question. Hold on. Let me if you. Don’t mind. I wanna ask. Is anything doing anything like this?

Does anyone?

That you know of.

Not off top of. My head in the word press space.

Do you think it’s something that would interest people?

Yeah, people like stories. It’s the same reason people read autobiographies and.

Yeah, yeah. And I’m a biography reader, but. So you do think there’s a place for this, that. People would be interested in this.

Yeah, I think so. Because because the other thing, too is it elevates the people you’re interviewing. Because we all know in business. And I think for small agencies and small freelancers, the personal brand is more important than the freelancer, the agency brand.

And there’s no I don’t really think there’s no, there’s a couple of things that I think no brainers want. I don’t think there’s any shortage of people that would come on and do this. OK. I just don’t #2. I don’t think there’s a shortage of. Ways to promote. This I’ve got people that I know in the WordPress community that will help get the. Word out that bug’s got this. New podcast you know, that kind of thing. I think that would. So I have a lot of things going in my favor to. Start with but. What I what I’m going to do though if I do this is do like two or three. Just practice interviews just for me to get some practice before I really release anything.

Good idea.

Yeah, just to see. Where my strengths and weaknesses are before. Before I do this and one thing I’m going to do is let people talk and try to keep my questions very short and let them have the runway they need to to answer.

It for a minute as we wrap up.

Yeah, sure, sure.

So what’s the number one you would give a? Small business that you’re doing content for that they should be doing now or they’re not doing.

So we’re talking about a WordPress, let’s say, a plug-in developer. OK, let’s start with that one. OK, one. Of the like small. Plug-in developers. OK, let me just pick on that one for a second. I see a lot of really bad videos. OK, what’s a bad video? I think there’s two things that are make a bad video. First of all, audio is the most important thing. Everybody knows that, right? You could screw up the visuals. But you cannot screw up the audio, OK? Do not, and here’s how two ways they I think they screw it up. One is they don’t provide narration. OK, now that drives me nuts. And if I see that on YouTube, that’s an automatic thumbs down. Now, why is that narration, first of all visually impaired? So I don’t get all the visual that other people get. So I have to hear it to understand what you’re doing. And that’s true not just for me, but for everybody. What happens if you’re doing something? That uses a A a keystroke, right? How am I going to know what the keystroke if there’s no narration, but if you say, use command V, then I’ll know hey, use command B, OK? No, duration is just an absolute no no, it’s just not accessible. It doesn’t work, it’s just horrible #2. A video I hate to say it this way, but I’ll say it this way. A video with a strong accent that makes it hard to understand. Is not good. All right, now I have a strong accent. I guess from the Midwest of the United States. But I’m talking about. Sort of. I don’t want to pick on countries, languages or anything like that, but if if they if it’s an accent that most people aren’t going to understand and you know it’s hard for me to. Define that but I. Think there’s certain accents that are really hard to understand? That’s a problem too.

Thing I would add, while we’re talking about accents, as many people in these videos, especially when teaching, they speak way too fast, slow it down.

Yeah, yeah, I agree. Right, I cause I can. I don’t know. I could when I. Talk to people. I can talk very quickly, but when I’m. Doing my videos, I tend to talk. Slower because I have to demonstrate things and. If I just. You know, just like what is that? So I do go slower. That’s the way. It goes so there’s lots of things that. A small plug-in developer who’s doing, let’s say, one of these explainer videos, but maybe they put him up. They put it up on dot org and it doesn’t have any audio. In it or any, it’s just please don’t.

I also think, and I’ve said this before in this podcast and on. Shows and even in my newsletter that good creative people aren’t necessarily good marketers. And I mean that wholeheartedly. The problem is, some of these plug-in developers, the theme developers, developers, they’re amazing creatives, they they know how to market their business. And that’s a problem.

That’s true. Right.

Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. There’s so many. I mean, we’re people, you know? Yeah. Some people are really good at it, and some people aren’t. And generally, anybody that is either freelance or does their. Own thing like me. As a small business, we can be so close to the trees that we really just can’t figure out the marketing part of. It I’ve had that problem that’s, you know, everybody’s had that problem where you. Just you know you. Think that you have this great idea that everybody wants, and maybe that’s true, but you’re just hitting the wrong audience. You’re hitting them in. The wrong way. It’s always good to, I guess, get other people’s opinions, which is what I’m really doing right now with this podcast idea. It’s because it doesn’t. It has. A couple of names right now, but it’s not and I guess said before, I haven’t made a decision whether I’m doing this or not, you know, so I’d like to do it, but we’ll see. You know one thing you talked about. For my benefit too, of us, as far as Mark, I’ll meet new people and I might meet somebody that says, oh, I didn’t know you did content for businesses. We’d like to hire you to do, could. You would you like, you know, so. That’s a reason to do it.

But #1I.

Want to really just sort of satisfy myself first? Like I said, it’s the Steve Jobs you know, because he just created stuff. It’s because I want because, you know, he’s I I want an iPhone, so that’s.

The reason why?

I created it, you know, and I don’t really get to. I didn’t have to, you know. Focus group this thing I. Just knew this is what. I wanted it turned out. Everybody else wanted it to. They didn’t even know that. They needed it, OK.

I’ll find the best stuff you create for yourself is sellable and markable. And people don’t. Thanks for your time today, if somebody. Wants to reach out. How is the best?

Best way is bud at joyofwp.com I have a website joyofwp.com but that’s bud at joyofwp.com. That’s the best way.

Thanks so much my friend and have a great day. And while you’re at it, roof for The Jets and. The Giants because. We have lots of issues.

Always a pleasure.

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