Episode 346: Wp Sync Sheets With Arpit Shaw

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Rob Cairns talks to Arpit Shaw about his product WP Sync Sheets.

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  1. What are Wp Sync Sheets?
  2. Product Roadmap,
  3. Why you should get this tool.

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Hey, everybody, Rob, Cairns here and in today’s podcast I have Arpit Shaw with me from Wp Synch Sheets.. How are you today?

Yes, I’m doing good. Thanks for having me on your podcast today. Are you today?

Doing good, much better and and thanks for understanding and rescheduling. So it’s always a pleasure to have somebody. New to talk about products and what they do on the podcast. So before we get into WP sync sheets, how did she get into WordPress and tell us a little bit about your WordPress origin story please?

Sure. So like this stories from beginning, like whenever I I have passed out from my college since like 2009 on June 2009, I would pass out from college like IT engineer. And then after I started my own journey and I learned from PHP BASIC. Then after I started some HTML, CSS, JavaScript over there. So there was a vanilla JavaScript over there. On since like. On 2009. So after that I will learn from. Which we basic like string arrays and everything’s from. Then I suddenly seen about a workplace like on the workplace. I just started with the blog and that on that time it was very basic as you know. Like there is one just starting with the block site like having a post and categories and pages over there. So no more big deal over there. So I like the. More about plugins and themes. There is just a basic we have just started for adding a post and pages so basic website we have created on 2009. After that I’ve started from providing the services to our client as well so we are. Having some expertise to create some things, then after we have creating some plugins. For that. So on the 2014, we have started our own company on our on small town called Media on India. So we have started to providing services to freelancing our client over there. So after that. It’s days, goes on and goes on and we are also planning to create some stunning plugins as well as some themes that we can sell out from our site. So on 2018. We have some idea about plug-in, so I just seen about one of the one of the forms that having some automation that having some export those entries to CSV and Excel suite. So meanwhile I I have an idea that what we can do for the Google search and Google search site. So do we have any library to connect with that? So I was searching with that on the Gita band everywhere and also finding some stunning Google Six API from the Google console so I can learn about that how the things are going for the Google API and. What are the steps that we need to integrate with the WordPress so at that time I’ll just think about only just the forms. So basic we have started from integrated add-on for gravity forms. So on 2018 we have launched a gravity forms. Like WP sync for gravity forms that will be automated, all the forms entry into. The Google page. So this is just the runtime we have just one settings over there. So on 2018 we have launched on the code carrier. And then after we have a more plugins like WP Sync for Elemental, then after we have WP forms. Ninja forms plural forms and formidable forms over there, so all these forms are good with integrated with the Google spreadsheet, and we have some basic steps over there that we need to authenticate your Google accounts into the client ID and. 9 Secret key after that one time settings it will be automatically added all those entries onto the Google space. After that we have also think about what we can do for the e-commerce orders like you have connection with the Woo commerce. So we have created. Some steps that we can have all those order statuses like pending orders and completed orders. Then after we have cancelled trash all those other we have managed from one to the space it as well. So these are the origins of the WP sync and. Then after we have a long story that we can have version by version, we have created over.

So one of the things you mentioned that you started on Code Canyon and I know in talking to offline that you’ve moved off Code Canyon and you’re only selling them on your own website. Why did you make that change?

Yes, on on this year like on January 2023, just we have decided that we can go from Code Canyon and we are going. You plan to sell our plugins on our website because the code can you have some limitation as well. So like. On to the. Customer also asking for multi site license fee. So if you’re multi site license fee then we can integrate on with the agency. In there as well. So each customer having a clients that have multiple sites that that they can use it. So all code can only be some limitation for that multi site option as well. Then after we have something that we have not profited our business on that because it’s it’s a, it’s a one time. License fee over there. So that is not a good sign for the profitable business over there. And we are also developing our features like every month. Not going for like words and by words and like 1.0 to 1.11 point two and two, we have 8.0 point one right now. So it’s very difficult to having a provider, a profitable sales over there onto the core Canon as well.

Do you also have a a free version in the WordPress repository at this point in time?

Yes, yes. So every plugins like WP Sync for WooCommerce WP syncs or for gravity forms and element WP forms every plugins. We have a light version on to the WordPress that or so you can check it out with that as well and. We have some basic functionality that we can integrate onto the website so a client can or people can user can knows about what we are doing and what our plugins do.

  1. And what functionality is in the light version that only in the light version?

On to the light version. When it comes from the Woo commerce. So we have export orders directly from WooCommerce to Google Space as well as we have export products from. WooCommerce store to Google Spreadsheet so these two basic functionality that we have already provided on the free version. So there is no limit for the orders or products that you can. You can export number of orders or number of products from WooCommerce store to the.

And what what other features are included in the paid version that aren’t in the in the free version?

Yeah, onto the onto the light version as as I explained you onto the export orders and export products over there. The rest of the things, like we have a import products, import orders then after we have export customers then after import customers. Then we have a extra coupon tours import coupon codes, so everythings that we can manage one store 2 commerce directly from Google spreadsheet. So we have export functionality as well. We have import functionality as well. So yeah, anyone can change from the Google spreadsheet. It will be. Started on to the Google Commerce commerce store websites.

How many you registered users? Do you have your paid products right now? Do you mind saying or would you rather not?

Yeah, again. So currently we have a 1000 customers, 1000 plus customers over bag that will be already using our products and. I’m very glad that having some all those customers are very happy and we have a a 225 + 5 star rating, so only there is they they give us the only five star rating over there so having. As you can see on the the core Canyon as well on to the website as well. So based on our support based on our plugins features based on our customer features that we are providing on our plugins, those are the things that we have 225 five star rating over there.

What is your target market for your customers like what kind of customers you’re going after?

Yeah, currently customer and purchasing our products because of managing that first of all for the WooCommerce store, if customer are having the WooCommerce store with the multiple products, if multiple products are there then they are managing from. The WooCommerce stores is very difficult to all. The edit one product then after edit all other products. Over there so. From that we have a solution for that customer that we can manage all those products and orders and coupons and customers are on single space it and they can add it from single space it and they can change anything like. Stock price then after stock quantity if they want to change. Plane if they want to change a variation. If they want to change like external product group, products, variable products anything they can change from the Google space it and that will be affected on to the newcomer store directly. So this is just like on within a second that it will be affected. On to the new Commerce website. The second thing is that if someone having a gravity form, so gravity forms are using for the event marketing purpose as well career marketing as well like if someone else will created some form that we have a a mega events like world camp as you can for example we have one camp. And so there. So they can have a multiple response and multiple entries from that form. So they they are managing from the admin side is very difficult over there. So we have a solution that we can manage all these things on entries. On to the one single legal spreadsheet. So these just like the run time. So it will be whenever you press the submit button and within a second of time it will be automatically added a new row onto the Google search.

In terms of pricing, how much does the product cost if somebody wants to buy it?

Yeah, like we have started very basic price like $49.00 for year like onto the all those forms that we have created with the syncing with the gravity forms like Ninja forms, elemental forms, fluent forms. Then after we have a. Formidable forms. Those are all start with the basic flights like $49 per year. And then after. We have also. A A good format so book formats is like currently we have an offer for the $49. But generally it starts with the $59 per year and we have also bundled products as well that we can purchase like WooCommerce plus any. Of this home. So it will be like $79 per year and we are also lifetime.

Cell phone.

Over there.

And that’s and that’s per site. So do you have any bundled options where you have packages of five sites at the discounted rate or 100 sites that or you know or more at the discount not yet?

Like this this cost, as I said, are this for the one site, right? So or the five side that will be on different pricing right now. So on on the starter planning for the WP forms for five cities one. One night. And who cover start up for 1:49 and if you are going for the bundle then it will be 249. For five sides.

  1. Thank you. So what is on the road map you’ve already integrated with five forms products. I know there’s a couple other forms products out there that do direct integration. Sheets, so they’re probably not on your road map. What on expansion of your product is on the road map?

Like currently we are just focusing on the Woo commerce because the Woo commerce is very popular from among all all of these forms newcomers and form we have gravity forms. These two plugins are very popular that people are using from our plugins over there so. Commerce. So currently we have 8.0 point one version and we also mentioned all those change log on to our on our website as well. And we have also mentioned when we. Have updated our. So on the on the apart from. The road map. We are also planning to having some migration of 1 store to another store like if someone having the OR someone having the book Commerce store so on to the one website. And they want to migrate to a second website like they want to create like staging website or they want to create some. Different website but the products will be the same but pricing will be the different so they can easily migrate those stores to 1, store to another store. So we are planning for that migration of that store as well. So these are these are our future plan that what we can do for that then. After we have a tool set integration. Into the WooCommerce plugin like WP sings it for WooCommerce. Currently we have 45 plus third party plugins that we have already integrated on our on our WP book covers plugins. So we are after that we are also planning for tools at jet engine. Then after we have a. Metal box. Those those third party plugins we are going to also integrate on to The Who commerce site and then after we can easily export those data from WordPress who covers website to the Google spreadsheet and we can. Manage from there as well.

No, that’s a really good solution. Have you thought about integrating things like other WordPress? For example, the user management comes to mind right away downloading that to a Google spreadsheet and syncing that back like have you thought of that kind of integration?

Currently under the under the book cover side side that we have already, we have many things that we have already integrated over that. And apart from the gravity forms that we can manage with the. Another things that we can have import from Google spreadsheet to the gravity forms as well.

Yeah. No, I I. Understand that when do you think you’re going to be adding some of this functionality in the next six months and then next year like what’s kind of your timing at this?

Like as I said, like all the like basic plugging, like the people are already using like tools that then after we have a meta box that those plugins are already using. So we are planning to launch soon like on to the next month. So we have already developed. Third party compatibility, but we are on testing out right now. So once you have tasted everything from our side then we are going to launch on the next month.

Is there anything else you want to add or Pete about your product or?

Yes, all the WP thinks it. As you can see like there are many things we are already developed on on to the feature basics on the WooCommerce and gravity forms and ninja forms and WP forms. And recently we have also launched a WP sync for core so that will be the workplace. Google Spacing and on on the workplace. What we are doing is we can easily manage a host of pages. There is custom post type from the Google spreadsheet as well. So we we have a export functionality as well. We have import functionality as well, so we can easily manage from one single Google space for all those workplace basic things like pages, post categories, users and everything. So there so these are. New plugin called WP Sync for Core, so there’s a workplace Google Spreadsheet add-on. And apart from all those features, so we have very cool features like serial import and export over there so people can easily seal over all those entries and all the others and products import like if they want to change the product price like after. Two days or after one week of times. Like if you have some selling of that days so so they can easily schedule that functionality from like after one week or 30 minutes or one hour or one day or one week or. We have also assume for the calendar date. So they can easily schedule import and export functionality whenever they want to do it. So there are many features, yeah.

Yeah, that may. That makes really good sense. Uh, Pete, thanks for coming on. And talking about your product today. Thank you very much. And you have a wonderful day, Sir.

Thank you so much, Rob, for having me on your show. And it’s it was very nice to talk with you and thank you so much and have a nice day.

Yeah, you too. My pleasure. Thank you.

  1. Thank you. Bye.

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