Episode 59: Managing and Backingup Your Digital Photos

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Hey al Robert Cairns here. Before we get to this week’s episode, peace out this episode is sponsored by stunning digital marketing.com. The agency for all your digital marketing needs. This week, I’m going to talk about how to manage your digital photos. So you want to sit back and relax and enjoy this week’s episode.



I’m the CEO and Chief creator of amazing ideas that stunning digital marketing.com. In our last episode, I talked about how to protect your Windows computer and your website. I also explained you need to do this for your personal life as well as your business. Day I want to talk about one of the most precious things we have. And that is our digital photos. I’m going to explain how I manage my photos as well as back them up. This is so key because we don’t really print photos anymore the way we used to. I’ll also give you a tip on wearing canon us to get your photos printed at a reasonable cost. I have digital photos all the way back to 2001. This makes for a large photo collection. I’ve organized my photos by years. And in each year I have gorgeous is false. January to March, April to June, September, October to December in each quarter, I then have the events subject folders. It is really that simple. on my laptop, I have all the folders for the last four years. Everything else I store on a USB hard drive. As I do not access so much frequently. The key is to have a phone system that works for you. If you do not have a system, it’s like garbage in garbage out. Now backing up your photos. Now that we have a system for storing our photos, we now need to backup our most precious memories. I use a combination of Google Photos, Amazon photos and external hard drives. Now let’s start off by saying Amazon. Amazon photos is free for Amazon Prime members. Amazon gives you unlimited storage space and does not shrink to resolution of photos. This all makes prime such a good deal at 79 Canadian a year. Google Photos will store your photos for free if you use what is called their HD resolution, which is about 80% of the original quality. This is Apple for sharing, using online, and even printing up to 16 by 20, which I get recently. all that’s required for Google Photos is a free gmail account, or PE G Suite account. If you want to start photos in full resolution on Google Photos, the space use counts towards your Google Drive limit. Now as I mentioned, I store my last four to five years on my laptop, and all folders on a USB hard drive, which sits near my computer. I also make a copy on the hard drive on a hard drive which I store off site at friend’s place. That’s the key off site backup folks. One of the things that I do is have Google Photos apps on my Android smartphone and an Android tablet. I have the app set to upload any new photos, the minute I connect to a Wi Fi network. This backs up to photos, real time in case something happens to my phone or my tablet. Now, just a little caveat here. If you install the Google Photos app on iOS on an iPad or an iPhone, you actually need to go into the app for it to run in the iOS environment. They don’t run apps in the background. So that’s just something to keep in mind. Now I store all my photos in HD format, which makes the storage free of all my digital photos since 2001 on Google Photos. The naming convention I use on Google Photos is yours slash event name slash month. This makes it easy to find things. The other cool thing with Google Photos is you can search for certain people or even certain patents. Remember, Google is a search company and they leverage what they have on Google Photos. I also store full resolution copy of all my photos in the Amazon photos. I mirrored the exact structure of my hard drive to make it easier to find things. I also keep copies on the second hard drive as I mentioned the off site because it’s something that always fails I still got another cup. I know some people are going to say this is overkill, but for me the most precious memories I have are photos These cannot be replaced in any way. So I treat them that way. When I shared photos with others, I always send a Google Photos like Google makes this easy do with the app, and even so on a mobile device. Now, the other thing I should tell you is to manage Google Photos on an Android tablet, an iPhone, an Android smartphone is easy to create albums to tag stuff to drop a mini albums. It really works while mobile folks. And typically, that’s what I do is I actually manage my photos in Google Photos, often on my Android tablets sit in front of the TV, so just food for thought.



Now, I promised you a special tip on where to get photos printed at the top of this podcast. For me, there’s only one choice and that’s Costco. Recently, I had a 16 by 20 poster printed next day availability for 899 Canadian, you can’t beat that. And even down to four by sixes, so like something like 11 or 17 cents. Next day, you can go in and get one our service, they charge a little more. But you know what? It’s great resolution great photo paper. If you have a Costco membership, check them out. They make the process so easy, the websites easy to use from home you upload the way you go. And just want to say I hope this episode has helped you get some ideas how to manage your photo collection how to backup your most precious memories. If I can help you in any way. As always, please email me at VIP at stunning digital marketing.com. For more tips and tricks, check out our website at stunning digital marketing calm to get marketing business WordPress and life tips to your inbox. Please sign up for a free marketing newsletter at stunning digital marketing.com slash free. I really promise you no hard sells just information to help you succeed in business life. no credit card required. No sharing of my email list. None of your privacy is safe with us. As always, this podcast is dedicated my late father Bruce, Karen stat. I love you and I miss you every day. Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars. Make your business succeed.

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